Metal collars ... I suppose that a steel or metal collar is probably the penultimate decoration and declaration of being owned, particularly when there's a highly visible ring at its front. Obviously it has a LOT of significance both to the wearer and to the person who has required that it be worn, and displayed for all to see. A collar can be both decorative and a means of exerting control, but it carries the most wonderful connotations, just by being worn. Then there is the whole aspect of the 'collaring' itself, be it a public ceremony or a private one.

Both occasions, when this occurs, have a FAR deeper meaning than does the simple proffering and acceptance of a wedding ring, for the very act is intensely personal and deeply meaningful to both the donor and the recipient Because of the location of the jewellery, it is obvious in its meaning ... FAR more so (at least to males) than a 'wedding ring'.

Any male worthy of the name instantly recognizes that the female so adorned, if not his own, is NOT to be trifled with. She is sacrosanct and must be both protected and honoured for herself and her ownership. Is 'ownership' a prerequisite ... no, of course not, but the state of being 'owned' and therefore treasured by her 'owner' MUST, if the outside the relationship male has any character, be accepted for what is clearly stated by the woman wearing the collar.

The images below are concerned primarily with the more permanent, and to my mind, the best kind of collars. These CANNOT be removed easily by the wearer, or any that would aid her. Just by their weight and restrictive, more or less permanent nature alone, they change the emotional dynamic of a relationship. Some can be and HAVE been made 'permanent', lending even more to the whole aspect of ownership.

On with the imagery.

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