This section of the site is actually more devoted to the various sectors/categories of the kink world that I find of interest, either of the minor sort or more intense. In it you'll find the work of a wide range of scene Photographers and Artists, and so if you like the other content of this site, then I'm sure you'll enjoy the material appearing in the following pages.

All of the featured work has appeared elsewhere on the Internet, but should any of the featured Photographers or Artists object to their creativity being displayed on these pages, please contact me immediately to have it removed.

Categories/Sectors will be featured in no particular order, but as I feel the urge to place them.


Page One - Dental Delights

Page Two - Cages & Cells

Page Three - Cowgirls & Milked Women

Page Four - Furniture Fantasies

Page Five - Breast Discipline

Page - Six - Chained Ladies

Page Seven - Chastity Art

Page Eight - Chastity Pix - Part One

Page Nine - Chastity Pix - Part Two

Page Ten - Chastity Harnesses

Page Eleven - Blue Lady & Lady In Loft

Page Twelve - Boots, Shoes & Bridal Bondage

Page Thirteen - Corsets

Page Fourteen - Long, Tight Skirts & Nuns

Page Fifteen - Burqas & Veils

Page Sixteen - Costume Rubber Enclosure

Page Seventeen - Full Suits & Masks

Page Eighteen - Dive, Gas & Medical Masks

Page Nineteen - Natalia!!

Page Twenty - Restrained In Rubber

Page Twenty-One - Electrical Entertainments

Page Twenty-Two - Executions & Impalements

Page Twenty-Three - Horse Women: Part One

Page Twenty-Four - Horse Women: Part Two

Page Twenty-Five - InSex, Isolation & Male Milking

Page Twenty-Six - Piercing's: Breast and Nipples

Page Twenty-Seven - Breast & Nipple Chains

Page Twenty-Eight - Facial & Oral Piercings: Part One

Page Twenty-Nine - Facial & Oral Piercings: Part Two

Page Thirty - Chastity Piercings

Page Thirty-One - Decorative Piercings

Page Thirty-Two - Dilations, Leashes & House Of Gord

Page Thirty-Three - Axsmar Equipment

Page Thirty-Four - Belt & Cuff Combinations

Page Thirty-Five - Leather & Rubber Collars

Page Thirty-Six - Metal Collars: Part One

Page Thirty-Seven - Metal Collars: Part Two

Page Thirty-Eight - Wrist/Arm & Ankle/Leg Shackles

Page Thirty-Nine - Body & Head Restraints & Gags

Page Forty - Medical & Rigid Restraints

Page Forty-One - Single Gloves, Siriks & Yokes

Page Forty-Two - SM-Factory, Specialized & Zoom-Bizarre

Page Forty-Three - Suspension

Page Forty-Four - Pupett Collection

Page Forty-Five - Anna-Rose Collection

Page Forty-Six - Blood Angels Collection

Page Forty-Seven - Corset Images

Page Forty-Eight -

Page Forty-Nine -

Page Fifty -