- 2010: Part Six: Trip Five - San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Tucson & Back -

(Uploaded: -10 December, 2011)


- Arrival Day at SeriousBondage -

Yours truly with beer in hand soon after arrival and on the right, Dalton Ott checking out the situation.

It wasn't long before some of the on-site facilities were in use and Rubbert had his straight jackets out, happily demonstrating their employment to anyone who came too close :-).

GeeTwo and maxi were soon right into the swing of things and Lady Deborah watched the proceedings all snugged up herself.

On the left, Rubbert Sable me and Mark hamming it up a little for the record and on the right, Sable and I are checking out each other's attributes.  Lots of laughs.

MISTRESS SABLE is a lovely, curious and smart lady and so when I offered to show her some of my toys she didn't hesitate a moment and dived right in.

Lady Deborah and dalton also enjoyed playing with the AXSMAR nose clip, and believe me, when it's worn, it is probably one of THE most controlling devices you can imagine.  Then, she tried the Isolation Mittens and managed quite well.

We also decided to try out the portable breath restriction/bubbler bottle system in combination with other on-hand restraints and that was a lot of fun, especially watching her eyes within the gas mask.

The evening involved a lot of different variations of the assorted toys on hand and the ones I'd brought along, and of course e-stim was all a part of the play.

- Folsom Fair Day -

SUBMISSANN and her current owner made a big impression at the Folsom Fair and had folks following her all over.

MISTRESS LILIANE HUNT is a stunning, cultured lady whose elegance and intelligence are unquestionable and I am lucky to count her as a friend.  She made her usual outstanding appearance at the Fair an occasion to remember by all who saw her.

GeeTwo and Maxi had a blast and attracted a lot of attention, together with the other Horse Women we met along the way ... Submissann and Krystal.

It was quite the gathering.  Friends from both Australia and the UK were there and although I occasionally get dressed in various versions of The Creature to attend the even, this time I showed up in male drag and just took pix of all the fun.

A few pix of some of the participants and costumes at the Fair.  You will not see a greater conglomeration of happy kinksters in such a short time, all at the same place, anywhere else.  It IS a happening that should be seen at least once.

After we'd all returned to Serious Bondage, SABLE decided to try the vacuum/e-stim breast cups and her expression would appear to indicate some small interest :-).

A little later in the evening, we enjoyed some time on Mark's back deck, then it was off to a local eatery for some food and fun.  Having two ladies wearing nose shackles was a happy time for me, and because there were no leashes used, for them too :-).

The next day was a time for some quick sight seeing and above left ids the new Bay Bridge, while on the right is, of course, Alcatraz.

Above are some happy snaps taken along the Northern California and Oregon coast.  Truly spectacular scenery.

It was time for another dose of Aviation Porn and so we headed for the Evergreen Aviation Museum at McMinneville, OR.  It's a spectacular museum and has as one of it's centre pieces, The Spruce Goose.  For those who love aircraft, this place is a must-see.

On the left, a B-17 and on the right side, an ME-262 ... the first twin engine, jet fighter and created away back in WW-II.

I'm not truly a 'gun nut' in the everyday sense of the word, but I had to take the above two pix, for the weapons shown are classics.  On the left, the Colt 45, automatic and on the right, the German Luger.

Behind and in front of the main hangars were yet more aircraft that just begged to have their pix taken.

Rockets and their accessories have always been fascinating to me, and so to see a V-2 and other things that came from its creation by Werner von Braun, was moist satisfying.  The other V-2 I've seen was in the Deutsche Museum in Munich.

And of course, I got to see another SR-71, Blackbird.  The one seen here, needs only to have the engine re-installed and it's ready to fly again.  Bottom right pic is of the German V-1, or as the Brit's called it, The Buzz Bomb.