Harnesses of all sorts, be they for the body or head, are an interesting form of control and sometimes quite nasty restraint. They've always been a central fascination for me, as I'm SURE you've recognized from the other content on the site. I've collected an assortment of pictures of these devices over the years, mostly dealing with different types employed to restrain the female and, HOPEFULLY, taking her to a greater realization of enjoying the body she is a blessed inhabitant of. It is a wonderful instrument of pleasure that we mere males can only imagine the enjoyment of.

The human female is the lucky possessor of capabilities, both physical and mental, that males barely comprehend, yet we want to take them (women in general) to places that go far beyond our own, and why? ... we don't really know. Is it a deeply-embedded male desire to require them to experience mind numbing overloads of the feelings, emotions and sensations their bodies are capable of, or is it a means of 'punishing' them through sheer jealousy?

At any rate, enough of my philosophy and on with the imagery. It may be disturbing to some (but then THOSE folks shouldn't be here in the first place!), and yet, to others who are willing to let their minds run free, it will prove erotic, just from its very intensity.

A note to the artists and photographers whose work is shown below: These images were all downloaded from assorted web sites, and thus, as public domain, are freely available to anyone who wants them. All I've done is to consolidate your work in hopes that it will bring you greater recognition.

The above being said, if you do not wish to have your art appear on this web site, please contact me immediately and it will be removed as quickly as it can be managed.


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In the six images below, a rubber-encased lady contemplates fitting herself with the gag that her Master has specified, knowing that once she does, he will bind her fully so that she cannot herself remove the silencing device. It's an intriguing scene that is enacted with great eroticism, as I have seen and required of my play partners many times over the years.

... and then there are the other ladies in the harem who have already been quieted and harnessed for future use ... some willingly, many not.

There's nothing new under the sun folks, as can be seen in some of the images below of the Medieval restraints used on dungeon prisoners.

Below is a sequence of old CG art and photo-manipulation that struck a few chords with me.

Harnesses and Leashes ... what more can one want for your woman (or women)? Not surprisingly, many of these delightful creatures secretly desire being required to wear a collar and be leashed, for, when that's done, it denotes the fact that they are treasured possessions. Weird and off the wall view? Perhaps, but again, I've seen it more than a few times in my travels.

Full head helmets and control systems are an inherent part of any really good bondage and restraint packaging and the images below show just what can be done.

The extremely lucky guy in the two images below has done things just right in my opinion. I'd love to meet them both. Not only is she properly restrained in a single glove, but also encased in her rubber, head-harnessed, leashed and fitted with an inflatable gag should she think to object about the methods of control he employs. No doubt she's aware that she is a possession, but he's not talking and keeps his control positive with the leash and the gag pump in hand.

Above, left ... Arja (a 43 year old Finnish, 24/7/365 slave woman) wears her normal, locked-on restraints, kept always leashed, hobbled and wrist chained. Above right ... another version of the steel head cage, complete with fully inserted gag and instantly ready for use blinder panels. Perhaps also subject to breath control as well.