A continuation of some of the happy snap type pictures taken over the years over the years. I've been very fortunate to meet a whole raft of folks who enjoy the kink life style as a hobby. All have proven to be intelligent, adventurous, have a great sense of humour, and really enjoy exploring the more arcane sides of their personalities. I'm extremely grateful to all of them for their continuing friendship and support.

THREE ABOVE - Play Time at the home of The Prince Of Wails. Hey, everyone else calls themselves, Master This, King That, Goddess, Wizard, etc., and so that'll be MY title :-). Top Left - Ready for shipping in her crate and all that's needed is the upper padding and then to close and lock the lid. Gord and I christened this - The Crate That Ate All The Hardware Stores. Top Right and Bottom - an evening of fun and frolic down in the Whine Cellar, then later, up in the Living Room.


THREE ABOVE - Long ago and far away .... One of the first models to wear some of my earlier creations. It was stunning to see it actually on a lovely and willing! lady.

SIX ABOVE - More ancient history from the JG-L Archives of Iniquity. One of my first models again and she was a stunner! Differing permutations of the Horse Woman harness Bridle that give some idea of its flexibility of use.

FOUR ABOVE - After a hard day of posing in the various configurations of The Creature, my model needed a rest. Never being one to turn down an opportunity for more pictures, I managed to grab a few quick images.

TWO ABOVE - Another presentation at the Victoria, BC kink club, Sagacity, for the club's fourth birthday celebration. In this presentation I was fortunate to have two ladies, each dressed in a Creature' and fully controlled from the podium. The configurations differ slightly, but the basic machinery is all there ... and operating.

TWO ABOVE - Another couple of views of my two victims waiting a little impatiently while I mouthed off. Occasionally I'd adjust the various bits of stimulus equipment to lighten the atmosphere for the crowd.

TWO ABOVE - And here we have some stuff happening to the lady on the left. She made the most enlightening comments about my ancestry while I twiddled the dials on her e-stim equipment, and soon had the crowd laughing. A neat lady with a great sense of humour.

TWO ABOVE - Ah well ... enough of the comments about my origins and so a little more e-stim was added to the equipment.

TWO ABOVE - A couple of the different gas mask configurations I have to change the impact of The Creature. This particular gas mask has been fitted with a full blackout panel. With a set of ear plugs added, it's a strange and interesting experience.



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