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If you enjoy the other content of this site, then I'm sure you'll like the work of Albo, examples of whose work appears on this page.

A note to Albo: The images below were all downloaded from assorted web sites and thus as public domain are freely available to anyone who wants them. All I've done is to consolidate your work in hopes that it will bring you greater recognition. If you have other art and would like to display it here, I'll be happy to accept it and promote your efforts.

The above being said, if you do not wish to have your art appear on this web site, please contact me immediately and it will be removed as quickly as it can be managed.


Ah, the arcane pleasures of the very rich ... A stable full of Horse Women with the staff to look after them. It6's time to get the ladies ready for their day's activities

Some are luckier than others, but all take notice, then, it's time to get the girls ready for the race and so one is taken out to be saddled.

A breast/nipple leash can be a most demanding means of control and this Horse Woman cannot avoid learning that lesson quickly, thanks to an unsympathetic Mistress who maintains a constant tension on her tether.

It's time to be saddled, but this one is not to be an easy one. Not only is it equipped with some pretty nasty anti-slip spikes, but too, it comes with a special crupper strap that will intimately ensure she remembers who and what she has become.

A necessary part of all Horse Women is their septum rings. With even the lightest tug on the chain to her septum ring, the Horse Woman can be made instantaneously obedient.

In the meantime, the Drawing Room crowd checks out one of the other Horse Women before moving to the courtyard, then it's off to the Steeple Chase around the grounds of the estate.

A few other past times with other Horse Women seems to be in order and below can be seen some of the different costumes and methods of command and control of the Horse Women.

Bells attached to her bonds and body announce the Horse Woman on the left, while the one on the right demonstrates an extremely effective, combination septum and tongue ring leashing arrangement.

Albo has done some sketches and these too illustrate a very strong leaning towards security and care of the female, in all areas.