- 2010 Trip Three: Back East -

(Added: 31 July, 2011)


The next trip came in July when I headed back to Ontario to visit both kink and vanilla friends, drool over various aircraft museums, then go and see the creator of the Rippler Tube Digital Sequencer, do some initial experimentation, then bring it home.  The whole trip was a lot of fun, needless to say and though brief, was a good one.

- Downsview & Hamilton Museums -

The above four pix were taken by AVRO, CF-105 Arrow, in 1958-1959 and show how impressive the aircraft was in its proposed 'war paint'.

My first visit to satisfy my need for aviation porn was pretty much of a 'must do' pilgrimage for me, when I went to the Downsview Air and Space Museum where they have the only full size mock-up of the Arrow ... the greatest plane that never was.  The bottom pix are of the mock-up. Many of your will recognize that I'm more than a little bit of a nut case when it comes to this aircraft.  I didn't realize until I stood next to the machine just how BIG the damned thing was!  In 1959, it would easily reach Mach 2.5, even without the intended use of the purpose built Iroquois engines ... FAR BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PROPOSED OPERATIONAL AIRCRAFT in the world at that time.

Two above pix show, on the left, a replica of the Silver Dart, and on the right, a de Havilland Mosquito fighter/bomber/reconnaissance aircraft that was an incredible plane in any of those roles and VERY fast.  It could be equipped with 8 guns, or cameras, OR could carry 4,000 lbs of bombs (the same as a B-17, but with only two crew!).

Then, I paid a visit to the original Hamilton waterworks to see the huge steam engine that used to be used.  A bloody impressive piece of engineering.

- War Plane Heritage Museum -

After that, it was off to Mount Hope's War Plane Heritage Museum (Hamilton International Airport) for a visit.  Above left is a Canso (to Americans - a PBY Catalina) and on the right, a Lysander.  Bottom left is one of the few, operational and flyable Lancaster Bombers in the world, and on the right, a B-25 Mitchell bomber.

- Washington/Dulles Airport, Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian Annex -

This museum is exceptional and I highly recommend it to any air plane nut.  Beautiful displays of some remarkable planes, many of which are one of a kind.

Here's another couple of unique German, WW-II aircraft. Left pic is of the Dornier Do-335A Pfeil and the right pic is of the sole surviving Arado AR-234B Blitz ... the first twin jet engine reconnaissance aircraft, and, on the right, the Hawker Hurricane ...

Left pic is a P-38 Lightning and on the right, a Black Widow.

On the left is the Hawker Hurricane, the mainstay aircraft for the RAF during the Battle Of Britain, despite what many say of the Spitfire occupying that role.

Both pix above are of the B-29 aircraft, ENOLA GAY.  THIS is the aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb and the damned thing is huge.

Of course, the Space Shuttle, the Enterprise

Above left, yet another of my favourite aircraft ... the SR-71 Blackbird.  On the right is a BD-5J

I have a fascination with all things mechanical, as must be pretty obvious by now, and above are some pix of various engines.