- 2010 Trip Four - Cedarbrae Fun -

(Added: 10 September, 2011)


I'm occasionally invited to RUBBERT and LADY M's beautiful home on Vancouver Island for assorted fun and frolics, and this time it was with my good friends G2 and Maxi, visiting from Wales.  As always, there was a lot of laughs and some pretty strange homing on.

Lady Laura and Mistress Marlene enjoy a few happy moments.  It was wonderful to see them both so happy and enjoying life.

Of course there were a few silly moments and Rubbert re-appeared in one of his favouritism straight jackets.

Good friends, great outfits, some happy and original music, together with some fun in the living room and Naughty V enjoying herself in the Isolation Chamber ... what more can one ask?

Rubbert has an absolutely incredible model railroad set-up in his basement.  He's a highly skilled and most meticulous craftsman, and with his wide array of locomotives and rolling stock, is in the never ending process of creating a mind-boggling model world.


Then, there's yours truly, all decked out in a lucre suit, rubber helmet, Latowski chastity belt complete with E-Stim, and my AXSMAR cuffs and collar.  After a little system test on the deck, it was time to enjoy the garden.

Rubbert and Lady M have a beautiful property that lends itself to all sorts of happy out of doors activities and so I spent a while just enjoying it and the perdurable pulses from the ET-312.

Rubbert had a different gas mask and very unduly allowed me to try in on, knowing how much I enjoy them, just to enhance my 'garden experience'.  I very much enjoyed it, but the sitting  enjoying nature and the tantalizing jesting were to be the last few moments of freedom for some time to come, for I was almost immediately summoned to the deck by Mistress Marlene

Being the person she is, Mistress Marlene wasted no time in making use of my Axes cuffs and collar.  Immediately, I was placed on a chain leash and my hands were cuffed behind my back; locked to the rear shield D-ring of the chastity belt.  Next she fitted me with a short hobble chain and, hooked the ET-312 onto the CB's hip rings.

I thought initially that I was just to walked around for a while and so quite happily followed her at the end of my leash.  After only a few steps, she paused then informed me that I was going to be taken into the woods for some intense fun ... at least for her.

The e-stim was continuous, but bearable while I walked along behind her, and I wondered what she had planned.

Thanks to my short hobble , progress was a little slow and when I playfully attempted to resist being 'taken to my fate', Mistress Marlene wasted no time in letting me know who was in charge, using a strong tension on the chain leash to enforce her desire.

Within a few minutes I had been brought to the edge of the small forest and Marlene was her usual efficient self and had wrapped the long leash chain around a handy tree and locked it.  I wasn't going anywhere until she released me, but then the next surprise came when she reached down to the ET-312 and turned up the power levels!

In seconds I was squirming and gasping at the strength of the pulses, but with my hands and elbows securely chained behind my back I could do nothing other than writhe a little frantically when the pulses peaked.

I was left alone to endure, chained to the tree and unable to stop what was happening under the chastity belt and the steel bra.

Marlene had no intention of leaving completely alone though and returned some 15 minutes later, then dismounted the ET-312 from my chastity belt and placed it on the table, well out of my reach.  She intended that I should 'enjoy' some higher levels of stimulation and quite enjoyed my gas mask muffled concerns when I asked that she re-consider.

I waited in tensed anticipation, then she slowly reached to the box and began turning up the power, closely watching my increasingly desperate attempts to escape them and my chain and listening happily to my gasps then yelps and when she twisted the dials more ... a few screams when I thought that my breasts and male plumbing were being fried.  She relented after a few moments and again I was left alone, still chained to the tree and still suffering the e-stim albeit at a slightly reduced level.


In the meantime, while I was 'enjoying' my sojourn in the woods, other stuff was happening back at the house.  Maxi and G2 were preparing for some of their own fun, ably assisted and instructed by Lady M - a one time professional horse trainer.

After a few pix around the garden, Lady M took control of Maxi's rings and gave her some training while moving along the paths and through the trees, then it was back out onto the lawn.

Trust is all important between the trainer and the one being trained and so to enhance this aspe3ct, Maxi was fitted with a blindfold and more exercising was carried out.

Not only must the Horse Woman under instruction learn her lessons, but as well, Lady M ensured that G2 got his own lessons and then had him practice them.

Then it was back to where I waited in the trees, where G2 made some adjustments, under the watchful eyes of Lady M.  Mistress Marlene had re-mounted the ET-312 to my chastity belt and I watched the evolutions of Maxi, Lady M and G2 ... although somewhat distracted.

Eventually all was put right with Maxi's restraints and off they went again.  Mistress Marlene eventually released me from my captivity and I was taken back to the house where I was freed of the restraints.

It was a great afternoon, in so many ways.