- 2011: Part Three: Munich, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf - Part One

(Uploaded: 31st March, 2012)

As many of you know, I try to attend BOUNDCON in Munich fairly often and so in May, 2011, off I went with the intent of covering as much ground and seeing as many of my friends as I could manage.

After a few idiotic missteps in Frankfurt, I managed to arrive in the Munich area by train and was met by Cordula and Juergen, then off we went to their home, some 80 km to the southwest.  It's a very nice drive through some incredibly beautiful countryside, and their small town is typical of those in the area.

We had a day and a half to reconnect, then it was time to load the truck and head back to Munich and do the booth set-up for BoundCon, held at Zenith.  Here below is the banner and link for 2012's event.

One of the most interesting aspects of BoundCon is the huge amount and variety of creativity that is on display there, and if you're anywhere near Munich, visiting the show is definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

GORD had also come all the way from the Pacific NW and his adventures in getting there with all of his kit far surpassed my minimal hassles.  He and ANNA ROSE shared a booth and as always they both put on quite a display.

In the two pix below, a couple of long-time 'pen-pals' came to meet me for the first time and I was most impressed with their matching Zentai suits.  As with all of the folks who write to me, I was most happy to have the chance to connect face-to-face, at last.

Soon, Juergen and Cordula had their most imaginative set-up completed, then Cordula got into costume and easily managed to gather a crowd of wondering  and drooling spectators.

Juergen's wonderful inventiveness is equally matched by Cordula's willingness to experiment with all sorts of things and they're a perfect match in so many ways.

One of the more spectacular participants at the BoundCon weekend was a guy who had created a beautiful pair of wings that he could light up and extend on command.  As I've already written above, the creativity on display is wonderful to experience.

The selection of merchandise is incredible: all sorts of personal toys are available, leather, rubber and PVC clothing, restraints of all types and an array of jewellery, both 'normal' and piercing types.

As always, there was a number of human equines in attendance, but the presentations that GORD put on were far and away the best to be seen.  His costumes and equipment are top of the line and the ladies he has to wear them are stunning.

Bondage of all sorts being on display, or created, is a given, then there are ladies such as BARONESS BIJOU (right) who only need stand around and look beautiful.  It was great to meet her again :-).

To my great delight, PUPETT and her husband had come down for the event from their home near Dusseldorf and it was wonderful to see them both again, but not the last time on this trip :-).

Naturally, I got in some of my own S&M (Stand & Model) and did a few walk-abouts to see what was happening.  My costume created some considerable interest, I think :-).

Being the person I am, I could not help but notice a booth near the CAPTURED TABOO'S (they very generously allow me to use their space as my base when attending BoundCon) and this one was by a gentleman and his wife who have a company called EXPLICIT NUMERICS.  At first, being somewhat 'thick' at the best of times, nothing really 'clicked' with me ... then ... I saw the possibilities of his creation and just HAD to ask to try it out.

His Bondage Bed is the truest wet dream of a person such as me:-).  I love the possibilities of extreme and inescapable restraint that he has created and because I like bright and shiny combined with black and total security, this Bondage Bed was a magnet I could NOT resist.  Soon, I had been secured and the gathered crowd was drooling with thoughts of having one of THESE beds in their playrooms, I'm sure.

Given the excellent engineering (and the wonderfully functional complexity) of the bed, I got to enjoy a little time in it, feeling the immense power of this type of restraint, especially when combined with my own ideas.  If I win the Lotto, be assured that I will have one of these beds :-)!

Cordula, being the ever-helpful person she is, was soon on the scene in her own magnificent Body Cast and we both enjoyed the attention of the gathered crowd.

My friends who had earlier shown up in the Zentai suits, returned in rubber cat suits and we soon did some experiments with the Bubbler Column, Breath Restriction System, as can be seen below.  Being helplessly bound in a single glove and thus completely unable to escape the breath restriction can be, and definitely IS a change of pace.

The next day, I was back into my favourite costume and once again did a couple of walk-abouts before returning to the booth to show off and meet more friends.  JACKY-LINE, another stunningly beautiful lady and her husband stopped by to say hello.

Her husband is also a very creative guy and makes all of her costumes.  These can be seen on her web site and at DREAM STEEL.  You'll be impressed, I'm sure.

The Winged Man stopped by the booth and a lot of other friends, then along came a lady by the name of Sandra and we got to try out a few of the other things I'd brought along.

Not only did she try out the gas mask and Breath Restriction System, finding it to be somewhat more of a trial than it looked like it would be, but then I added in the vacuum/electrical breast cups for even more entertainment value :-).

  I think I managed to gain her attention for a little while, but just to ensure that she didn't run off on me, soon had her fitted with an AXSMAR nose clip and leash system.

Cordula also wanted to try out the EXPLICIT NUMERICS Bondage Bed and was soon laying on it, being fastened down for some pix and struggles.

Truth be told, the restraints of the bed fit her much better than they did me, and no doubt looked better on her too.  I admire her great curiosity and willingness to experiment and she DOES make delicious eye candy in ANY of her costumes.

Just standing and watching the process of all the devices being fitted, closed tightly, then at last being locked down is something I could do for hours.

After BoundCon we packed up all the stuff and headed back to Cordula and Juergen's lovely home then just relaxed for a while.  The next day, we did some local sight seeing around their area.

It's pretty apparent that I far prefer wearing a skirt, boots and breasts (even though these are fake) and below is what I wore for our trips around.

To close off the day, we stopped by JACKY-LINE's home and to see some of the incredible gear her husband has designed and created.  Most impressive!

And so, that's the end of the first part of the Germany-Holland trip of 2011.  Hope you've enjoyed the pix!

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