- 2013 - Part Two: Germany & Holland -

- Uploaded: 20 December, 2015 -



I love Bavaria and have visited it a lot over the years, and especially after making friends with some of the hard working folks there.  The driving is fantastic and the train service between the major and even the minor cities has to be experienced to be believed and how good it truly is.

Here below is a small sample of pix of Cordula and Juergen's lovely home in Schongau.

Cordula and Juergen were, as always, most kind and took me on a sight seeing tour of the surrounding country to show off its beauty.  The day took in churches, some small and some magnificent, and of course we managed to locate a brewery or two and sample some of the local beers.  I'm sure it's no surprise to those that know me, that sampling assorted beers is one of my many favourite pastimes when I travel.


From Bavaria, I made my way over to the Amsterdam to visit my very good friends MISTRESS MADIEANNE and her guy Erik.  They are both truly wonderful hosts and great people to hang out with :-).  Madieanne, thank God, is slightly crazy and loves to experiment, to say nothing of dressing up and having a wild time.

Sorta like a traveling salesman, I always go to Europe with a pretty substantial and varied set of costumes that can easily be mixed and matched .  I showed some of the gear to Madieanne and she was definitely interested in trying it out, so away we went with lots of posing and laughter.  As always, she was stunning and looked FAR better than me wearing it.

Over the years that I've visited Madieanne, it has always been me that has worn The Creature, but this time, I asked Madieanne if she wanted to try it out herself as part of a costume thing, then we'd all go to visit her and my good friend, the owner, Louva, at DeMask.

Although The Creature can be used as a control/discipline/training and general exploration device because it IS a fully functional toy, it is, in the final analysis a costume and so this was the spirit in which Madieanne wanted to play.

- Fun At DeMask -

Once we got to the store downtown it was time to get Madieanne dressed and then we decided to see if we could stop traffic as I'd done in the past.  One of these days, we're going to set it up with Louva to use her full store window as a live  play scene in TC :-).

We stepped out onto the street in front of the store and I finished off the dressing sequence by fitting Madieanne with the gas mask, then hooking up the bubbler bottle and re-breather bags.  Louva was right there and then soon half the street was filled.

Madieanne was in her glory; strutting up and down and posing for pix while some of the locals scraped their jaws off the street.  She is a very strong and lovely woman and I had a LOT of fun dressing her and then watching her do her thing.

As matters turned out, a young lady and all of her friends had decided to take a little adventure in the 'wicked' section of Amsterdam that DeMask is located in and so, while passing by, they stopped and watched Madieanne with great interest.

Once she spotted the bride-to-be and her friends, Madieanne made a beeline for the group and introduced herself, then the next thing we all knew, she was leading a conga line up and down the road to the great amusement of all who watched.

All in all it was a lot of fun that day and I'm sure the the young lady who was to get married has pictures that no other potential bride has.

From Amsterdam, I headed back into Germany, towards Frankfurt and my flight home, but I made a stop in Gravenbroich to see my very good friends, Michael, Annett and their twin boys.  It was really great to see them all again.