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- Early Video Cover Art -

My first appearance on the scene was with House Of Milan publications many, many years ago and I shall be forever grateful to both Jim Rogers and Barbara Behr for giving me the opportunity to showcase in written, pix and video. Here is the cover art of the video's we produced.

- House of Grod Book Cover Art -

GORD was the first book publisher to take a chance on my raving and I shall always be grateful to him for his faith in me. We both did well from his accepting the risk and I published three books with him, as well as a fourth that I collaborated on with Von Ronsa. Here's the covers from those books, below.

These 'original' issues are now out of print, although they have been re-publishedf by PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS or will be in the next year or so.

After a couple of year's hiatus from general publication of stories, although I contributed frequently to SECRET MAGAZINE, EQUUS EROTICUS and MARQUIS MAGAZINE, I contacted PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS and we have continued a long and mutually fruitful association.

Below is the cover art of the books published by PFP, in chronological order of publication, with the oldest being first.  They are now available on their associated site, THE EROTIC BOOK NETWORK.  As you'll see, the front covers are hot-linked to the PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS website.

ALL of my stories marketed by PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS are available as electronic books for easier acquisition, if you wish, although the few that contain illustrations do not have these in their e-book versions.


- Miscellaneous Stuff -

Many years ago a Swedish Heavy Metal band liked the image on the left, below, so much that they used it on an album cover. The image on the right is the one they copied. Immediately below those two images is the cover art from a Dutch Magazine called MASSAD.

And then there are the local parties I occasionally attend :-) ....

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