- 2011: Part Seven - August to October - Vancouver Island -


This page is a compilation of different image sets from a number of events on Vancouver Island and I hope you'll enjoy seeing the fun that was had and the creativity on display, to say nothing of the lovely ladies.

Here's the detail images showing the suspension bar mounting system on the tree trunks; designed specifically not to hurt the trees.

Grimly wanted to give it a go and was soon bunged into a leather sleep sack then hauled aloft for a few minutes of quiet contemplation.

Thisgirlsub had a chance to tease and torment her man without worry that he'd return her attentions ... at least for the moment.  On the right, the winch used for suspension.

Naughty-V and His_Lupa got involved in some fun and games, and we all got a lot of laughs at some of their antics.

Henry put some of his beautifully-crafted pieces out on display before they were used a little later.  He does great work.

Henry has also created a portable rack and of course the ladies were encouraged to try it out.  LyonSlyr and His_Lupa give Naughty-V a run for her money.

A little contemplation time on the deck.

Some rope and a lovely female form ... what more could one ask?  And then we get some chain for contrast and a little suspension for more fun.

Mspentyouth was her usual beautiful and vivacious self and was soon deeply involved with the assorted stainless steel restraints available.  She's a fun lady to dress and play with and is most adventurous.

Thisgirlsub came to play with Mspentyouth and it was a great contrast.  Two beautiful ladies, each in their element.

Mspentyouth and I doing some S&M (stand and model) on the deck.  She's a delightful lady to play with and gets fully into the spirit of things.

A little rebellion, pointless though it was, added a lot of fun and laughter for us both.

Time for some 'walkies', and there is nothing more entertaining than having a fully restrained, beautiful lady at the end of a leash.  Wow!  What a rush!

There's no thrill quite like it, and the opportunities are few and far between ...

Another use for Henry's cross was immediately apparent and it was but the work of seconds to place the lady.

Of course it didn't take very long at all to bring thisgirlsub  over to the stand and she too was soon connected.

Frustration .... the chains weren't long enough to permit contact :-).

With all the silvery stuff and black, being outside was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, just absorbing the eye candy ... and it was MOST entertaining :-).

Henry is a man of many skills and can create the damnedest designs out of stuff you and I would regard as scrap.  I don't know what to call the device that thisgirlsub is perched on, but it's damned impressive ... and very effective.

Thisgirl found her perch to be entertaining, to say the least, and the nice thing about it, was that there was NO way she could get off :-).

It was time for the rack for thisgirl and we all got into the swing of things, so that she was soon a little taller than when she arrived.

Of course, I had to check on the security of the arrangements!

Even restricted in her movements as she was, Mspentyouth got busy in the kitchen.  It was fun to watch :-).

NaughtV and Mspentyouth decided to try out a cupping set and as can be seen, the reactions were ... ah ... interesting.

More experimentation soon followed, and NaughtyV, never having tried the pony boots, was soon clip-clopping around the cement floor of the garage and enjoying the Hell out of it.

And then, it was time for some pony girl training and thisgirlsub came on as a delightful pony girl.

The gray cat suit looked great and of course the lady wearing it was out standing :-).

Grimly thoroughly enjoyed himself, as did his lady.

His_Lupa wanted to try on some of my kit and I was more than happy to help out.  She's a lovely adventurous and smart lady who doesn't let life pass her by, thank God :-)!

It's hard to believe that she has managed to get two tops at her feet, but we were having fun getting her all fixed up.

His Lupa is a lovely lady who loves to experiment and so we had a little play with the harness and some other gear.

Naturally we tried the collar and gas mask, then it was time for some vacuum and e-stim 'therapy' :-).

LyonSlyr was more than happy to experiment and soon had his lady bouncing around on the bed.

Grimly and his lady tried out some of the other equipment on hand and had a lot of fun and laughs doing it :-).