- 2013: Part 3 - UK Pictures -

- Uploaded: 20th March, 2016 -


You'll note that the page size has been increased to 900 pixels width and this allows me to use larger thumb nail images and full sized images; sometimes by as much as 35-40%.  A good thing I think, but there is a draw back, in that the pages take longer to load than they did with the smaller thumbnails.  I've made one other "editorial" decision in that I will attempt to show image with accompanying or embedded text in their full size, where possible, so that if there is a story or data that is of interest, you should now be able to read it.


- RAF Leuchers Last Air Show -

THISGIRLSUB drove over to Tayport from Motherwell and we both went to the last air show at RAF Leuchers.  Grimly could not attend and my wife had other plans and so the two of us enjoyed an afternoon of aviation porn.

The iconic AVRO Lancaster heavy bomber of WW-II fame, together with the Hawker Hurricane tucked in under the starboard wing.

I was tempted to buy one, but I'm not quite THAT crazy .... yet :-).

This is one Old Fart you'll not want to mess with on the roads around Dundee :-).

- Kelvingrove Museum -

Although relatively small, the KELVINGROVE MUSEUM in Glasgow is very definitely worthy of a visit, and if you have a chance, the Sunday recital on the big pipe organ is a great way to spend some time.

- A GREAT Road Trip With Grimly and Thisgirlsub -

GRIMLY and his lady were most generous with their time and on a couple of the days we were in Glasgow, they drove us all over the place and we got so visit some beautiful areas of the Lowlands and also penetrated a little into the Highlands.

- And Another Great Excursion -

GRIMLY and I are both fascinated with all sorts of engineering and so he was kind enough to drive us up to visit the FALKIRK WHEEL.  It is a damned impressive idea and executed with typical Scottish efficiency.

And below, then the crew descended upon a restaurant called THE CARVERY for a happy meal together with other friends.

- More Aviation Porn!! -

On another day, with the respective ladies in our lives declining to share our enthusiasm, GRIMLY and I buggered off to another Aviation Museum and spent a happy afternoon despite the occasional drizzle (Scottish equivalent for sunshine) sauntering around the place.

The CONCORD and its interior fittings.  A very small inside, compared to the jumbo's of the present era.

- Aero-Engine Porn -

The Tin Triangle (VULCAN Bomber) and a mocked up missile designed specifically for it.

The BLOODHOUND and it's transport and launch vehicle.  A Surface to Air missile.

- Off to Wales Once More for another grand Visit with GeeTwo and Maxi -

GRIMLY and I got to enjoy some more engineering stuff along the way down to Wales and here we saw some examples of small marine engines.