- 2011: Part Two: San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Tucson, LA SFO: Part Two -

(Uploaded: 10th March,, 2012)


This the second part of the Travel Pix from my trip to all the places shown above and I hope you enjoy seeing some of the silly shit I get into.  RUBBERT accompanied me and we had a great time.

In all of the series of pix that follows, I have to admit that there is a tremendous amount of same-old, same-old, but the considering factor, I hope, is that you get to see different ladies in the coils of The Creature and how they react to its functions.

Dressing a lady in The Creature is always a lot of fun, and to add to that, if it's her first time, watching her eyes get wider and wider when I explain the functions of the various parts.

The dildo and attached Inhibitor Bar ALWAYS elicit more than a few nervous laughs and then some strange wriggling when this sub-assembly is fitted and tightened into position.  There's no escaping the intimate sensations.

The first time, we did the suspension without the gas mask just to ensure that all the rigging was going to work properly and also that there was no pinching or 'bad' pain.  Then came the testing of the circuits and the connection of the restraining springs to both her ankles and the tip ring of the IB.

I kept the e-stim levels light for this experimentation and the young lady soon discovered that every time she kicked or struggled the spring-connected IB made the dildo move in strange and startling ways.

It was time.  She was soon fitted with the gas mask and this was immediately hooked up to the breath restriction system of the bubbler columns.

Now things got a little more serious when I began to raise the power levels of the e-stim units, then turned on the vacuum.  When the e-stim pulses got stronger, both from the embedded dildo and the breast cups, her automatic reactions became more and more frantic when she tried to escape them (impossible) and she bounced and kicked in the suspension arrangement, adding even more to her sensory voyage.

It's a strenuous workout for any one who is a captive of The Creature, even at just low levels of stimulation.  The lady was soon gasping and yelling from the flood of sensations assaulting her body and mind, and all the while the breath restriction system added it's own strange noises to the fantastic sight.


CAPTIVE KINK had flown in from the UK and showed off some of his excellent gear while thoroughly enjoying applying it to a willing and delightful lady.


Once we'd finished the photo-shoots in LA, we headed back up the I-5 to San Francisco, then, the next day, it was time for me to try the suspension set-up once more, this time with a doubled winch system.  The set-up time and effort, from a 'naked' studio to one that is fully prepared for The Creature is a couple of hours, then the equipment lay out has to be done.

Once things had been set up, I spent about an hour getting into the gear, then had to sit in a chair and be taken into the studio.  The damned ballet-toed boots look and feel great, but walking in them, for me, is nigh impossible.

At first we just experimented with the suspension arrangements, then the vacuum hoses and e-stim cables were connected and tested.

The blinder panel and butterfly gag are visible in the left pic, then they were fitted and the gas mask was slipped on and tightened.

After the gloves and isolation mitts were fitted, I just hung there while the final adjustments were made to the suspension rigging, waiting for things to get interesting.  It's all part of the process of getting into the right head space and for me, one of the attractions of playing with The Creature.

RUBBERT and DALTON inspected the arrangements and wondered, I'm sure, at my sanity about wanting to do this sort of thing.

The waiting for things to happen can be a little nerve wracking, bit again, that's all a part of the deal.

Above are a few detail pix of the various restraints I like to use for TC sessions and as you can see, the gear is pretty comprehensive.

Arousal can be a strangely-configured experience, as witness the above images.  That I employ some pretty strange methods will come as no surprise to previous visitors to this site's other parts.  With the use of an elecrifiable, urethral sound, the whole thing becomes even more physically and mentally intense.

Given that I'm suspended, securely cuffed and wearing the isolation mitts, there's no possible way to escape the situation and that too, is a great part of the excitement of this type of bondage.  I could easily have been left like that for many hours, fully gas-masked and having to breathe through the breath restriction system of the bubbler bottles, and THAT fact was also an arousing one.

A couple of shots, showing the suspension spring connections.  The 'ganging' of the 60ld tension rated springs allows for a full air borne experience, including the bouncing that happens with any sort of struggling.

And, after about an hour of assorted play and photo-shooting, that was all she wrote.  The aftermath of the experience can be seen, with the cables, hoses, chains and other bits and pieces strewn all over the floor, then at the last, the silly grin of a good time.

A day or so later RUBBERT and I climbed back into the trusty old van and made our way home, well satisfied with a good trip and lots of adventures along the way.

I hope you've enjoyed the pix.