- 2011: Part Four:  Munich, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf - Part Two -

(Uploaded: 30th April, 2012)


This is the second part of my trip to Germany and Holland, 2011, and begins with my arrival in Amsterdam late one afternoon.

Getting from the Central Station to the taxi rank was a most unpleasant experience, thanks to the stupidity of the Dutch authorities.  These morons require that railway passengers undergo a route march from the station itself to the taxis, about 300 metres away from the station's fore court, while humping all of one's baggage.

Now, that may not seem bad ... BUT ... Brainless Dutch Officialdom provide NO baggage carts!  Gagging.  WHAT are they using for brains????

At any rate, I soon arrived at MADIEANNE'S lovely home and got settled in with a few ales then we spent a most enjoyable evening.  The next day, she had a client scheduled, and so Erik and me made ourselves scarce while she completed her evil processes; eventually bringing the rubber-encased 'victim' out for some sun, but of course restrained and leashed to a convenient wall ring (seems to be a LOT of those around her place).

Madieanne is one of the sweetest and most pleasant people I have the honour to know as a friend, but once in her professional domain, there's no doubt that she is a serious force to be reckoned with.

It was a most pleasant way to spend the afternoon, watching her perform her magic ... all while Erik and I sat back with beers in hand, enjoying the sun.  The next day, we headed off to the local supermarket and street market area close to her home.

Other friends in Holland, these in Rotterdam, had been kind enough to invite me to visit them and so I headed for the train, and promptly got on the wrong one.  After some help from the railway staff I eventually managed to find my way.

My Rotterdam hosts were most welcoming and after a really excellent lunch in their back garden by the pool, I was taken inside and up to their third floor dungeon.  All I can say, is wow!  It has a well-stocked array of toys and was completely organised.

The next day was another relatively quiet one and, as the weather was so pleasant, Erik and I spent some time outside just soaking up the good weather.  Madieanne has a beautiful garden and pond and so I spent a few images getting a feel for the environment.

Before we headed off to see our good friend Jeroen, the owner of BIZARRE DESIGN, Erik and Madieanne enjoyed a small snuggle in the park outside her front door.

Jeroen's new atelier is easy to get at and it's a wonderful change from his former place of business, being bright, clean, and well organised, as are most things Dutch (other than that God-Damned Central Railway Station).

As can be seen in the images above and below, the Bizarre Design line of corsets are amongst the best of fetish corsetry to be found anywhere in the world.  The craftsmanship is unbelievably detailed and of the highest standard.

Being the typical tourist and a train nutter to boot, I had to take at least a few pix for local colour, and being a nice day, why not?

Over the years Madieanne and I have known one another, we've always teased back and forth about how she would give me a run for my money, if she ever got me into The Creature, and so, the next day, it was time to take her up on her offer and things got truly interesting.

Initially, I sorted the various bits and pieces of the kit into related piles, then got busy with the arrangements in the Dungeon/Play Room.  It may look kinda boring, but doing this helps me to get into the right head space, even before beginning the dressing process.

Having a determined domme like Madieanne to finalize one's dressing, then ensure that everything is fastened to the proper tightness and security, is a trip in itself, and a most enjoyable experience in so many ways.

No doubt many of you think I'm totally crazy to enjoy this sort of thing, but it IS a voyage of exploration and an enhancement of the sensations that many reach for, but never attain.

The sensation, and more importantly, the knowledge, of being insulated from the world around, when I'm fully into The Creature's embrace, can only be compared to those which wet-suited divers, high altitude pilots, and astronauts get when they're fully dressed.  I just do it the cheap way ... and too ... there's the added benefits of e-stim and vacuum :-).

All the systems were tested and found fully operational, then I was assisted into Madieanne's special chair.

Having been shown how all the cables and hoses went together, she took great delight in connecting them ... all the while telling me how much she was going to enjoy turning the dials and making me jump to her command.

The Bubbler Column, breath restriction system worked perfectly and even though the twin columns were only partially-filled, the restriction was there ... all the time ... and couldn't be escaped.

Being the lovely, determined and quite evil lady she is, Madieanne briefly disconnected my air hose and took more direct control of how much air I could get, by holding her hand firmly over the intake fitting.  After a couple of minutes of struggling to breathe, feeling the mask, suck tighter and tighter with each attempted inhalation, and a lot of increasingly desperate thrashing against the restraints, she at last relented, but immediately and happily reconnected the breath restriction system.

Madieanne kindly allowed me a few moments to recover from her experiment, then tried a different way of breath control.  She's an inventive lady!

She next tightened down all the restraint straps, then checked the e-stim connections to the vacuum/electrical penis tube, and those to the breast cups, ensuring that everything was ready for the experimentation to come.

Apprehension had by this point begun to encroach and Madieanne relished the growing nervousness she detected.

No matter how many times I've been in similar situations to this one, there is always a some amount of terror involved and with Madieanne and I having teased each other over a number of years, I was sure that my life would get very interesting, soon, and it did exactly that.

Apparently, I wasn't reacting in the way she wanted, but then, the ribbed sound was somewhat of a challenge to strong growth.  Madieanne decided that she didn't want me to see what was next going to happen and soon my head was wrapped tight to its rest with layers and layers of opaque, black plastic cling-film, then she began to do her thing with gusto.

The above two images don't capture my strong reactions to the intimate e-stim from both the butt plug, the vacuum/electrical tube, and the other, equally as strong, writhing I attempted to avoid the breast/nipple strong e-stim.

Comforting the prisoner?  Not a bit of it!  She's just getting ready to do some additional strong play and other evil deeds.

The next part turned out to be a most personalized suffocation ... something I'd not considered would happen, but she ensured that I knew who was in command.

At last we were done and WHAT a time it had been :-).  Needless to say, I was happy to be out of the suit and harness, then it was off for a shower, then some badly needed beers and a few cigarettes.

The next day, I was back on the train once more, this time heading to Dusseldorf to meet my good friends, Pupett and her husband Michael.  I had some other stuff to do in the area but was greatly looking forward to seeing them both again.

Traveling by train (the ICE System) in Europe, is the only way (for me) to make intra-European trips.  Airports are a complete pain in the ass, no matter where in the world they are, and the train is a much more civilized mode of transport.  My trips in an aluminium death tube, doing 550 mph, 8 miles up ... never mind all the security theatre you have to put up with, are limited to only long-haul traveling

A couple of hours later, I arrived at the Dusseldorf Hbf and Michael picked me up, then we drove out to the small town where they live in a very nice apartment.

Pupett was already home when we arrived and in the process of creating one of her usual excellent and beautifully presented meals. 

The right picture is of an art piece in a park near their home and I believe is called just "Lightning".  Most impressive.

The next morning  I accompanied Pupett to her university class and there, saw her do a 30 minute presentation, in English, about an esoteric aspect of psychology.  She is a very smart, beautiful and multi-talented woman ... one who I admire a great deal.

That evening, I was taken over to a huge open-pit (brown) coal mine and it was a MOST impressive thing to see.  When Germany decides to do something, they do it right, and I respect and admire that in any culture.

Just a quiet moment by the coal mine, then it was time to head off to dinner at a local schloss.

Germany is a very pretty country, even when they do heavy stuff like mining, and the history there is extremely interesting.  The next day we headed over to see Ingo and Doro at RUBBER'S FINEST and after getting reacquainted,a nd looking over their latest projects, it was time do the interview :-).  That can be found here.

After we'd finished the interview, it was time to head off for dinner at our favourite beer hall, and as usual, we had a lot of laughs and some excellent food.

The following day, I got back on the train and headed for Frankfurt to overnight there before jumping aboard the silver bird and heading for Toronto to see some old friends in Brantford, Ontario.  I stayed with them for 4 days, then came back to the West Coast, pretty much done.