- 2010 Trip Two: Germany & Wales -

(Added: 30 December, 2010)



As most visitors to this site know, I attempt to attend the BOUNDCON event in Munich, Germany each year and this time, my wife accompanied me, although as a sight see-er only.  I hang out while there at the CAPTURED TABBO'S booth and we have a lot of laughs at ourselves for being so weird and we all get much enjoyment from observing the passing crowd, seeing the great creativity on display.

Munich is a very interesting city with lots of interesting history, and having visited it a few times in the past years, have found a lot of great things there (the beer being one of them).  The people are friendly, polite and interesting to meet and talk to.

CAPTURED TABOO'S allowed me to take over a little of their booth to show off some of my gear, then after we'd got everything set up, I took a wander around the booths and got to say hello to ANNA-ROSE and then the good folks at RUBBER SISTERS.

There's always well over 120 vendors at the BOUNDCON weekend with a huge variety of really neat toys, clothing and other equipment.  If you can make the show it's well worth it.  In addition to the great displays, there are shows on the main stage and generally at many of the booths also.

Juergen and Cordula, as the owners of CAPTURED TABOO'S are true innovators and produce some awe inspiring original equipment,  What you see in the pix above and those that follow below is the latest addition to their kit, this being a moulded Fiberglas body form that locks on.  Woo-Woo!  It's beautifully made and finished and a true piece of very striking eye candy.


Cordula and I normally do at least three or four walk-about's and here above and below, we're getting ready to go.  This may look pretty silly to the uninitiated, but we have a lot of fun doing our thing.

The boots we wear are unstable at the best of times and so it was only natural that we held each other's hand, and certainly not because either of us needed the moral support, for we're both hams at heart (if not the whole pork roast at times).  Another lovely feature of the mould is that it has a built-in thigh hobble and so her steps were considerably limited.

The collar of the Body Mould is pretty high and restrictive and so Cordula had to keep her chin high and be careful looking to the side.  It's a lovely idea for posture training, but a long term incarceration, at this point is not possible.

You'll no doubt recognize the lady with the star-like smile in the pix above and below ... my dear friend PUPETT who stopped by to say hello and do some pix and experimentation.

I'd have to be an idiot to not be happy to be surrounded by such beautiful ladies who are also close friends, and believe me, I enjoyed their company immensely.

FURY FANTASY stopped by to say hello again (four pix above) and showed off the incredible horse's head mask that's their specialty.  Naturally, PUPETT had to try it on and all that could be heard was a lot of giggling and 'ohh-ing and ahh-ing.

It was time for another walk about, this time for Cordula, fully encased in her Pleasure Suit, and I was only too happy to act as her escort and part time tormentor.

Juergen is a great inventor, amongst his many other skills and on the left you can see the guts of the Pleasure Suit's appliances.  The back pack isn't light weight, due to the batteries required.  On the right side is the newest addition to the PS ... this being the force feeding cylinder on the front of her gas mask.

Walkies with Cordula was a lot of fun and the looks she got, dressed in that ensemble were something to behold.

There was no question about who had control, once she was encased in her Pleasure Suit, and with it remote control in my hand, Cordula made the most delightful noises and movements when  I activated while we walked along.

Cordula is a delight to play with, making quite an interesting display when I activated the various parts of her Pleasure Suit.  What you can't see in the pix is the shit eating grin stitched across my ugly puss :-).

I came to understand that what Cordula was experiencing when I pressed the various buttons, was pretty intense and so had to hold her hands away from the various bits of her costume that were tormenting and teasing her.

Her gas mask eliminated most of her gasps and yelps, and I suppose it too was part of the trial of being confined in the PS, but she handled it well, even when I did it all over again, being the black-hearted, evil person I am.

After a lot more friendly 'therapy', Cordula began to fade a bit, but we weren't quite done and walked around a little more.

At one point along the way, she sank to her knees and began to writhe in a lovely way when her Pleasure Suit overwhelmed her defences and took full control.  The folks around us watched her in awe (and some with considerable envy too).

It was a pleasure to have the remote for her Suit in hand and be able to experiment with the various settings, although I'm sure that Cordula had thoughts other than gratitude in mind while I played with the buttons.

Were took a break and went out to the parking lot for a smoke and a soft drink.  It had been a good couple of hours.

PUPETT came back to say hello again and we did some more silly stuff.  It's always a happy time when we meet and a lot of laughter is shared.

I showed her the Bubbler Bottle breath restriction system and it was not a difficult thing to get her to try it out.

We did another walk-about through the displays and raised a few eyes, I'm sure.  Puppet is a wonderful ham also and so it was a hoot.

- Vanilla Excursion -

You've all seen pix of the Disney Castle and with the one that inspired it so close to Munich, Juergen was very kind to drive us to it. The weather was pretty ugly during the drive to Neuschwanstien, but when we'd parked the car ... it cleared right off and turned into a lovely day.

The Schloss is a beautiful piece of architecture and was built, but never finished, by a German King commonly know as Mad Ludwig.  This is only one of his castles, and the loveliest of the lot.

We returned to Munich to find that there'd been a Hell of a hail storm and the roads were covered by pea sized hail stones.  Wow!  Where did THAT come from ... it was the 10th of May!

- Wales -

ABout mid-morning on the 11th May, we got aboard the train and headed for London, by way of Cologne and Brussels, then passed through the Chunnel (28 minutes of total blackness and no scenery), to arrive in St. Pancras Station fairly late in the evening.

A good friend, Steve, was waiting to drive us out to his home in Bryant's Bottom and put us up for the night.  Steve is a MOST generous person and the next day drove us down (5 hours) to Pembroke Dock, in southern Wales, to the home of GEETWO and his lady, Maxi.

I'd never been west of London and so found the scenery to be very interesting, especially the road signs in the Welsh language, above the English version (Jesus!  Shades of Quebec!  GGGrrr.)

Upon our arrival, Grimly_Feendish and thisgirlsub were already there and so it was a GREAT reunion for us all.

The next day we went off for some local sight seeing at the town's castle and it was most interesting large edifice and has been there for a damned long time.

Naturally, I had to get pix of the flags over the place, having already seen the Welsh flag flying when visiting GORD a couple of years ago

We paid a quick visit to the dungeon (a deep, dark and cold place to be sure), than went down to the river for a warm drink, some snacks and then fed the swans for a little while.

Upon returning to the house, Grimly and I decided that GeeTwo needed some of our building skills and so the three of us got to work assembling the BBQ (only took us about two hours), then Grimly and I spotted the gate, which until that point had been leaning against the house.  It was soon mounted (another two hours) and operating as per plan, but when we oiled the hinges, the son of a bitch began to squeak every time it was used ... and from what I've been told, the damned thing still does.

The next day, I was taken over to the dock area and we visited the SUNDERLAND MUSEUM, where I, of course, spent money on aviation nick-knacks.

When we'd returned to GeeTwo's home I immediately changed in to the clothes I'm comfortable in and a few pix were taken of the various bad asses and their footwear.

I'm an unrepentant putterer and had spotted an open drain, so when I also found a bit of scrap lumber, I worked at fashioning a shaped plug for it.  A couple of Grimly's close friends, Keith and Sue had also come down from the north to meet us all and soon we were all chatting like old pals.  They're are a delightful couple and we got on so well, that they are coming to visit us in June of 2011!  We're looking forward to it a great deal.

GeeTwo's new Playroom is a great addition to his place and he soon showed us how functional it was, ably assisted by Grimly and thisgirlsub.

Thisgirl and I enjoyed a brief meeting in the kitchen where she showed me a new piece of gear ... sort of a crossed loop wrists restraint that is a VERY effective immobilizer.  Sue takes a pensive pose ... probably wondering if I really AM that evil.

I always love to show off the beautiful equipment I have from AXSMAR and as she seemed willing, soon had her fully fitted-out with ankle and wrist cuffs and the collar, complete with a cold leash chain dropped into her cleavage.

It's unthinkable that we should have kinky women running around loose and so they were soon all suitably restrained and leashed, then we all retired outside for a smoke.  Grimly, of course, was right in the midst of the whole assembly.

Damn but I'm a lucky sod :-).  Two lovely ladies to chain up and no one to say no.  Thisgirl is just checking for a heart beat ... I think ... but both of them look pretty happy.

Limb restraints and a collar all have their place of course, but if you want REAL control and instant compliance, then a nose clip and leash is the THE answer.  Grimly ensures that his lady submits quietly, despite all the bitching and snarky comments.

As you can see from the wrapped blankets, it was NOT the warmest of days in May, but no matter.  The thoughts of what sort of evil things could happen to them if their leashes were pulled kept the ladies QUITE interested, and forgetful of the temperature.

We retreated to the Play Room and soon more bondage mayhem began.  Maxi was happily ensconced on the chair, and the other two miscreants ended up sitting on the floor, suitably masked and helmeted of course.

After dinner that evening it was time for some kink oriented bowling and despite the helmets, the ladies beat the guys, to all of our general mirth and dismay :-).

Sue had heard a little about The Creature and when I asked if she'd be interested in an exploratory fitting, she leapt at the chance  (actually  it was hard to keep her out of it :-)!).

Getting into TC is always a process of accretion ... it slowly grows and grows until suddenly, you're in it, and can't get out by your own efforts.  Sue, by this point was beginning to look somewhat worried, but the helmet and gas mask soon eliminated that problem :-).

Next came the Breath Restriction Bubbler bottle and once that was all organised, it was time for her to experience a little suspension from the massive beams of the Play Room.

Thisgirl had decided to change persona's for a bit and soon appeared in the Play Room, properly dressed as a Riding Mistress.  An inspection of the lovely Sue soon followed, then it was time for some exercise on the tread mill.

We didn't want to stress SUe TOO much, and so after the exercising, popped her onto the Dental Chair and strapped her down.  She continued to wear the helmet, gas mask and the breath restriction system and was probably wondering just what the Hell she had let herself in for, by allowing Grimly and I to attend to her.

Sue looks at me with a wondering glance while Grimly tightens a few loose ends then we congratulate each other at a job well done.

Well!  Enough of that and time for some more experimentation with the costuming,  Being strapped down, there wasn't much choice and so off we went again.

A little relaxation after all was said and done, then the next day, Grimly showed me his video adaption for his mask.  Pretty neat stuff!  The man is DEFINTELY twisted (but maybe I should keep my mouth shut :-)!)

- Pembroke Dock Area & Coast -

There are OCCASIONAL nice days in south Wales and when one came along, we made the most of it. First, a nice morning on the patio, then we went exploring along the coast.  The geology is most interesting.

GeeTwo took us out to a set of spectacular cliffs then he and I clambered around the rocks, while my wife and Maxi watched us from a bench safely back from the cliff edge.

The view of the cliffs was great and the rock formations were very interesting with a whole breadth of scenery all around us.

AFter the cliff walk, we went into the nearest town and got some ice cream then walked along the sea wall.

That evening, we went back to a restaurant we'd enjoyed a meal at a couple of days earlier and did it all again.

The morning we left, GeeTwo had some workmen show up to add on his back porch and it was amazing how quickly they had the frame up.

Steve drove down from Bryant's Bottom and picked us up, then it was back on the motorway.  A bloody long day for him to be sure.  That night, as he wouldn't take any money for petrol, we treated him to a dinner at the local pub ... the VERY least we could do.  It was a quiet night otherwise and the next day we left Heathrow for points west until 18 hours later, were snug in out home once more.