Here's more images, showing my continuing journey of being a sensation slut. Hell if I don't do it now, then I'll regret my NOT trying it for the remainder of my life. I have no intention of ignoring the opportunities presented. Some may think that what they see in these pages is totally off the wall, but then, that's not really MY problem, but theirs. Enjoy!

Another play session in the Whine Cellar. At first it was just a little semi-suspension, and then it was time for the Full Monty. No chance of escape here, and it just happened as my lady friend insisted it would. The sensation of floating and then all the stuff happening is quite indescribable.

A visit to the home of the Pink Princess for a house party. Being as the event happened in the Autumn, the clothing seemed appropriate, and it was very comfortable.


- Rubber & Chain Restraint Outside -

My back yard in the middle of February and time to get out to experience a little bit of the great outdoors, sufficiently protected from the elements of course! Naturally, I wasn't permitted to wander off and check out the rest of the neighbourhood, especially dressed in THAT costume! The leash to the Inhibitor Bar ensured that, and the additional restrictions ensured that I'd stay in the costume until all was said and done.

A wide shot of the almost 'paddock-like back yard of my home. I know you're asking .... "What about the neighbours seeing this?" Frankly, I don't care. It's my back yard and there's a 2 metre high fence around it, so if they don't like what they see from their second floor windows, don't look in my yard.

A little clearer view of the leashing arrangement employed, for a less controlled ability to wander around.

Another leashing arrangement, the 'line leash' that limits the area of freedom. Secured in this manner, there is no way to get at the tether, and when moving along the leash, the clicking movement of the leash chain, through the Inhibitor Bar's tip ring is very apparent.

Three hours later, it was time to call it a day. Dressed and restrained this way was tiring (I don't do this sort of thing every day), but with some more practice, I may even mow the lawn in this gear.


- More Sabrina-Style Restraint -

SIX ABOVE - Very nearly the full Dungeon Suit (minus the rubber helmet and face mask) with the newest version of the SSRADH - Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness worn over top. TOP LEFT - The Slave Swing arrangement. BOTTOM FOUR - Sleeping arrangements for Sabrina, as I envision them being applied. BOTTOM RIGHT - Provision is made for drinking and/or feeding.

Yet another permutation of The Creature and Sabrina style restraints: TOP TWO - The Step-Up blocks and the Salve Swing. Other images - Out of the Slave Swing, showing detail of the chastity Belt, Inhibitor Bar, and the enema pressure supply and exhaust hose arrangements.



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