- 2011: Part One: San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Tucson, LA SFO: Part One -

(Uploaded: 10 February, 2012)


This year's first trip was a good one ... pretty much a three week odyssey of meeting friends, photo-shoots of all sorts and generally having a good time.

RUBBERT and I started off at SERIOUSBONDAGE in San Francisco and quickly got into some experimentation and photo-shoots.  In the left pic below, I'm trying out the full discipline helmet from TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS and it was something else!  If you wan the very best of leather gear, TTBL is THE place to shop.  The quality of the leathers used is top of the line and the workmanship is fantastic.

Below on the right and two following, Rubbert is trying out his seven point restraint device in combination with a rubber cat suit and helmet, ably assisted by Alice. 

I had my own chance to do a photo-session a little later in the day and was soon getting deeply ensconced in my favourite rubber cat suit and other essential (for me) e-stim and vacuum gear.

These boots take quite a while to put on, what with the D-ring lacing used (no zippers), but it's all a part of the process and ceremonial of doing a session, and I enjoy it a lot, even though needing some assistance to get it all together.

What with now wearing the Isolation Mittens, I was unable to make the final adjustments and hook-ups to the vacuum/electrical penis tube and breast cups, and so Rubbert, being quite familiar with what needed to be done, soon had me all hooked up.

It wasn't long after that I was getting involved in the suspension rig, then all the e-stim cables and the vacuum hoses were connected.  You'll definitely think I'm crazy to do all this stuff, but the sensations that are imposed, to say nothing of the knowledge that I cannot escape without help, is pretty wonderful.

Springs in combination with my AXSMAR stainless steel restraints, ensure that I can struggle, but never escape and the springs ALWAYS win, no matter how hard or long one struggles.

The suspension springs have been 'ganged' to give a full floating suspension, as can be seen in the left pic, then in the right pic, the detail of the vacuum/electrical tube can be seen, complete with the 1/4" diameter, ribbed, brass urethral electrode.

It was definitely a fun and at times scary, but enjoyable experience, then the next day we headed south to Corona, CA.

I've been very fortunate to meet and play with a lot of beautiful ladies during my travels, and once established in Corona, I got to meet yet another ... JULIA FAIRE.  She's stunningly beautiful and has a lovely personality, that, combined with a decidedly kinky streak makes her a most attractive person all around.

As can be seen above, I'm happily showing off my gear, and then soon after had her dressed in it.

It wasn't to much later that we'd arranged some interesting exercise  for Julia and soon had her fastened to the stationary bicycle and ready to go.

Exercising while encased/imprisoned in The Creature is always a strenuous time and Julia soon discovered that, so we elected to change the situation so that she was just suspended ... waiting.

Things moved along from there and in minutes, she was writhing and jumping vigorously when the e-stim assaulted her and the vacuum pulled strongly on her breasts while the electrical energy pulsed through her nipples.

That part of her experience with TC was pretty intense and so when she was taken down after a good deal of screaming and yelling, she got bunged into Rubbert's vacuum sleep sack for a little relaxation and recovery, without any stimulation other than the compression of the vacuum immobilisation.

The next day we headed off to Phoenix to get settled there, then the day after, we headed off to PIMA COUNTY AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM and there, indulged ourselves in a huge selection of aviation porn.

Left pic is of an F-4 fighter/bomber and the right one is of an RCAF F-86 Sabre, of Korean war fame.

Two more of my favourite modern day aircraft.  Left side is the A-10 Warthog and the right one is the SRE-71 Blackbird.

More strange birds were available, of course.  Left side is a Martin flying boat and the right side is a model of the Soviet 'Caspian Sea Monster'.

Left pic is of one of the few surviving Starship aircraft and the right one is of the Shackleton (Mk. 1) maritime patrol aircraft ... a derivative of the famous WW-II Lancaster bomber, but fitted with contra-rotating propellers.

Left pic is of the Lockheed Super Constellation and the right one of a C-141 Starlifter. now retired due to main spar failures.

The two above are the main reason I wanted to visit the Pima County Museum ... the B-36 bomber.  A HUGE aircraft.

Left above is the B-58 Hustler, the first supersonic bomber and the right one is of the F-111, Aardvark bomber.

After this does of aviation stuff, I stayed in Phoenix for another day, then headed back to the LA area; arriving there in a torrential rainstorm that was pretty scary.  We were soon back into the photo-shooting what with the arrival of Mark and Dalton from San Francisco.

The 'victim' was a delightful and expressive young lady and we soon began experimenting with various toys and costumes and it was a most enjoyable time.

The next day, ASHLEY RENEE came to call and renew our connection, and at long last I got to stick her in The Creature ... something we'd missed the previous year.  Ashley is a lovely person, both physically and personally and with her long interest in kinkery, we soon got deeply involved in the set-up.

The female version of The Creature harness has some interesting features (to say the least) and in the pix above, I'm explaining some of the 'benefits' of these, prior to her being fitted with them.

The adjustments to the crotch piece and waist belt are done carefully and her delightful lower body was soon securely bound.  It took her a little while to get used to the sensations of the Inhibitor Bar, but being the trouper she is, Ashley quickly accustomed herself to them.

Next came the upper body harness, complete with vacuum/electrical breast cups.  These fit her very well and she wondered at the strange sight of her breasts being contained and yet still visible.

The collar cam next, emphasizing her beautiful face and hair.  Ashley is a delight to work with.

Now it was time to get a little more serious about the arrangements.  In short moments, I began to connect the vacuum hoses and e-stim cables while she looked on with a little apprehension beginning to show.

Suspension of any type, in bondage, is probably one of the most intense things you can do and once she was up, I let her just get a feel for it, while ensuring that everything was OK.  There's good pain and bad pain and so this step is important.

My approach to this type of bondage (well, actually ALL types of bondage) is a multi-layered and a multi-faceted one.  In this instance, I wanted Ashley to not only be helpless and suspended, but that she also feel the restriction and control of a gas mask with her breathing slightly restricted.  She was game to experiment and so away we went.

Ashley's situation and the sensations it evoked were very interesting to both create and observe.  She could struggle in suspension and cause herself to bounce up and down on the main springs, as well as pull her arms and legs against the restraint springs, but if she bounced too much, then the spring attached to the bottom ring of the Inhibitor Bar then came into play.  Any really frantic struggling she did instantly resulted in the IB spring making it move, and consequently the dildo as well.  It's a pretty intimidating arrangement.

Referring back to my statement, above, about the multi-layering and faceting ... it was time to add the next part to her ensemble... this being the blackout panel for the gas mask. With this addition, Ashley was then blind to what was coming ... enclosed in her own private, sensory universe and waiting for things to happen.

I made the final adjustments to her mask and blinder panel, then stood off to the side and began playing, gently, at first, with the controls of the two EROSTEK, ET-312 e-stim units.  One was exclusively for her breasts and the other for the dildo.

In short order, Ashley was uttering muffled shrieks inside the gas mask and struggling more and more frantically so that she soon began to bounce against the spring suspension and bondage.  I changed the pulse patterns and slowly increased the power levels, watching her closely while she discovered the new country between her ears.

Sessions such as this are generally of pretty short duration because the assault (and it IS precisely that) by The Creature is a very intense experience and consumes a great deal of physical energy.  Se reached her limit after a while and so I removed the gas mask so I could observe her reactions more closely.

Ashley is a very strong lady and so we continued the play for a while yet and then moved to stronger and stronger e-stim, making her bounce crazily while struggling to somehow escape or avoid the suction and buzzing e-stim inside her and attacking her breasts and nipples.  Of course, there was no escape possible, fastened and suspended as she was.

Eventually, all good(?) things come to an end and so Ashley was quickly freed of her situation and went for a shower, but the day was not yet over!  My good friend Ritchie, visiting from the UK, had some other toys to try out and Ashley was game for that to happen.

His most interesting device was a gag with an extended outer post and a leash.  Ashley was soon wearing it and some leather mittens, and of course Ritchie, enjoyed exercising his control of the leash as can be seen in the right pic, above.

She could offer little in the way of resistance to this device, no matter how desperate the desire to do so, and with a simple flick of the chain or a tug on the leash to the extended bar, she did precisely as was desired.

The extending post is also handy for immobilisation as she soon discovered.  The end was locked to a floor ring and even if her hands had not been bound already, she wasn't going anywhere

A close-up of the 'posture socks' showing how they work to prevent walking.  Lovely toys for sure.

And the last thing to be added was a neck corset, complete with head immobilizing harness.  It worked like a charm.