- 2011: Part Five: Whistler & Tsawwassen Fun and Frolics -

(Uploaded: 31st July, 2012)


Whistler & Local Fun

The Summer of 2011 was a lot of fun, what with our first guests (Druidic_Godess and Theseus) arriving from Dundee, Scotland in the first half of June.  We wanted to show them some of the local scenery, other than the city of Vancouver itself, so off we went to Whistler/Blackcomb to borrow my sister's second home for a couple of days.

It's a lovely resort area both in Winter and Summer, although in the Winter, you're gonna pay through the nose to ski, stay and eat there.

We stopped about 25 km north of West Vancouver, at a place called Porteau Cove, on the way to Whistler and the day could not have been more perfect for pictures of the scenery.

And here, Druidic_Goddess shows us a thing that seems to be popular in the UK ... called 'planking'.

Of course, given the the geography, we made other stops along the way and even though I've lived here since 1988, the scenery still blows me away.

ABout 3 km south of my home is the Canada/USA border and a little place on the other side of 'the line' is Pointy Roberts, Washington State.  It's a sleepy little place for the most part, inhabited by gas stations and the marina, and it's an interesting anomaly, in that although part of the USA, there is no land connection to it.

- Backyard & Basement Play -

After we'd done Whistler, with a side trip to do some fossil hunting in the Interior, we headed back to the house and soon got involved with the harness and other interesting toys.  Druidic_Godess' bright pink cat suit was a hit.

Of course the wearing of the horse shoe shod pony boots was a necessity :-)!  And then, we added the main parts of the harness, this time with a mask, but a bit was coming soon.

Arms securely out of the way, the hobble and reins are added, then it's off to the 'paddock' (actually, just my back yard) for a little practice.

Our Horse Woman soon got into the spirit of things, despite the limitation of the hobble chain and the somewhat precarious balancing required while wearing the horse shoe shod boots.

Although it wasn't a bright sunny day, the exercising, in combination with the heavy harness, proved to be quite taxiing and so a rest period was arranged - properly restrained, of course!

We changed the arrangements for the resting position, then it was time for a trial fitting into the Slave Transport Case, now laying open and ready.

It took a little rein jerking to show who was in command, but soon enough, she was laying in the STC, waiting for what was to come.

Although the case has not yet had the interior restraint hard points mounted yet, the fit was pretty good.

Going, going, gone :-)!  With the lid closed and locked, the reins pulled tight, she wasn't going anywhere until released.  That happened soon enough, but I got a rebuke for not keeping the Case closed longer than I did :-).

A little dressage training by Theseus, then it was time to get serious by using a real bit and the reins.

A bit is a MOST controlling device and too, it makes the wearer drool a lot.  The wielder of the reins has to be careful of how the reins are employed, and probably the best way to teach the proper use, is to have THAT person try out the bit and reins first.  After about ten minutes the bit came off and we continued.

From there (middle & right pix) we moved on to try out the AXSMAR cuffs and my own separator bars in varying configurations.


Back to the Whine Cellar for further experimentation with the vacuum system and bubbler bottle breath restriction.  The vacuum system is pretty damned strong, as can be seen above, and the results, according to my victim were ... ah ... interesting, to say the least.

Further adventures were soon underway when Druidic_Goddess decided to try the full 'Creature' ensemble with all the regular equipment, including the Inhibitor Bar, gas mask, ear defender and assorted other restraints.

She made quite a sight to be sure!  What was more important to the whole arrangement though was that Druidic_Goddess knew she could NOT escape her predicament and would remain confined to the running leash as long as we wished.

Eventually we let her off the leash (apparently, the passage of the chain links through the end ring of the Inhibitor Bar caused some interesting sensations), and then a transportation leash was affixed to the end ring of the IB.

When that leash is tugged upon or snapped, there is an IMMEDIATE indication to the wearer of the Inhibitor Bar (and it's internal portion) that she is required to move, whether she wishes to or not.

With a few snaps of the IB rein, our victim was encouraged to return to the Whine Cellar for some additional familiarization with the equipment there.

After a short break from the helmeted gas mask, it went back on for a few minutes. 

Druidic_Goddess was soon hooked up to the suspension springs, and floor leashed too.

We went for a different gas mask - this one with a full 'blackout panel' fitted, thus isolating her while in suspension with the vacuum and e-stim providing some additional excitement, then we took off the mask.

A few days later, Druidic_Goddess decided to try another 'planking' arrangement, ably assisted on the right by a friend's dog.