Lady-Jo came to visit and brought along her wonderful rubber sleep sack. Soon enough, she'd ensconced herself in it, then it was time for some rest and relaxation on the Plank Bed - suitably restrained and breath controlled, of course!

She enjoyed a couple of hours like this and I couldn't help but marvel at her willingness to be totally mummified and restrained. Hhhmmmm. I think I'm missing out on that sort of experience, and so have designed my own sleep/restraint sack (see Mechanical Drawings Section of this site, near the bottom of the page).

She's definitely an adventurous person and after the initial rest period, we decided to give The Creature a try and soon she was imprisoned in its clutches, waiting with some concern for things to start happening.

The Gas mask and its total enclosure aspect proved to be a little much and so we compromised with the arrangements seen in the four images above. Soon Lady-Jo dangled at the ends of the springs, jumping and writhing delightfully when the e-stim and vacuum was applied and soon a lot of cat-like hisses and yowls began to come from that end of the Whine Cellar, and the gyrations got a lot more energetic, but there was no escape. Lady-Jo was promised a chance at revenge and I'm hoping we'll manage to get her pay-back session soon.

Lady-Jo was a wonderful playmate and I enjoyed our explorations together a great deal.


This lady started off the day in normal attire: a gas mask and chastity belt ... well, that IS normal, isn't it? Things became more interesting, and she was soon fitted with her the Horse Woman Harness, then the other options were added; i.e. the lower face mask, then the blinder panel and assorted reins as can be seen in the images below.

Eventually it was sleep time, suitably isolated and restrained, of course.


Not quite your classical 'Nasty Nurse, but the lady wanted to try something a little out of the ordinary, and of course, I'm always happy to oblige. Things started off rather mildly with a head wrap in normal bandaging, but this didn't have the desired result and so we next moved to a fully helmeted gas mask and breath control.

THIS seemed to work well and soon my 'patient' was relaxing as we hoped she would.



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