I've collected an assortment of pictures over the years, many dealing with different types of chaining and restriction of the female form. The images below are split into a couple of general categories and those that don't appear to fit into any have been slotted into the closest one.

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Boots and shoes are a staple of the whole B&D scene, as we all recognize, but .... why?  Is it the inherent and implied restraint of binding ones' feet (and sure, I'm being extremely sexist, I recognize, when I say I prefer to see it happen to a female's :-)!) and restricting locomotion.  With that psycho-babble being gotten out of the way, here below are some interesting and, I think, erotic images, especially when combined with rubber, as Natalia does so very well.


Brides. What beautiful visions of feminine loveliness that blossom at such an important juncture in a life. Naturally though, being the people we are, we combine the beauty of a bride, with the beauty and visceral excitation of bondage.  A bondage bride?  You betcha!