The topic of Horse Women and their employment appealed to me right from the get go. As is obvious to any person who has perused other areas this site and has read the various articles. Harnessing (controlling, disciplining) has been a major fascination of mine right from my earliest memories and I've been fortunate to manage bringing many of my day dreams to fruition.

Over the years, I've designed and created harnesses of all sorts, done some poor illustrations, and written voluminously about them. I've also been very fortunate (or, truth be told, such a pain in the ass to the various folks I know) to have had articles I've written and pictures I've taken, published and imitated.

I am but one very small creator in the fetish universe, and so am always on the out look for inspiration and new ideas and so was totally impressed when I discovered Sir Jeff's Pony Girl website. He has done a wonderful job of collecting all kinds of pony girl/horse women art, pix and video clips, and my hat is definitely off to him for his dedication to this part of the fetish spectrum. Many of the images you see here were copied from his site and I recommend most highly that you pay him a visit.

Similarly, Paul and Emily Reed of Equus Eroticus are true devotee's of this arcane art and if pony girls and horse women have any interest to you, please visit his site and buy his magazines. Paul and I have known each other a long time, done the occasional co-presentation and hope to continue doing so for many years to come :-).

Guy Masterliegh (UK) is also a big time entrepeneur in our little part of the kink spectrum and you may be interested in what he has on offer also :-).

At any rate, on with the imagery!

A note to the artists and photographers whose work is shown below: These images were all downloaded from assorted web sites, and are freely available to anyone who wants them. All I've done is to consolidate your work in hopes that it will bring you greater recognition. I've attempted to hot link images where possible.

The above being said, if you do not wish to have your art appear on this web site, please contact me immediately and it will be removed as quickly as it can be managed.


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