- 2013: Part-001 - BOUNDCON Pix -

(UPLOADED: December, 2015)


BOUNDCON ... what an interesting happening and it comes around towards the end of May, every year.  2016 's event will take place at the usual venue and will occur 20-22 May, 2016.

As per usual, I flew into Frankfurt, then rented a car and drove to visit with my very good friends, Cordula and Juergen of CAPTURED TABOO'S for a day or so before we all headed for Munich to set up the booth before the show.  While at their home, I demonstrated my TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS Discipline Helmet to Cordula who just soaked up the experience.  My version of the helmet has a matching Posture Collar and so is a pretty strong piece of kit when used in combination.


It was all quite a rush and we used the full four hours, then it was time once more to encase the head of my delightful playmate.

Here below is a combination of two of Juergen's classic inventions .... the fibre glass body shield and chastity corset and his incredible head isolation egg.  Beautifully made, with incredible engineering and totally effective.  These are totally unique pieces of bondage/S&M art, no question.

Once Cordula is locked into her corset, that's the end of the ball game ... almost, but then comes the Head Egg!

As can be seen, the inside is deeply lined with rigid foam and then a smooth inner coating.  A nasal/oral air mask is fully incorporated and if Cordula doesn't wear ear buds, she's completely isolated while wearing the Head Egg ... no sight, no hearing and no voice that can be heard outside the egg.

ABOVE LEFT: Juergen aligns the deep ridge along the edges, so that once closed, the helmet is quite literally sealed on.  ABOVE RIGHT: Everything is locked and non-removable without the keys.  At this point the head egg's air hoses have not been connected, even though breathing is possible without them

Somewhat later :-).  Cordula was happy to experiment with the ensemble, but damned glad to be out of it after a couple of hours.  Obviously, she couldn't be left entirely free to run about and so was fitted out with some minimal restraints.  Needed a leash though, I thought :-).

Some of the more interesting sights and people available.

It's always a pleasure to connect friends with friends and here, my good friend and fellow author, Jurgen von Stuka gets to meet Cordula and Juergen for the first time.

ANd in the pix below, Harald of EXPLICIT NUMERICS gets to meet Cordula again and then it's time for some mutual experimentation  on Herald's beautifully made bondage bed.

What a great combination!  Cordula imprisoned within the Head Cage and then fastened to the bondage bed!

No way out when all; the stuff is locked and doing the locking has to be a real high :-).

And here's another combination of Juergen's genius creations .. the Discipline Feeding Air Mask and Helmet and below, in combination with Cordula's rubber Excitation Suit.  It's another wonderful combination.  I love the way that the chains fasten the helmet to her collar.