This section of the site is devoted to some of the creations of Dendras, MidNite, Panasewicz, Panzar & Pefo and covers a range of interests. If you like the other content of this site, then I'm sure you'll be happy with the images that are shown below.

A note to the Artists: The images below were all downloaded from assorted web sites, and thus are freely available to anyone who wants them. All I've done is to consolidate some of your work in hopes that it will bring YOU greater recognition. If you have other art and would like to display it here, I'll be happy to accept it and promote your efforts.

The above being said, if you do not wish to have your art appear on this web site, please contact me immediately and it will be removed as quickly as it can be managed.



A note to the Dendras: I hope you'll forgive my taking the imagery below and adding in some text, but I just COULDN'T resist. Hopefully, it follows your intent of the imagery shown.

Dendras is an artist whose work I've admired for a long time. He not only draws quite evil concepts, but then sticks text and a story line with his images, even though I've added my own story concepts to some of the images below.

If you like Dendras work and concepts, please visit RENDEROTICA and also see more of his creativity at Ultrabound, and UltraSciFi Horror.

In the immediately below images, varied themes of interrogation and investigation are shown.



And then we get into the Mad Lab series and the evil ways of Alien Investigations into what makes the human female do what she does with her biological equipment, all while fully restrained and prepared, of course.



Aliens, being exactly that, also wish to see their kind propagate and prosper, and, upon discovering that reproduction appears to be the primary role of the human female, decide that they can also use them for the same purpose. As matters turn out, this is not a happy occasion for the ladies concerned.



Strapped down and waiting in terror, the Aliens approach her with the horrid creature that she will soon host within her body, feeding it and helping it to grow. In seconds it has invaded her vulnerable sex, but that isn't all, for the creature requires total control of its female host and so moves slowly up her body toward her face!

When it reaches her head she screams frantically, only to have the monster extrude a thick, hard-carapaced, slimy probe and instantly slide it into her mouth then down her throat! Her automatic reaction is to try and bite down on the hard shaft, but it's far too late. Her jaws are stretched to the maximum while painful needles on the pulsing tube sink into her tongue, and all the time the tube slides ever deeper into her belly. Then, to her strangling horror, the Alien Egg Carrier begins to descend towards her face!


Two more probes slither up into her nostrils while it settles, then its long, taloned legs slip around her head and tighten harshly, drawing its slimy under belly into full, compressing contact, all over the front of her head. She is immediately rendered blind, but that isn't the end, for another two, fat, slug like appendages slide deeply into her ears, deafening her utterly and leaving her in a soundless black, cloying void of inescapably consuming sensations!

Now, all she can feel are the awful intrusions into head and body, slowly pulsing with her every breath, unleashing agonizing electrical jolts every few seconds while it enjoys her unwilling and terrified reactions. Quivering with pain, she is slowly subdued by the Egg Carrier, automatically still fighting her restraints while it finalizes the placement of all the painful flesh and skin anchoring needles.

An torturous hour later she is released from the table and her hands are immediately fastened behind her back so that she will be unable to attempt to tear the horror from her face and body. It would be impossible anyway, for the creature has by now anchored itself firmly to her internal flesh and where it touches her skin and should she even make a small attempt, it will punish her thoroughly.

Unresisting, the Human Female Incubator Subject is walked to a waiting storage tube and placed within. A moment later, the cylinder is filled with the nutrient bath that will sustain her and the monster using her for a host and eventually, the birth of yet another Alien ...


The next months will be an unmitigated journey into a horror filled landscape that she never knew existed until she was abducted. There is no escape for her, and she will be used in this same capacity for years to come, unable to avoid the misery and distress she must suffer every time she is prepared then impregnated to give birth to another Alien.


Of course Dendras deals not only with the future, but occasionally makes a foray into his basement for some 'normal' entertainment.


He also takes us into the past where some pretty gruesome practices were enacted for those who transgressed the local rules of conduct ...







Midnite offers an insight to how a female servant should be trained and disciplined by her Mistress.


Below, the 'correction' of a wayward client is illustrated, when she's affixed to the Orgasmatrom 2020, and then some Aversion Therapy commences ....




The Marquis de Panasewicz is an EXTREMELY talented artist in a wide variety of illustration fields, but in this section, only his 'scene' related illustrations are shown. You'll note that his Horse Woman related illustrations are superbly detailed and show intricate, comprehensive harnessing and control decorations. All I can say is WOW!, and urge you to pay a visit to his site at: http://marquis.rebsart.com/erotica.html









Panzar ... I wish I could remember where I got these illustrations and would love to have more, for they are colourful, intricate and contain a wealth of detail that I've seldom found. He's a great Illustrator/Artist, as you'll see in the limited imagery shown below.






- PEFO -

Pefo specializes in Horse Women also and has distinctive style that takes you right into the scene. Ah, to be invited to one of the places that he shows in the following images :-). Do they in fact exist? Check out Sir Jeff's Pony Girl site for lots more images of the human equine.