As you've no doubt read in other sectors of this site, I've had an abiding fascination with a character by the name of 'Sabrina' and over the years have moved towards replicating her entire restraint ensemble, as well as doing drawings of all sorts, then writing a 'biography of her exploits in her secret home dungeon. With that being sad, here's more images, showing my continuing journey of being a sensation slut.

LEFT ABOVE - The combination Head Cage/Collar combination, complete with the 'normal' gag panel locked in place. RIGHT ABOVE - Back view of the Chastity Bra and the waist band of the Chastity Belt.

With wrist cuffs fastened behind, the Head Cage leashed to an overhead beam and hobble chain locked to a securely mounted floor ring, there was very little freedom permitted, and escape was quite impossible.

Detail images of of the ankle cuffs and how their connecting chain is connected to the floor ring. Given the top of the head leash and the manner in which my wrists are confined, there isn't a prayer of being able to undo the Kwik-link.

With the Wrist Separator bar locked between my wrist cuffs, together with the restraint chains to the waist band, the complete security of confinement became even more intense, and even though I attempted to touch other parts of the restraint harness, it was almost impossible to manage.

That wasn't the end of it though, for a few minutes later, I was fitted with the blinder panel. Now there was nothing to do but stand there and wait to be freed. Without sight, my balance was affected and so I wavered back and forth, only prevented from falling by the top of the head leash, and extremely limited in my radius of action.

No doubt by this point, you must think me an utter idiot for getting myself into this fix. Well, all I can offer by way of excuse is to say that I HAD to give this a try (and want to do it again, for longer). The sensations and emotions experienced while in this situation are like nothing else. It was a rush, to be sure!

And so, there I was, inescapably suspended in a chain web in Mark's closet/cell. Sure I could move a little in some directions, but there was absolutely no way to get out of the situation without assistance. Being under this type of control is a rush that's hard to describe to the uninitiated, but there definitely is one.

Some close up shots showing the various chains and their fastening points to the steel body restraint system; this consisting of the chastity belt, bra, head cage/collar, thigh bands, wrist cuffs and their separator bar and the ankle cuffs.

As can be seen, the closet/cell suspension was total and even the ability to kick was restricted by the ankle cuff's chains being locked to the floor and to the structural member on the sides.

The next day brought another chance to experience the wonderful bondage chair that Mark has created and so I got myself ready as far as could be managed, then was put into the remainder of the equipment.

The Bondage Chair is one of the most intense and strong types of restraint imaginable with no movement permitted of the body, head, or limbs. The only things I could move were my fingers, but even they were restricted, for I wore thick neoprene gloves within the bondage mitts. Certainly, I could move my eyes, but there was no physical contact permitted with the surrounding world. What a rush!!



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