- 2010 Trip One: San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Eureka: Part Two -

(Added: 20 August, 2010)


After we'd finished off the shoots in LA, we all headed back up the road to San Francisco and Mark's place.  It wasn't long before yet more silliness began to happen, for Mark is constantly doing shoots.  He had four friends over to do one for his SERIOUS MALE BONDAGE site and at first I stood by and just watched the antics.


The set-up, as you can see, was an interesting one, complete with an inflatable sleep sack stuck into the oubliette in his back deck, gas masks in abundance, and of course, Mark's wonderful Bondage Chair (THAT is an experience I want to try again and again :-)!).

Being known as a somewhat 'bent' individual myself, Mark asked if I could add anything to the scene, and so, with all of the hoses I'd brought with me, I'd soon inter-connected all of the hapless 'victims' to each other via their gas masks, seeing as how all of them had the standard, NATO style 40 mm threaded connections.

The whole thing proved to be pretty interesting in both an engineering and bondage aspect.  All of the guys were restrained quite securely and so couldn't avoid the re-arrangements I made to their air supply systems, and that added a lot to the enjoyment of the whole scene, both for me, and, I think, for them.

One of the interesting aspects was that if the main air supply was cut off, there was still enough residual oxygen in the system and their lungs to continue for a little while, then things began to get dicey for all concerned, in a sort of cascading effect.   As a safety concern it should be noted that ALL of the three could quickly and easily have their air returned.

After I'd quite happily tormented them for about a half hour, suitable struggling and yelling indicated that it was time to restore their air and we decided to call it a day.  Anyone looking into Mark's back yard would certainly have seen the tableau, but with this being San Francisco, have just shrugged it off, I'm sure.

What better way to spend an afternoon? For us all, it sure beat the Hell out of playing golf, watching TV, or being stuck in front of a computer screen!



Venus was up for more fun and frolics with The Creature in its various configurations and I was more than happy to oblige, of course!  She is a beautiful and adventurous lady that I greatly enjoyed getting to know and it was a real p[leasure dressing up and playing with her.

I started off by entombing Venus in my thick-skinned rubber cat suit, a helmet, gloves and boots, and, thanks to the temperature going up she soon needed a drink of water.

After she'd been fitted into the suit, it was time for the next layers to be added ... the rubber body and neck corsets, the isolation mittens, then the arm corsets and boots.  Once all of these had been tightened, I added-in the steel bra for a few minutes.

The steel bra was a little small, but I had other coverings on hand and soon Venus' delightful breasts were securely armoured by full-coverage, stainless steel cups.

It was time to fit her with the first of the gas masks I'd brought along.  This one has been modified so that its vision ports are blanked out and it was soon securely strapped around her helmeted head.

We had her sit down for everything to be tightened, as her sense of balance, with no vision permitted, was almost gone.  Venus sat quietly while she was even more thoroughly separated from the outer world, only slightly panicky breaths betraying her nervousness.

She made an astounding sight!  An almost totally black, alien being, protected from the world around her, and unable to remove ANY of the devices and restraints that confined her.

We shot a ton of pix of her in this mask, then moved to the next one, complete with a water bottle attached, as well, of course, as the portable bubbler bottle system.

It took some fiddling with the straps to secure the mask fully and get it into an air tight seal around her face, but soon enough she was once more isolated wiothin the suit, helmet and mask.

The next mask is one that I very much enjoy using, as can be seen in other areas of this site and page, and Venus was a little happier with being able to see what was going on around her.  Then, it was time for an outdoor excursion on the nearby 24th Street.

While we walked along the sidewalk we attracted very little in the way of attention, but I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.

There were some interesting fences and doors along the way and we stopped frequently to get shots with them as the background.

I needed to get some more beer, so we dropped into the local convenience store and browsed the aisles for a few moments while the owners looked on with amusement.  The mask began to fog up, to the point that Venus could barely see, and so it soon came off while I shopped for the golden nectar.

Off we went down the street again for a few more pix and along the way had a minor 'wardrobe failure' much to everyone's amusement, then put her back into the mask.

One doorway looked particularly interesting so we stopped and did a lot more pix before moving along to Venus' car.

Obviously, she couldn't drive while dressed in this gear and so we only took a few pix then headed back into Mark's.

The mask came off, but there were other things to try, most notably the Head Cage/Posture Collar combination, then the chastity bra.

Mark's dental chair was immediately called into use and Venus gratefully sat down and took a load off her feet.



The next day, we headed up to Eureka to visit with my good friends at MEDICAL TOYS and immediately got into a couple of rounds of picture taking. 

We started off first with Venus and I having a hug, then Dalton and I getting a few chuckles from his new ensemble while Venus got herself ready.

It didn't take long to have her outfitted in restraints from THE CHURCH OF SINVENTION and she was quickly strapped down on the operating room chair/table, gagged and readied for anything.



Once we'd finished with that gear, it was time for Venus to be again dressed in another variation of The Creature ... this time the Horse Woman harness, but with the AXSMAR clips being added.

She was fitted also with the butt plug/horse's tail piece (designed by me and created by STEFFY THE RUBBER DOLL) and it looked great, being positioned in an anatomically correct location, at the base of her spine, but it will need a fuller hank of hair to be truly impressive, we all realized.

The AXSMAR clips are great because they can be employed to grasp (with varying degrees of comfort) any fleshy bits that come available, even thought their primary area of intended use is the septum.  First came the collar, and that's what she was fitted with immediately after.

The harnessing of a Horse Woman is alawys a process of accumulation.  After the major parts are fitted and adjusted, then the basic control pieces are fitted, then further additions are made, such as the face mask and blinkers.

Over the years I've learned that Horse Women can be quite rebellious, even while fully-harnessed, and so she was soon fitted with a set of ankle cuffs and a hobbling chain.  For additional control, other AXSMAR clips were clasped on her nipples and connected to each other, then a set of reins was added.

The final set of clips, complete with eye-catching dangling bits was clamped to her outer labia.  The mask came off then a proper bit was strapped to her bridle, penetrating deeply into her mouth and stifling all attempts at clear speech.

I changed the arrangement of the nipple joining chain, and as can be seen in the above left pic, it now acted to make her keep her head down, otherwise, if she didn't, the clamps pulled quite evilly on her nipples.  The reins were reconnected and Venus soon began to appreciate the pervasive control that she could so easily be subjected to.

I wasn't quite done.  Her nose clip was quickly integrated into the directional control system, ensuring that she was made fully and constantly aware of her breasts and nose, in combination with her gagging bit.  When the reins were again clipped to the it, there was NO way she could resist their command.  If she did ... it hurt ... in a whole bunch of extremely sensitive areas ... the whole intent of the arrangement.

That arrangement was a pretty severe one and so after about a half hour of increasing discomfort, it was removed and we tried some different poses and equipment.

All in all, the Horse Woman harness experience was a positive one for everyone.  Venus made the most delightful eye candy while wearing it and allowing me to realize some concepts of complete directional control of a Horse Woman that I'd sketched out many years ago.  I am greatly indebted to Venus for being so willing to just go for it.



We took a short break and it was then time for her to experience the full-on version of The Creature, something that I had warned her would, quite literally, 'assault' her in many areas, for she would be utterly unable to escape or avoid the things it would do to her.

It's almost mandatory that the rubber suit be a part of the TC environment for it adds a great deal to the feelings/sensations of enclosure and isolation from the surrounding world and so that was the first thing that Venus got into.  A helmet, gloves, over-mitts and boots followed immediately, then came the AXSMAR wrist cuffs, collar, ankle cuffs and a hobble chain.

The waist cinch portion of TC was fitted next, then the shoulder harness and both were quickly joined with the inter-connection straps, although for the moment the shoulder piece was left relatively loose.  I mounted the rigid dildo and its exterior Inhibitor Bar to the crotch piece, then lubed the dildo with electro-conductive gel and it was soon resident within her body and strapped tightly into the growing matrix of TC.  Venus was kept doubly leashed by means of two straps connected to the tip ring of the IB.  A couple of snaps to these leashes made her intimately aware of its control.

The electrical/vacuum breast cups were fitted into their own mounting network and I ensured that the nipple electrodes were properly positioned before tightening it all onto and around her.

The first time any woman is encased in TC is the scariest, for she is not yet fully aware of its power to control and discipline and so not only was Venus' collar leashed and her hands chained behind, but she was also held in place by the restriction of the IB and its leashes.

For a female fitted with the dildo/IB combination, there's no escaping its movements when she walks.  The arrangement is designed for one thing and one thing only ... immediate and very strong discipline of the female wearer.  She cannot sit, squat or move rapidly, and, with the hobble chains in place, movement of the IB is assured.

It was time to connect the vacuum hoses to her breast cups and she watched with some interest while I did it, I'm sure feeling, much like a cow being hooked up to a milking machine, then things became even more interesting for her when I joined the cables from one of the ET-312's to her breast cups and dildo electrodes.

I left her for a few moments to think about what was coming, while I checked things out on the cart, ensuring that all was in readiness for the coming session. 

It was time for the gas mask, the final step in sealing her up in The Creature and also, at the same time, adding in yet another means of control, and perhaps, discipline.   Her eyes told a little of the story of how she was feeling while watching my every move intently.

After it was sealed, I again gave her a few moments to get used to everything, before connecting her air supply hose to the breath restricting Bubbler Columns.  She stood quietly while I completed the preparations.

It was almost time for the final part ... suspension ... taking away her sense of gravity ... and at the same time, having her sink ever more fully into the captivity of The Creature.  Dalton and I watched her closely for any sign of panic, but being the incredible person she is, Venus just looked at us and dared us to do our worst.

She was assisted onto a table and I connected the network of springs to the harness, then she was told to step off into mid-air and suspend herself fully.  A muffled, small yelp came from within the mask when the dildo was forced slightly deeper, then she dangled before us, fully-suspended and bouncing slightly on the springs.

The table she'd stood on was removed and she hung freely ... a truly staggering sight to behold.  Occasionally she twisted against the restriction of the harness and jerked her hands and arms against their chains, kicking her feet a little, but it did little good and only made her bounce more.

It was time.

I returned to the controls, turned on the e-stim units and slowly began increasing the power of the pulses to her breasts and nipples, then turned on the vacuum pump.  She gave a small shriek of surprise and thrashed for a moment when the cups suddenly latched onto her breasts with full force, bouncing uncontrollably.

Then came the addition of the pulses from the dildo and she shrieked again, kicking her legs against a little frenziedly against their hobble chains.  What this did though was to accentuate the movement of the IB-connected dildo deep within her belly when her legs moved it, adding even more to the whole sensory overload I intended her to experience.  I added to the sensations she was experiencing by snapping the chain to the IB's tipe ring a few times, eliciting yet more cries of sensation from within the cloying gas mask.

ANY excursion in TC is a strong and very intense time and can be physically exhausting.  Since this was the first time for her, it was not of great duration and an hour later, I knew from watching her reactions, that she was done.  We took her down then rapidly removed her from the captivity of TC.  Venus has been kind enough to write of her experiences and so here below is how she felt about her experiences with me and The Creature ....


How could I have anticipated being put into "The Creature" really? I have had over a week to analyse my experience in the JG-Leathers creation, The Creature.

Evidently, that has not been enough time to articulate in writing the full spectrum of my feelings as it pertains to the experience.  In my dedication to post the pictures of myself in "The Creature" on my own site I shall endeavour to share with you the intimate details as I recall them.

Thursday March 25, 2010 was a cold and overcast day and I was enjoying the company of Friends at Twisted Clinic/Medical Toys in Northern California, Eureka to be exact.  I had been asked by John (JG-Leathers) in a phone call only a week prior to shoot, and more importantly enjoy the experience of "The Creature" and in all honesty, I initially stated to him that I did not think I was mentally ready.  After our call ended, I sat at my desk, hands nervously laced and white knuckled, and dug deep.  What was I so afraid of?  How could he know I am ready for this experience ... this adventure, and not myself?  I took some time to ask myself the hard questions ... to go within and analyse my fears, and it came to me!  My fear was of being completely immobilized in "The Creature" with an altered sense of reality, to the extent that I would be totally isolated.  I would be suspended from the ceiling in his rigorously thought out contraption and subjected to a tornado of multiple sensations.

His Creature is a prison, if you will, made by a man who is deeply respected and intense in his journey through this world of BD/SM.  I called John back after some time and we talked at length.  I expressed my fears and he listened intently then reassured me that If I was not ready for a journey in "The Creature", he would understand.  We talked a while longer and I thanked him for listening and expressed my gratitude for his offer.  I was ready to move forward with the experience.  He was delighted and a date was set for the experience, wherein it would be properly documented photographically by Doc, of Twisted Clinic.

Twisted Clinic had just completed their "White Room" and felt that would be a magnificent back drop for the shoot.

My entire being was to be controlled so that even my breathing would be mildly restricted employing a mask which, when put over my face would then be attached to John's Bubbler Bottles with the hoses so that I would be forced to breathe by pulling air through the water.  My body's skin (the largest human organ) will be completely covered in a hand-fashioned and carefully designed rubber suit, layer upon layer.  A full rubber helmet would cover my ears and block out much of the noise of this world.  I will be defenseless, giving over all control to another, whom I will have to trust implicitly.

My hands will be bound behind me by wide, heavy, thick, stainless steel cuffs and their joining chain then locked into place to the harness itself.  My hands will be doubly encased; first by thick rubber gloves, then over top of these with the outer layer being of thick, padded, bulbous rubber mittens wherein, I will be unable move or feel anything other than their glorious texture.  Once placed inside the full rubber suit then I would be fitted with the heavy leather body harness.

Two round holes have been made for access to my breasts and they will thrust through for the vacuum and electrical rubber cups to be fitted, then suctioned into place.  These breast cups are circularly entwined with a brass conductor ring at their bases and in addition are also inhabited by deeply immersed conductor pads that will press into my nipples.  My breasts would be lavishly covered with an electro-conductive gel before the cups were securely fastened into place over them, then a large, beautifully-made Axsmar steel collar will also be put into place on top of a rubber neck corset.  My movement and mobility will be restricted immensely.  A chain suspended from the ceiling would be locked to the collar to keep me in place, then I will be suspended by heavy duty springs, all strategically placed and securely fastened to the leather over-harness.

The boots, specifically chosen for me by John, would then laced up and put securely into place by the man himself.   "How lucky can I be?" I ask myself.  A thick chain was to be locked to the two Axsmar ankle cuffs which would then be locked securely, then in addition a steel leg spreader bar would be added.  I would not be going anywhere anytime soon and I accepted my fate, here in the white room in "The Creature".

A long, deeply-penetrating, polymer vaginal shaft with vertically inlaid electrical strips is soon heavily-coated with same electro-conductive gel , this made by Spectra.  Attached to the polymer shaft is a rather long extension which resembles a billy club, a device John calls an 'Inhibitor Bar'.  It is black, thick and shiny and screws onto the polymer shaft already within my sex.  The inserted electrical device will be powered by an Erostek ET-312 so that the dildo has now become a a means to torment me in a most intimate way.  It looks menacing, only because it is. The dildo's cable is hooked up to one of the two Erostek machines and I secretly ask myself,  "Will I be able to take even 10% of the available capacity?"

When I try to move or squirm loose, it only lays way to more extreme movement of the shaft driven deeply into my vaginal walls.  John moves the extension around with a firm grip of his hand on the 'Inhibitor Bar' and I immediately stop in mid-movement to prevent another extreme sensation.  It is now time to climb the ladder and begin the process of being connected to the heavy springs. The strong, strategically placed rings on the leather shoulder/upper body harness were carefully planned for just this moment.  With me now completely covered in rubber, John purposefully turns me to him and looks right into my eyes, then asks, "Venus are you ready to experience The Creature?" while not losing eye contact for a moment.  I respond, "Yes, Sir."  I realize my eyes are as wide as saucers and can feel the adrenalin coursing through my veins.  I am now in a hyper-observant state and taking in every movement, sound or sensation around me.

My body is adapting to and coming to terms with the fact that I will soon be suspended off the ground in a suit that is very heavy and constrictive.  What will it feel like?  I want to know in the best way.  The ladder is carefully moved to the precise location of my suspension and he now takes my right arm in his hand and walks me to the ladder.  The weight of The Creature around me is felt in the boots beneath me.  I could be a deep sea diver or an Astronaut!  I am about to take a journey into a deep and dark place where all of my senses and survival are based on carefully measured choices.  I want to go!  I want to invest myself in this voyage and come out the other side.  Why did John offer such a unique and life-changing experience to me?  I am humbled.

Ever aware of his hand guiding my arm, I am escorted closer to the ladder, then I hear him speak again.  "OK, Venus, step up onto the ladder."  With his hand still securely holding my arm, I begin my voyage.  With every step, I am going closer to the place of lock-in and of lock-down, and that reality is thrilling.  Once I am at adequate height, he also climbs onto the ladder, behind me, and begins to pull with great force and magnitude on the springs from above. When the first spring is locked into place, I immediately begin to feel a sense of elevation.  Is this feeling psychological or physiological?  I cannot make the distinction!  The journey has begun.  I can hear and feel him behind me and all of my senses are surging out in unison, like a Stradivarius playing off into a distant wooded area.  All six springs are soon connected and I am unable to ascertain the distance from which I am suspended.  It is intriguing and exciting all at once, then I feel John take the chain suspended behind me and again lock it to the Axsmar collar that encases my neck.  Next comes the chain that connects my already locked-on Axsmar wrist and hand cuffs, holding my hands securely behind my back.

John gets down from behind me and walks over to the Erostek machines where he picks up a pair of coiled cord electrical leads, then, when he walks back over to me with them, he looks me in the eyes and tells me, "Venus I am going to hook you up to the e-stim units now."  My heart begins to race as my voyage takes on a different feeling and more curiosity fills my head.  Will I be able to handle the feelings and sensations that "The Creature" will force upon me?  When the power is turned on, will I follow, or will it be a sensation to be in full submission, from a more masochist mind set?  Either way, I will derive pleasure, I tell myself.  John carefully connects in the electrical cable to each breast cup, and I can hear the sound the metal makes and feel the connections being made ever so lightly.  Then he brings over the vacuum hoses that will suckle my breasts and I again feel the vibrations while he screws the couplings together.  The heightened sense of feeling and sound are nothing short of fascinating to me.  He goes to get another lead and returns with the cable in his hand to connect to the dual pole dildo that is securely resident within my vagina.  When he makes the connection I feel the sensation up into my pelvic area, then I feel him tug at the heavy harness, ensuring that it is all tight and secure.  "You're not going anywhere." John tells me, looking into my eyes, and I know this is true.  As he turns to walk back to the Erostek machines, my head turns to follow and my eyes are in concert with his every move.

John attaches the air supply hoses of my mask to the Bubbler Columns and I immediately begin to feel the restriction to my breathing and am forced to re-adjust my mind set.  Instead of panicking, I am now critically aware that I must acclimate to my surroundings at once.   I dig deep into my mind's eye and find my happy place so that my voyage will be a pleasant one.  My breathing becomes very deliberate and focused.  I am slipping into sub-space and I love it.  John, in orderly fashion, calls me to attention and asks how my breathing is?  I answer quickly, "Fine Sir. Thank you, Sir."

He tells me he is now going to escalate the electricity and will watch me intently while he builds up the sensation. I say, "Yes, Sir." and he begins.  First, he starts with my breasts, and, looking intently into my eyes, he asks if I can feel anything?  I answer, "No Sir."  With my eyes focused on his hands, I see him begin to slowly turn one of the knobs on one of the power boxes, then I begin to feel an electrical current on my right breast.  My flesh feels as if a sharp pencil has begun to encircle it.  I begin to make noise and that had John ask me if I was OK?  I say, "Yes, Sir."  He asks which breast I am feeling the current though and I quickly answer.  "My right breast, Sir."  John says "Good!" then begins to turn another knob.  I feel the same sensation begin on my left breast's flesh.  What an amazing sensation!  I feel the stimulation to and through both of my breasts and also, deep into my nipples!  I know these are rock hard inside the tightly-fitted breast cups.  I am increasingly aware of the rigid shaft, securely held in place, plunged deeply into my vaginal canal.

My head filled with emotions two fold, both from the anticipation and now the reality of what I am experiencing.  They were finally melding together and it was leading to one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  Being in "The Creature" is so much more than a physical experience!  I am hard pressed to find words which properly articulate my voyage.  I knew the time had come where the electrical stimulation was now going to course through the inside of my vaginal walls.  The build up is intense and as much as I wanted to feel and experience the sensations, I was also feeling trepidation.  This was something new ... something I had never done.  John changed the electrical sequence and pulses to and on my breasts a few times until he felt I was at an elevated point where I could derive both the sensations of pleasure as well as pain, all at once.  He then looked me in the eyes again and asked if I was OK, to which I quickly responded, "Yes Sir."

John then followed by stating that he was going to turn on the e-stim to my vaginal area, again looking me intently in the eyes and I said,  "Yes, Sir."   I closed my eyes and took in a long, deep breath through the rubber mask.  Both the smell of the rubber and the warmth of my encapsulated skin had me feeling high and extremely satisfied.  As the first small surges of electro stimulation began to fill me, I was quietly observant of it's effect on me both physically and psychologically.  This new sensation, I was now presently one with.  He asked if I could feel anything and I answered "Yes, Sir."  He couldn't hear me, and it was then that I realized I wasn't being loud anymore.  I wasn't really there in that room anymore.  I was off somewhere else, orbiting the Earth and taking in the splendour.

I had a dream many years ago, 18 to be precise, in which I was floating above the Earth and could see a beautiful silver cord attached to my being.  Where it went from there, I have no idea, and it was of no concern to me.  I remember being consciously aware of the fact that I was in outer space and had absolutely no desire to return to Earth.  I was taking in the beauty and wonderment and quietness up there.  As I looked back down to Earth's surface, I recall my fondness for her.  She was my body's home, but not my soul's.  After a time, I became aware of the fact that I needed to get back home to insure my body would not perish.  I had to make a conscious choice to go back to my body even though I really wanted to stay.  That was a very similar feeling to what being bound in John's "Creature" was like for me.  As the electro-stimulation was raised time and time again, my body and mind were taking in every last electrical assault with full enjoyment.  Wave after wave coursed through my body on my maiden voyage, while I enjoyed every living, breathing moment.

John asked me a few times if I was ready to come down, to which I responded, "No, Sir.  Not yet."  I know this gave him great pleasure and for that, made the experience equally satisfying for us both.  When the duration had peaked and I had to make the conscious choice to come back to Earth, I was taken down with the same attention to detail and care as I had been given while being dressed, suspended and tormented.

To say that the experience was anything short of life-changing would be a disservice to both me and the people who were responsible for getting me to that very place in time.  Once I was taken down and "The Creature" was removed from my being, I was in a very serious sub-space and in need of rest and total quietness.  This atmosphere was provided for me in the most loving of ways and I am forever grateful.  John Green, what can I possibly say?  Meeting you has been a tremendous honour and privilege.  To know that you are so well-respected and coveted by so many across the globe, I can only say this ... never in my time on this Earth have I met such a fascinating, intelligent and insightful human being.  You are kind and gracious and you don't have an arrogant bone in your body.  Your garments are the direct result of a creative genius and I am a changed person as a result of having had the experience to wear your creations.  Our time spent talking and shooting and dining together over the last few weeks has been nothing short of joy and sincere affection.

Thank you kindly for offering this slave a chance to experience "The Creature" in it's full glory, and in addition, for being so attentive every step of the way, and equally for knowing when to stand back and let me soar.  I will never forget it as long as I live, you have my word.





I created The Creature for me and I guess that that's pretty obvious.  One of the things I've always been fascinated with, besides harnesses (and steam locomotives, and aircraft, and ships) is the idea of secure, safe, high suspension bondage.  That concept was one of the foremost concepts in my design philosophies for TC ... that it would be fully suspension-capable and strong enough to withstand any struggling.


Many years and many versions have passed since the initial creation of the harness was done back in the early 1970's, but I'd never had the opportunity to experience a really high suspension in The Creature, but on this trip to see my friends at MEDICAL TOYS, Doc offered me the chance and I leapt at it.  He had the cubic space, vertical height and equipment available to do it properly, so we prepared the area and  the needed pieces of kit.

I slowly got dressed in all of the gear that goes to make up TC, savouring every step of the process, then at the last had Doc's wife, Mary, finish me off with the last of the restraints, connect me to the suspension bar using the heavy duty springs and lastly, connect all the vacuum and electrical lines. 

Then came the first of the suspension lifts and what a wild sensation it was to feel the harness slowly tighten around me and through my crotch, driving me deeper into the vacuum/electrical tube!  Wow!

Mary took great delight in acting as my Tormentress, watching closely while she adjusted the controls, then, when I once more stood before her, fully-restrained and masked, she played with them some more, making me shudder and jump spastically when the pulses zipped through my captive flesh.

The first lifts we did were using an ankle separator bar and that was OK, but being me, I wanted a further restriction added.  Doc found two, concrete-filled, five gallon buckets and connecting chains, then removed the separator bar and slid the heavy buckets far apart before fastening the chains to the outer rings of my ankle cuffs.

During the next lifts, each time I rose from the floor, the chains to the widely-separated buckets tightened until my legs were pulled apart and it was then that Mary turned up the e-stim to mind bending levels.  I could only struggle a little against the springs and chains and this acted to intensify the sensations even more!

Far below and out of my sight, thanks to the wide steel collar, Mary observed with delighted, but clinical detachment while I jumped and writhed agitatedly far above her, enjoying the spectacle immensely, then ... she turned on the vacuum pump!  Suddenly my dick was drawn even more deeply into the tube and my breasts ballooned into the leech-like grip of the cups!

The sensations of the e-stim through my now blood-engorged and thus, far more sensitive flesh became even more intense and now when the (previously bearable) peak levels came, they were horrific and I could not stop the yells and automatic flailings I made to escape them.   I could look down slightly from within the mask, feeling everything that was happening very strongly, but there was no possible way to escape the suspension or the sensations washing over and through my body.  Even so, at the same time I was enjoying (yeah, I know that sounds silly, especially being in that sort of situation) everything that was happening.

I'd finally achieved my long-held dream of a full, high suspension with all the stuff that TC is capable of doing, happening to me and it was wonderful!  Without the assistance and care of a couple of great friends, it would not have been possible and for their willingness to help, I am MOST grateful.

Thank you, most sincerely, Doc and Mary.



We weren't quite done yet though!  Doc and Mary have some wonderful equipment in their inventory and after seeing Venus on it, I also wanted to experience it, especially since I was already dressed in TC and had recovered somewhat from the suspension experience.

They soon had me installed on the surgical chair/table, then all of the assorted gear was once again connected while I lay there in a semi-stupor of exhausted enjoyment.

Being much closer now, Mary found it easier to observe the effects of her adjustments to the controls and once more took great pleasure from making me squirm and thrash against the restraints that locked me down onto the chair.  She's very definitely a talented and evil administrator!

Every few minutes I'd be left alone while the e-stim and vacuum continued to do their evil work and fastened as I was, there was no way to escape, or to get at the controls and turn things off.  Wow!  What a place and situation to be left in!

At last she relented and took off the gas mask and I was damned glad to be out of it, but she left everything else going!

Mary though wasn't quite finished with me yet.  The RUBBER'S FINEST helmet that I really like comes with a selection of inflatable gags and a blinder panel, and so she decided that I should experience them also, but this time, minus an over-riding gas mask.

I actually didn't want to try them, but she threatened to turn up the e-stim to awful levels, so I opened my mouth and accepted the gag then sat passively while she inflated it and affixed the blinder panel.

Sitting there, strapped inescapably to the chair, I was helpless to avoid all that she had planned for me.  I felt a fumbling at the front of my face, then suddenly the bladder of the gag, until now just laying loosely on my tongue, began to expand rapidly!  Within a minute  my jaws had been forced apart and the now hard rubber filled every crevice of my mouth.  All I could manage in the way of sounds were a few desperate mewls of attempted speech.

She left me there for a few moments, enclosed in a black, silent world, then the vacuum once more began to suckle me very strongly and I writhed against the straps, knowing that some very intense sessions of e-stim were coming very soon.

At first it was only light tickling, then gradually grew stronger and stronger until I was writhing almost hysterically against my bonds, trying frantically to yell around the fully inflated gag pad.  She continued with her experimentation, adjusting the pulse patterns and strength of the e-stim until I thought I'd go crazy.

I have no idea how long this went on, but at last she decided that I was toasted a nice, golden brown and released me.

It had been a HELL of an afternoon and evening of some very intense play, for me, and I was, in a word, wasted.

Again thanks to the generosity of Doc and mary, I had realized yet another long-held dream.

They have my deepest gratitude and thanks.