- 2012: Part One - January - San Francisco -

(Uploaded: 15th April, 2013)


In early January, 2012, Mark, of SERIOUSBONDAGE.COM infamy and a very good friend of many years, asked me if I'd be interested in participating in an interview of probably the most famous/infamous of all the early 'scene' people to go on-line .... PD of InSex and now the proprietor of HARD TIED, TOP GIRL, INFERNAL RESTRAINTS and REAL TIME BONDAGE sites.

I had been wanting to connect with PD for many years and so this was the golden opportunity to do it.  I speedily agreed of course and later in the month flew to SFO  for the interview.  It was great to get the break from the grey and rain of Vancouver, and also, I was getting a chance to meet another interesting person, MISTRESS GWEN FREESTORM, who, too, was escaping from the winter miseries of Duluth, doing some sessions with a client.

Naturally, I hoped we'd get in a photo-shoot or two of our own, and that came to pass, as well as me getting to reconnect with my many friends in The Bay Area.

So, without further gabbling from me, for a little bit, here's some pix and brief ramblings of the events .....

I arrived in SFO and Mark picked me up at the airport, then we went to his place and I got to reconnect with my very good friends Deborah and Dale (aka Dalton Ott), then it was my pleasure to meet MISTRESS GWEN FREESTORM,  a lovely person.  We soon discovered after just a little chatting that we had many things in common ... the same birthday, 13 January, a long time employment in the airlines industry, a deep interest in the Human Equine, and many other areas.

Standing in the corner was another of Mark's loaned toys, a full body cage, that another visitor to Kink Central wanted to do some play in with Gwen in control.

Another friend, Alice, also came along, and the fun soon began, with him in a tight rubber suit, helmet and gas mask, then he got bunged into the cage. and left to entertain himself while we all carried on.

Most gas masks have the standard NATO, 40 mm thread and so with all the hoses I'd brought along, we soon had him connected and ready for some breath play.  There was nothing he could do but accept what happened and Gwen kept him entertained.


The next day, we set off across the bay to Oakland to find PD's studio's. The massive building wasn't hard to locate, but finding him once inside proved to be a challenge.  Eventually we located him and were welcomed inside to find assorted work areas, a studio area and a handful, so to speak, of models.

We got to meet "KGB" the creative force behind most of PD's metal equipment requirements and I found him and his history to be most interesting.  In addition to being a very talented metal worker, he's a pretty intense person.

Above on the left is a head cage that you'll see in use on the INFERNAL RESTRAINTS site and on the right, a floor cage.  We chatted for a couple of hours, getting to know one another then headed back to Mark's place.


Gwen and I sat around and got to know one another better before we all headed off for dinner, and of course I had to open up my infamous green suitcase and show off some of the toys and equipment I'd brought with me.

One the left, bottom, I'm showing off the AXSMAR thigh bands that go with my LATOWSKI Chastity Belt and together they make a most interesting and restricting combination ... just the kind of sensory delight I truly enjoy.  Gwen and I soon decided that a little playtime between us was definitely in order and would be a lot of fun, so made arrangements for it to happen.


The next day, we went back to PD's studio to do the interview and look the area over in a little more detail.  It was most interesting to compare notes with KGB and how we each created different pieces of equipment.

Although the picture immediately above, left side may seem to indicate that I was bored, you can be sure I wasn't, as can be seen on the right side with just a couple of ladies literally hanging around.  PD was totally at ease, of course and enjoyed watching our attempted nonchalance.

The 'interview' process went very well and PD and I got to know one another better over the following couple of hours.  I'd actually sent him a hard copy interview about five years previously and so for him and I, it was just refreshing old territory but for me, quite a revelation.

Despite the evil things that PD does to his models and the sometimes pretty nasty equipment he puts them in, he is a most educated and sympathetic person,  He's all business when shooting, but then after, the most considerate person you'd want to meet, when all is done and the day is at an end.

One of the many interesting set-ups that PD managed for us with everyone assisting in the arrangements.

Above, you can see the wooden 'fiddle' that PD created, then some variations on how it can be used.  The equipment may look crude, but there's a reason for it's appearance and a great deal of thought had gone into the design and creation.

It was certainly an interesting afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed my chance to at last meet one of the real masters in the scene.  Although InSex is not what it used to be, PD carries on with his other sites that are equally as good and original.  By all means check out HARD TIED, TOP GIRL , REAL TIME BONDAGE and INFERNAL RESTRAINTS.


Gwen and my time to play came the next afternoon and as usual it took me a while to get fully dressed for the fun and games to follow.  The first thing to put on was a bra, this to hold the 38-DD breast forms I like to wear, then came my rubber cat suit.

Next came the AXSMAR cuffs, then the LATOWSKI Chastity Belt and finally the RUBBER'S FINEST helmet and the AXSMAR collar to ensure that the helmet could not be removed unless it was first.  Believe it or not, it's a lot of fun to do the preparations, then get fully dressed in my gear, even though it takes a while.

Dale finished tightening the collar's securing bolts then Gwen, liking what she saw, was soon checking out the tips of the breast forms, noting and tweaking their prominent nipples.  Some of that sensation, believe it or not was transmitted through the breast forms to my own real nipples :-).

Next, the very heavy duty wrist cuffs were added over my wrists, ensuring that my gloved and mitted hands could not be freed of their isolation mitts, then more adjustments were made with the tightly fitting collar.

The collar is tight enough to prevent the removal of the rubber helmet and even covers its zipper at the back.  It's a very intimidating thing to wear once the helmet is closed.

The 'therapy' room had been prepared and was ready for me.  The e-stim machine had been tested and it too was ready.

The gas mask was available to be fitted and on the right, I'm waiting to be told that I can lay on the bed and be enclosed in the inflatable sleep sack.

In the two above, I'm just sinking into the head space of full rubber enclosure, the sensations of wearing all of the tight cuffs, the chastity belt and the bondage and anticipating sensations to come.

The above four pix show the preparation sequence for entering the STUDIO GUM inflatable sleep sack, after my various cuffs have been chained together and to the chastity belt.  It's a great sensation, and not a little scary to find one's self so helpless, and then too, the gas mask and helmet muffled most exterior sounds and also made my own comments from inside it, almost impossible to understand.

Dale and Gwen ensure that all the electrics for the e-stim (breasts/nipples, dick (inside the chastity belt) and butt plug were properly active, but not turned up ... yet.  The sleep sack was been partially inflated and would soon become even more so, enhancing the whole sensation of bondage and immobilisation.

Above pix show Gwen hooking up my air hoses to the gas mask and then to the bubbler columns, then ensuring that the connections are all air tight.  With that done, I was now forced to breathe through the bubbler system.

Now that I was connected to the various systems, Gwen decided to do another check on everything before getting really serious.  Of course all I could do was lay there and wait for things to happen ... and they soon did with mild pulsing sets of shocks.

Ever the responsible Mistress, she left the shocks on at a slightly higher level, then checked my breathing and bondage arrangements to make sure that all was secure, before getting into the more intense sensory stimulation play we both enjoy.

Satisfied that In was properly secured and ready to go, she began turning the dials and experimenting with the various programs in the ErosTech, ET-312B.  I couldn't stop the gasping and yelling that this soon had me doing, writhing against my chains, cuffs and chastity belt inside the tight bag, and it was strapped securely to the bed.

The intense shocks grew stronger and stronger and she soon had me yelling and struggling frantically, bouncing madly inside the bag.  My cries from inside the mask were obviously music to her ears, but for me were most sincere in attempting to have the power turned down.  It wasn't.

I was off in a different world of my own, intensely feeling the slowly and sometimes sudden increase in the shocks that she so delighted in applying.  I lost all track of time and could see her only a little from within the mask.  The gasping inhalations I made had the bubbler columns going crazy when the air was drawn through them, but I couldn't hear their noises.

Gwen left the shocks turned high, then leaned in an watched my eyes while the e-stim machine did evil things to my most sensitive parts.  For a moment, the air hoses were removed and I was very relieved to not experience the restriction of my air supply.

Even while the upper part of the sleep sack was slowly released, the e-stim levels were kept high and I could not keep still while the electrical energy continued to pulse through me.

The air hoses were reconnected for another shorter session of Gwen taking on a journey I'd hoped for, then once more the top of the sleep sack was released. This time the gas mask came off, then my collar and finally, the oppressive helmet.

Once more the sleep sack';s top was reapplied and I remained immobilised inside it, then, because she wanted an unobstructed view of my face and reactions, Gwen began playing with the e-stim again.  I was soon shaking and yelping when the sensations became too much to bear in silence and without moving, and we continued exploring my limits.

The sensations were very strong, but no matter how I shook and attempted to escape them, it was impossible and Gwen continued to push my limits, enjoying what she could make happen with just the slightest twitch of the dials of the e-stim machine.

At last we were done, with me nearly wrung out, then Gwen jokingly suggested that this was only the first part of the story and that I'd spend the night in the full rig (bottom row, left side).  I almost believed her, then saw the evil twinkle in her eyes, because she knew that this was one of my fantasies.

... and so, that was out play session at Mark's place and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I took a while to recover what few brains I have, just laying there, talking to Gwen ... a most experienced and talented Mistress.


The next day, later in the afternoon, Gwen's friend wanted to do a photo-shoot at WICKED GROUNDS, a kink coffee shop, and so we all piled into Mark's car and off we went.

Getting ourselves organised took a few minutes then we strolled off down the street and no one seemed to take any notice.  San Francisco is certainly laid back, no question.

We all had a lot of fun watching what reactions there were, and even the street people seemed to accept what we were doing and how we were dressed as being pretty normal.

We lazed around the coffee shop for a couple of hours while some of the local kinks came and went, then our guy in the haz-mat suit was reaching the end of his endurance.

It had been a good day with a lot of laughs for every one and so we headed back to Mark's for our last evening together.  For me, it was a great trip and a lot of fun.