Below you'll see a see more chastity belts that are actually being worn by real people. On this page you'll also see some that employ locked-in dildos incorporated into the design. Designs with a locked-in dildo are intrusive and can be punitive, but they DO remind the female wearer of her sex and sexuality ... constantly.

Once locked in place, she must suffer the effects without a possibility of respite and this alone can drive her to incredible efforts and emotions. Keep in mind the psychological effect engendered by the wearing of a chastity belt, particularly one with a dildo affixed.

It controls and stimulates the very essence of a female and so once more, we return to the old 'command and control' aspect of B&D/S&M. I can attest to this phenomena, having had the distinct pleasure of fitting quite a few ladies with this particular variant (my favourite of course). It wasn't long before their eyes rolled back in their heads and they let themselves enter that particular feminine world of submission to their deepest and darkest natures.

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