- 2012: Part-004 - Germany, Holland & Germany Again -



- UK, then FRANCE, then GERMANY The First visit -

The trip to Europe began with a hop across the English Channel, using the Chunnel train out of Paddington Station in London, after an 85 Pound Sterling ride in from Heathrow.

For those of you who remember Paddington as a sooty, grimy misery, be advised that this is no longer the case.  The station has been restored to its original pristine glory and is a most efficient operation in all manners.

I'd decided to splurge on this trip and so took First Class on the Euro Star, that, quite frankly, wasn't worth the extra money.  Traveling to the UK entrance to the Chunnel was slower than I expected, but nevertheless, the train moved right along and very smoothly.

The train arrives in Paris at Gare du Nord and this is a BIG station, but I was continuing onward to Munich and so had to transfer to Gare de l'Este, a couple of blocks away.  This also is a big railway station and if transferring to another train keep in mind that there IS a one hour difference between London and Paris time!

Eventually, I made it to Schongau and stayed overnight with Cordula and Juergen of CAPTURED TABOO'S, then the next day, drove down to Kisslegg, north of the Bodensee, to my hotel.  I couldn't get a room in Friedrichshafen and so had to drive for 45 minutes to the north for a room.

I'd planned my trip to have a free day before going on the TORTURE SHIP CRUISE, because I wanted to visit the ZEPPELIN MUSEUM.  If you're any kind of aviation nut case (I qualify, obviously!) then the Zeppelin Museum is a must do.

TOP ROW ABOVE, RIGHT: Count Zeppelin's car - an impressive machine to be sure.  BOTTOM ROW, LEFT: part of the under hull of the gas bag. RIGHT: a miniature version of the accommodations on a Zeppelin.

Until you stand near the various mock-ups of the Zepplelin, you have no true idea of the true size of the machine, and it was HUGE,

LEFT:  A typical engine nacelle/pod used on a Zeppelin and RIGHT: Maybach, VL-2 engine of the type used on many Zeppelins

The aluminium framing for the shell of the Zeppelins was very light and quite complex in its structure.  On the right side is an actual nose 'mooring knuckle'.

A mocked-up section of the interior framing of the Zeppelin to give some idea of the circumference.  MOST impressive!

A different view of the interior framing, this showing the diesel fuel storage tanks for the engines.  Most people see pix of the Hindenburg and think they see the hydrogen from the gas bags burning, but in actual fact it is the outer envelope of the Zeppelin and the diesel fuel.  Hydrogen is lighter than air and burned virtually invisibly while it rose.

Here's a couple of views of the waterfront near the museum, on the north shore of the Bodensee (Lake Constance)

The above pictures are the ONLY ones I have of my appearance on the Torture Ship, unfortunately, although I know that there were hundreds taken.  If any reader of this glorified blog has other pix of the Torture Ship Cruise of 2012 and I'm in them, I'd LOVE to get copies, please.

After all was said and done, I then headed back up the road to see Cordula and Juergen in Schongau, before moving on.  As always, Juergen was busy creating new equipment and he is a Master Craftsman, demanding perfection for everything he makes.  Here's the latest pix of his Head Egg.

Juergen is much like me in that if we cannot purchase something that suits our needs, we'll build the bloody thing ourselves.  He wanted a laser system that would be astounding to look at and being unable to find what he wanted, built his own.

After being a pain in the ass to Cordula and Juergen for a couple of days, I drove over to visit with ANNA ROSE and UWE at their lovely, old and fully restored, typical German farm house.  They've spent a huge amount of money in cleaning up and modernising the place and it is a kinkster's delight.

The house and barns surround a paved courtyard and so privacy is assured.  The weathered woodwork of the dwelling is beautiful to see and the workmanship is typically German ... efficient and exact in all manners.

Anna happily showed me around the place and I was amazed at all of the rooms she and Uwe could use for photo-shoots, and/or play :-).  They have everything from basement cells to specialized medical studios, suspension areas in the barns and the list goes on and on.

Of course, we wanted to do a shoot right away and so it wasn't long before the big green bag was opened and I began to yard out assorted bits and pieces of kit to be worn by Anna.

First things first.  The full rubber cat suit and open-face hood and of course, the horse shoe shod pony boots, as seen below.

I hugely enjoyed fitting Anna with her compliment of the spectacular assorted AXSMAR stainless steel cuffs and collar and I believe Anna enjoyed the experience, but this was only the beginning!

Anna is always a delight to work and play with because she's so willing to go to the far side and being so adventurous, is happy to explore all of the strange and interesting things out there.  Although we had decided to do a Horse Woman shoot, we both decided that there should be some sort of additional control and 'encouragement' training/discipline devices involved in her harnessing and so she brought out this wonderful bi-polar dildo.

As can be seen, this particular dildo is a substantial piece of kit.  It's made of the best in silicon materials and is sufficiently large and thick enough that the wearer has no doubt whatsoever that she has an intruder lodged in her belly.

Wearing a firmly laced corset is always a lot of fun, even for a male, but far more so for a female, for not only does it flatter her natural shape, it makes her more conscious of her lower body and sex.  Fitting herself with the large thick dildo was a bit of a trial, thanks to the compression of the abdomen, but at last the happy deed was accomplished and Anna shuddered automatically from the strange sensations assaulting her mind.

Anna held the dildo fully inserted while I fitted her with the harness belt and crotch piece, thus ensuring the intruder remained fully and deeply in place.

Anna soon wore the complete ensemble of locked-on set of AXSMAR cuffs and collar and was a delight to watch while she attempted to become accustomed to the strict limitation, to say nothing of feeling the dildo within her body and knowing that its talents would soon be employed to make her do as she was commanded.

We spent the next hour or so with me on the cart while she worked hard to pull me around.  Whenever I felt that she was slacking off, or needed to increase her effort and get more speed, I used the controls for the dildo and soon was eliciting the most delightful of shudders and small screams from my captive Horse Woman.

I had very much enjoyed my brief stay with Anna and Uwe, but had quite a few other stops along the way and so drove back to Munich, turned in the car and got on the train, heading for Amsterdam.


Of course the Netherlands is known for its windmills and its tulips, but believe me, there's a LOT of other things to see and do there.  It's a delightful country with some wonderfully interesting inhabitants, and MISTRESS MADIEANNE is one of the most interesting :-).

The canals of Amsterdam and the surrounding countryside are always interesting to visit and explore.  Believe it or not you can walk around the whole of the central old part of the city in an afternoon, but to explore it fully would take months.

The next day, a friend of Madieanne's came to visit and we had a chance to get her into The Creature for an hour or two of fun and games.  Naturally, being somewhat of an escape artiste, she tried to get out of TC, but it has proven to be a pretty secure toy to be fastened into and all she did was make matters worse with her struggling :-).

The next day, we went downtown to the DeMask store for me to do a little stand and model for the passing crowd and THAT turned out to be a real hoot.


My appearance on the street certainly caused a stir, even with the rather jaded locals, but the tourists were the ones who seemed to get the most from my costume.

After we'd done our thing at DeMask, we headed back to Madieanne's place for dinner and then some interesting experimentation with Jett.  Although tempted to leave her for the night, common sense prevailed and she was only left bound for a few hours.

 The next day, Erik and I went exploring in downtown Amsterdam and of course stopped for bites and beers along the way and got to really enjoy each other's company.

At one of the places we stopped, the local mascot joined us at the table and of course we had to share our meal.

... and yet more examples of the charms of Amsterdam :-).

ALong the way, we stopped in to see Jeronen of BIZARRE DESIGN and as always, I was totally impressed with his corset creations.

That night , it was back into the Horse Man Harness for a visit to a local club and it was indeed a lot of fun to be under the control of Mistress Madieanne once more :-).

- GERMANY Again -

I always go to see my good friends Pupett and her husband and family when I am in the Dusseldorf area.  As you can see on the left, the power plants out near Gravenbroich are huge.

Michael and I went to a nearby town and then walked down to the Rhine to watch the passing ships and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

That evening we met my good friends Ingo and Doro from RUBBER'S FINEST and enjoyed a great meal and beers while we re-connected.

Then, it was back on the train and a return to Frankfurt to visit with my friends there again.