Here, you'll find an assortment of the stuff I've created and received over the years, not in any particular order. and hope you get a few chuckles from the creative idiocy and sensation slut goodies you'll see below.

My new ballet-toed thigh high lace-up boots from Punitive Shoes. Picture on the left shows them before the addition of the gartering straps so that they can be fully integrated with The Creature harness ensemble. With these added, the sensation of limitation, helplessness and controllability is magnified to another level.

My newly-plated, very heavy duty steel cuffs sets collar and belt from Zoom-Bizarre, these worn on combination with my black Lycra cat suit from the same source. This set of restraints gives a very intense feeling of captivity, as intended, and with out the keys to the unique locks that come with this set ... you are NOT getting out of them.


The first version of the Sabrina-style, permanently mounted, nasal control/restraint jewellery. A new version will soon be created by Axsmar that more closely resembles the drawings seen elsewhere on this site.


ABOVE - La Ceinture de Chastete, stainless steel head cage/collar combination with lower face mask. The only North American manufacturer of this type of restraint and a very good friend.

ABOVE - Various configurations of the Ceinture de Chastete belts. These belts can be made as simple or as complex as the customer wishes and many have the capability of double insertables, these made of clear acrylic of any dimension you wish.

ABOVE - The Ceinture de Chastete full chastity and restraint body harness. Everything locks on, and with the proper concealing clothing being worn, no one is the wiser of the strict control the wearer is under. Yes, this arrangement has been used.


ABOVE - The JG-L version of the Sabrina Head Cage/Collar restraint device. An extremely limiting and controlling thing to wear, and once locked on, quite scary to contemplate being unable to remove. A chain to any one of the shackles ensures you're not going anywhere without the controller's permission.

ABOVE - The full control version of the Head Cage/Collar restraint, this complete with blinder panel and regular gag locked on. Note that the bottom of the collar is also locked to the chastity bra's shoulder straps to enhance the security and integration of the entire restraint ensemble.

ABOVE - Front view of yet another (interim) JG-L chastity belt configuration. I created the crotch plate, then integrated it to the steel restraint belt purchased from Zoom-Bizarre. An (remotely controlled, ErosTek ET-302R) e-stim capability is also present in this particular set-up. RIGHT - Obviously from below: thigh cuffs, chastity belt, chastity bra and head cage/collar.

Back View of the crotch plate fastening system for this version of the chastity belt.

TWO ABOVE - Front view of the chastity bra. LEFT - shoulder straps-to-collar connections and showing the chest band to above-the-elbow chain mounts. RIGHT - Belt-to-bra chest band integrating chains, together with the remainder of the restraint ensemble.

TWO ABOVE - Back view of the chastity bra showing locking system (to be improved upon). Also shown are the connecting chains between the bra's back piece the Head Cage/Collar and the back of the chastity belt's waist band.



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