First of all, I made and purchased all of this undoubtedly weird equipment for myself, in a desire to explore the outer limits of endurance and sensation. It IS intense to wear/be imprisoned in, and takes anyone who is in it to the 'unexplored country' within one's own mind. Crazy? No doubt of it, but happily so, and I plan to continue my personal explorations for a long time to come.

- From the Deep Archives -

Some REALLY ancient pix (all self portraits) from the time I lived in Ottawa. Shot down in the workshop. Obviously, one of the earliest versions of The Creature, yet complete with the male Inhibitor Bar mounted , breath control in effect, and vacuum and e-stim operating.


- Home Office Frolics -

Taken away back in 1990, before the days of the new computer (about three generations ago). The chair has been modified to accept suitable restraints and in combination with the bridle, blinkers, bit, and reins, the ensemble guaranteed concentration on the task at hand. Self-portraits believe it or not.


- Assorted Whine Cellar Play-

Believe it or not these images are self-portraits. This is an early version of the Horse Man version of The Creature and proved to be extremely effective. Even though a male, the Inhibitor Bar shown here remained a formidable restriction device.

A play session during which only E-stim was applied to the crotch. I was partially suspended even while standing still, but once the e-stim was activated, I was soon bouncing and struggling against the springs - thus the name Adult Jolly Jumper came into being.

Full suspension in TC with all systems strongly active! No sound, no light, and impossible to escape. This time I lasted only an hour before requiring release, but WHAT a ride it was! Same session, showing detail of the ankle cuff's fastening, separator bar, and my hoof boots.

Differing views of a further development of the Sabrina Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness. This cannot be escaped as you see it here, no matter how talented and double-jointed the wearer/prisoner of it may be. I wore this rig for nearly three hours then wanted OUT!

Detail of the back of the chastity bra of the Sabrina Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness, then chained down in the full Sabrina Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness for a rest at the end of the three hour session mentioned previously ... again, inescapable.

Same session as shown a couple of rows above, shown with added-on drinking water container, so that the mask and helmet needed could remain on and not have to be removed when I got thirsty from the exertion or a raw throat from the howling and yelling. Yet another configuration of The Creature and assorted restraints.

Another version of the Sabrina-style of night restraint arrangement in earlier (JG-L) versions of her Restraint And Discipline Harness. More Sabrina-inspired restraint systems: The lower legs are confined and controlled by a specialized set of restraints called a Spanish Trapezoid (below-the-knee cuffs and ankle cuffs with their own spreader bars, kept vertically separated by steel rods), the 13 kg, lead Restrictor Ball on a 50 cm leash to the ankle spreader bar, and the Step-Up Blocks.

Preparations are finalized for a session in The Creature. Immediately after this picture was taken, I was fully suspended and the springs were attached to TC's harness, allowing a floating but inescapable restraint.

As per the title, an early version of the Sabrina-style harness. Taken by Eric Kroll on a visit to Vancouver, back in August, 1998.


Pretty obvious, but the Pony Hooved Boots, but complete with ankle, below the knee and thigh cuffs complete with a chastity belt. Of course, the upper limbs are not ignored either and are encircled by wrist and above the elbow cuffs. Quite a weighty ensemble, both physically and visually.

A rubber cheongsam, created by an artist in Edmonton. Completely in rubber and it had embedded LED lights that accentuated the design laid onto the garment itself.

How many out there in our kink universe can say they've worn a Burqa? As these images show, I have in fact done it, and one made completely of rubber! Made by the same wonderful artist how did the cheongsam. The ladies of the Middle East have my deepest sympathies. However, that being said, it was in interesting and quite different sensation as well as being visually striking. Upon seeing a lady wearing one of these obscuring garments, one can only but wonder what she (is required?) wears hidden underneath.


The left image is the pirated one and the centre is what the original one was and ended up on the cover of a heavy metal music CD. The right picture is of Maitresse Francoise and I for the cover of MASSAD magazine.



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