Over the years, I've been very fortunate to meet and play with ladies who are intelligent, adventurous, have a great sense of humour, and really enjoyed exploring the more arcane sides of their personalities. I'm extremely grateful to all of them for entrusting themselves to my 'tender mercies' when we've played, and hope to meet many more in the years to come.

First the chastity belt, then the crotch cover with the Inhibitor Bar, ankle hobble chain and she cannot escape.

My 'victim' seems to be somewhat apprehensive about spending the night strapped down on the Bondage Plank Bed fully masked. Soon after the lights were turned out and there she was, for at least the next four hours.

The Plank bed is occupied for the evening by my willing volunteer. She's held in place by six bed securing cross-straps: Neck, bra/chest, waist, upper hips, below the knee, and ankle straps. That's not all, as can be seen, for her hands are cuffed and held securely away from any interesting areas of the anatomy, already secured under a very tight crotch strap, and her shoulders are further held down by straps rising from the centre of her waist strap. She is fitted with an air mask to assist with maintaining a tranquil rest

Full suspension wearing all of The Creature save the gas mask (applied later, to enhance her feelings of being totally under control). After it was fitted the levels of vacuum and electrical stimulation to her breasts and dildo were increased to much higher levels. Note the use of the thigh high, lace-up, ballet-toed boots to increase the sensation of being enclosed and controlled.

A happily ensconced 'victim' wearing the helmetted gas mask, complete with 'Feeder' and Drinking hoses. Over the top of the helmet, a combination head cage/posture collar has been locked to ensure non-removability and attached ear defenders ensure a quiet enclosure.

The same victim, showing how she's restrained to prevent any attempt to remove her mask, together with the back-of-the-collar leash that ensures she remains standing in place. Further additions came, as can be seen and now my 'victim' has been fitted with a chastity bra and chastity belt, complete with the Inhibitor Bar connected to her ankle cuffs and fully controlled with a leashing chain to its tip ring.

The Horse Woman configuration of The Creature showing the nipple ring inter-connector chains, these clipped to her bit arms and thus ENSURING total directional control. A very effective and quite diabolical arrangement, according to my 'victim'.

A full forward view of the Horse Woman harness, but now as can be seen she is even more fully controlled by her Inhibitor Bar and hobbles.

Rubber fashion from MOR Rubber (Vancouver), combined with steel restraints from Zoom-Bizarre. These cuffs, collar and belt were cadmium plated by JG-L, then brushed to give a flat, silvery surface. Detail of neck corset, helmet, collar and it's lock; also showing the neck corset to torso corset inter-connector straps. Full length view of the Mermaid-type corset skirt with, naturally, a gas mask and shoulder length gloves.

An example of the instant control that can be effected when the Inhibitor bar leash is placed under tension. Another version of TC (lite) in action. Wrists and ankles separated, E-stim and vacuum systems in operation. Note the tensioned chain at the back, this leading to the tip ring of a knee-length Inhibitor Bar. With the addition of an Inhibitor Bar and when leashed in this manner, the lady can neither sit, squat, run, kick, or otherwise resist. Any tension on the 'Bar leash requires immediate obedience on the part of the wearer.

I suppose one could call this 'selective rubber enclosure', but in actuality, this is how most are prepared for an excursion in The Creature. The helmetted gas mask is a firm requirement, adding greatly to the whole feeling of being 'entombed'. A different configuration of The Creature, sort of combined with the steel belt from Zoom-Bizarre There are certainly elements of the Sabrina-style of restraint, i.e. the Wrist Separator Bar and the 'step-up' blocks. These were removed shortly after the picture was taken, leaving her to be semi-suspended in a Slave Swing - this an overhead bar with chains to the waist band. Vacuum and e-stim was then applied for an interesting spectacle.

LEFT ABOVE - Full suspension in the full version of The Creature! A vibrator sander has been attached to the Inhibitor Bar (and I was told later that it was supremely annoying, but, hey, that's the nature of the beast :-). No sound, or vision is permitted and the e-stim and vacuum do get results.

RIGHT ABOVE - Another picture of the nipple rings being inter-connected to the bit's arms. The Horse Woman is also blinded and so therefore must follow the direction of the reins.

Here's the Bondage Plank Bed, set up for a presentation at a club in Vancouver. The scene looks clinical, to be sure, and perhaps brings to mind the look of an Execution Chamber. The arm and leg spreader bars can be seen with chains dangling and ready.

My 'victim' awaits the beginning of her 'therapy. Of course she HAS to wear a gas mask to get the 'proper' feeling for the predicament she finds herself in!.



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