Here, you'll find an assortment of the stuff I've created and received over the years, not in any particular order. and hope you get a few chuckles from the creative idiocy and sensation slut goodies you'll see below.

Almost ready for bed. With the addition of elbow cuffs, ankle cuffs, a collar and bed chains, a quiet and non-sexual evening is assured for the wearer. It's pretty self-explanatory, but all of the various external components of the chastity belt are easily visible. My chastity belt and thigh bands, made by La Ceinture de Chastete. A few extra options have been added to the configuration: i.e. the hand cuffs and the front chains. This device is a most intimidating and restrictive one and without the keys, NONE of it can be escaped.

A view of the internal fixtures of the male chastity belt and the lock mount employed.

Revelation of what can be worn and easily concealed under a long denim skirt. Who'd ever know unless they were told? I wonder how many are wandering in our midst, equipped in this manner? Idle speculation of course, but we may be surprised.

SECOND LEFT ABOVE - The Bondage Plank Bed, ready to go, complete with a helmetted gas mask. RIGHT ABOVE - The JG-L version of Sabrina's 'Fixing Bars'. My first attempt at a 'Sabrina-style' Restraint and Discipline Harness hangs waiting, complete with the Restrictor Ball.

The Control panel for The Creature, containing two ET-312 E-stim units, vacuum controls for the chest and crotch (two separate pumps), breathing air supply valve, and last but not least the treadmill speed control. Centre - My Domme friend, contemplating which dials to turn to get the best possible howling, yelling and jumping about.

My version of the final version of Sabrina's sleeping mats. Note: chain for ankle spreader bar, one for the top of the head cage, one for the waist belt on each side, one for the chastity bra chest band on each side, plus additional chains to connect to the wrist separator bar, ensuring full immobilization.

LEFT ABOVE - JG-L designed vacuum/electrical penile tube. This design also accepts an end cap complete with 1/4" brass sound. RIGHT ABOVE - The 'Receiver' from the good folks at ABCO Research, manufacturers of the Venus-2000, adapted to fit the JG-L crotch piece.

My newest acquisitions .... cuffs and a collar from AXSMAR, the Mercedes Benz of restraint jewellery manufacturers. These cuffs and collar are 5 cm wide (2") and 5 mm thick, stainless steel and are UTTERLY secure. The engineering and exactitude of manufacture cannot be equalled anywhere, with superb finishing in all respects. The nice thing is, they're not all that expensive, given the quality.

TWO ABOVE - Nipple/Breast stretcher tree used in combination with an early version of TC's shoulder harness. In keeping with my component-based design, this can be used in a number of ways: i.e. as a stand alone application, the above, or combined with the Horse Woman bit and bridle.

THREE ABOVE - A barred wall created for my Whine Cellar. Again this is a component-based system, using bolted together, four foot wide sections. In the right side picture, the Bondage Plank Bed can be seen through the bars. Bottom shows the wall sections configured into a cage. Three of a total of six sections have so far been built.

TWO ABOVE - A JG-L designed, leather chastity belt. Truly, there's no such thing as a leather 'chastity belt' - effectively, it's only somewhat bent underwear.

A full-face SCUBA mask had a distinct appeal and I managed to modify this one a little, but it was never used for its intended purpose, as seems to happen to most of the devices that fall into my hands. Another case of a 'pervertable'. With modified hand cuffs a steel bar and short lengths of chain, a 'Sabrina-style' Wrist Separator Bar came into being. Once this is fastened, unless you've got someone to release you, you're done!

The TC harness crotch piece with a the new large, economy-sized, electrical dildo. Nothing but the best for the ladies who try my gear for a 'ride'. The 25 lb 'Restrictor Ball' can be seen on the floor.

The JG-L version of the Sabrina-style Chastity Bra. I recognize that I certainly won't get any design awards from the Lingerie Institute for comfort, but Damn! I should get one for security, it nothing else :-)! This garment integrates directly and very securely to the Head Cage/Collar combination and to the chastity belt. In addition, the above-the-elbow cuffs are chained to the chest band, just under the arms and so removal is impossible without all the requisite keys.

The JG-L version of the Sabrina-style integrated Head Cage/Collar combination. This device was made from a sheet of 4 mm thick aluminium and took a couple of months of continual fiddling to get right. The design is somewhat different than that written of in the Sabrina Biography (to be published in September by Pink Flamingo Publications), in that this incorporates a blinder panel option and a different manner of fastening the head cage straps. It's a trip to wear something like this, especially when it's integrated to the bra and the rest of the harness. It's still not the way I want it and the next version will be considerably 'cleaner' in design and functionality

Detail shots of the 'Feeding' Gag and the two types of blinder panels that may be fitted to the head cage. One blinder panel is for complete sight elimination and the other permits vision, but only through a thin vertical slit.



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