I've collected an assortment of pictures over the years, many dealing with different types of restraining the female, and, HOPEFULLY, taking her to a greater realization of enjoying the body she is a blessed inhabitant of, for it is a wonderful instrument of pleasure that mere males can only imagine the enjoyment of.

The female is the fortunate possessor of capabilities that males cannot comprehend, yet we want to take them (women in general) to places that go far beyond our own capabilities, both physical and mental ... but why?  We don't really know.  Perhaps it's a deeply embedded desire to experience the feelings and sensations enjoyed(?) by a female, or is it a means of 'punishing' them for their incredible capacities?

The above being said, suspension is probably one of the most effective and terrifying means of bondage and the practice takes a myriad of forms.  'Ordinary' suspension is scary enough, but when applied to the female body, it becomes entirely another matter, as you'll see in the images below.

At any rate, enough of my philosophy and on with the imagery. It may be disturbing to some (but then THOSE folks shouldn't be here in the first place!), and yet, to others who are willing to let their minds run free, it will prove erotic, just from its very intensity.

A note to the artists and photographers whose work is shown: These images were all downloaded from assorted web sites, and thus, as public domain, are freely available to anyone who wants them. All I've done is to consolidate your work in hopes that it will bring you greater recognition.

The above being said, if you do not wish to have your art appear on this web site, please contact me immediately and it will be removed as quickly as it can be managed.


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