- 2011: Part Six - Folsom Fair, 2011 & Other Fun -

Up-Loaded: 22 August, 2012


FOLSOM FAIR, in San Francisco, at the end of September every year is always a hoot to attend. You'll not see so many kinks, in such proximity, all at the same time, anywhere else on the planet.  It IS a must see, at least once, if you're in any way 'bent'.

Of course I think I'm a tad bent, and so have attended Folsom for the last 6 years, and in 20121, my very good friends Grimly_Feendish and his new wife accompanied me to the event and we had a blast.

Thisgirlsub in some of her various guises.

It wasn't long after our arrival that the fun started and folks began to dress in the stuff they liked.  Mark's home soon turned into a circus with all kinds of 'animals' putting on a show.

Dalton and I just having a quiet chat out on the back deck.  It was great to reconnect.

One of Mark's newest pieces of kit ... a restraint chair and its frame and securing harness.

And then there was the 'boxed surprise' :-).

- FOLSOM FAIR, 2011 -

Having acquired the horse harness hames earlier in the Summer, this seemed to be a good time to show them off.  Needless to say, the combination of steel, red cat suit and black harness, to say nothing of the implied bondage, got a lot of attention.

The whole ensemble weighs about 65-70 pounds when all the pieces are on and so the actual time of wearing it is fairly short, but I managed about 4 hours before finally calling it a day.


Thisgirlsub had a  great costume and it drew a lot of admiration.  She wore the hoofed boots the full time she was at the Fair, much to the amazement of us all.

There's no doubt that she's a star in all senses and Grimly is a VERY lucky guy to have her.


A visit to ALCATRAZ, the former US Federal Prison in San Francisco Bay, is one of the city's tourist 'musts' and after many years of visiting the city, I finally got around to doing it on a rare, picture-perfect day.

It's a pretty forbidding place, des[despite the setting.  Unfortunately, wind, weather and salt water are slowly destroying the place.

The average person on the street seldom if ever gets to see the inside of a real max security prison and so, the tour was certainly worth the time.  Apparently, the night time tours are pretty interesting too.


Once back ashore, we wandered along to Pier 45 and there they have a couple of displays of particular interest to WW-II buffs.  The submarine is the USS Pampanito, one of the class of boats used extensively by the USA in the Pacific in WW-II.

The other major attraction for me was the 'Liberty Ship'  Jeremiah O'Brien.  She is one of the two survivors of the type, of which 2,710 were built  Another interesting couplee of notes on this ship is that she is fully operational, and is propelled by reciprocating (piston) steam engines.


A couple of days after Folsom Fair, we decided to do an out of doors photo-shoot up at a place called Twin Peaks, and so thisgirlsub got dressed at the house and me partially so.

I completed my dressing in the van once we'd arrived at the summit (the tourists forgot all about the vista of the city and Bay for some reason), and this time I wore the horse shoe-shod pony boots ... a challenge at the best of times.

Thisgirlsub and I did about a half hour of S&M (Stand & Model) and had a blast shocking all the vanilla folks who passed by, and then, it was time to return to Mark's place for some further pix.

With the use of one's hands removed, it's amazing how only a couple of simple, double-ended snap hooks can be used to restrict movement.  When connected to a bit, it becomes even more impossiblee to escape, and that's part of the whole attraction of being harnessed, bridled and bitted.

Thisgirlsub decide she wanted to try out the bondage post arrangement Mark had created and so she was soon hooked up to it, and then the fun started.


After the SFO visit was completed, we headed back up the I-5 to McMinneville, Oregon, to enjoy some aviation porn at the excellent museum there.  It is MOST impressive and if you are an aero plane nut case, a must see.


The next bit of aviation porn came the following day when we went to Boeing Field.  Another worthwhile place to check out.