- 2010: Part Seven: Back to Cedarbrae -

(Uploaded: 20 December, 2011)


I occasionally travel to Vancouver Island to visit my good friends RUBBERT and LADY M and always enjoy the spectacular scenery on the ferry trip.  I've been very fortunate to be invited to many of the parties at their lovely home, CEDARBRAE, and always enjoy meeting and reconnecting with other Island friends.  As has been seen in past pages of this Section, lots of stuff happens there, and I always have a great time.

Here's a small selection of pix from November, 2010 that may be entertaining :-).

Dalton and his Lady, Deborah, came up from San Francisco for a visit and of course, we had to go and visit The Island, and have Rubbert show off many of his excellent toys

"Big Red" is Rubbert's prize possession and it was soon put into use and a little acclimatization time was mandated.

Of course a helmet is almost an automatic 'must' when wearing Big Red and so Deborah soon found herself suitably encased in one.

Once fully secured, it was time for a visit to Rubbert's isolation chamber, a well-engineered room for contemplation.

Angel had been promised a pair of boots by a long time friend and I got the chance to fit them to her for the first time.  Obviously a fun enterprise and then she got to show them off.

Rubbert is nothing if not solicitous to his guests and provides only the best of reclined restraint arrangements as can be seen above.

Dalton, ensuring that Naughty V is comfortable and secure.  She's a wild, wild lady and so needs the restraints :-).

Angel and I out on the deck, checking each other out and having a few laughs.  She DOES have nice warm hands :-).

A little later in the day, another volunteer decided to try the hospital bed and was soon enjoying some quiet time.

There's a Hell of a lot more laughter than screaming at Rubbert's place, to say nothing of the delightful eye candy that happens along.

I don't know what it is about Vacuum Sacks, but all the ladies love the damned things and sometimes it's difficult to get them out of them.  Rubbert has one of the best versions on the market, this made by MAXCITA; another long time friend of mine.

And so, that puts paid to the Travel Section Pix for 2010 ... right at the end of 2011 :-).