- 2010 Trip One: San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Eureka: Part One -

(Added: 31st July, 2010)


I guess by now, you could call this my 'Annual Pilgrimage' to the southwest ... a way to escape the Vancouver area winter's gray cloud and raininess.  I always enjoy these these trips, despite seeming to spend every second day on the road, but it's worth it.  I get to meet old and valued friends and it's always a pleasure: Mark of SERIOUS BONDAGE and Dalton Ott, MISTRESS LILIANE HUNT, Martin of MARTIN'S RIGID CUFFS, all the good folks at APEX, in Phoenix, and my friends at MEDICAL TOYS in Eureka.

This time I was introduced to the lovely VENUS DEMILA by Dalton and had some great times with her doing photo-shoots, first in SFO, then LA, more again in SFO and also in Eureka.  She's a lovely, highly intelligent lady and wonderfully kinky in so many ways.

In Los Angeles I had the great pleasure of doing a couple of photo-shoots with ASHLEY RENEE, and discovered that not only is she a beautiful Lady, but she's smart, a very nice person and not a Prima Donna.  We'll be doing more shoots, to be sure as we got along so well.

In Eureka, with the assistance of my friends at MEDICAL TOYS, I got to fulfil a long-held dream of high suspension in The Creature and THAT quite literally 'made' my trip.  There'll be a full set of pix shown on Page 32 of the travel Pix Section of the site, but that will happen in a month or two.  Being the sensation slut I am, I want to do it again, of course!

Without further blathering from me, here below is the first part of the imagery from the trip.


I arrived in San Francisco and immediately felt at home, as I always do when visiting Mark and his partner in crime, Dalton Ott.  Dalton had a lady friend, Venus DeMila, that wanted to meet me, and so we were soon involved in getting to know each other better, and as surely as night follows day, a photo-session quickly came to pass.  Don't know why that seems to happen, but I enjoy it, needless to say :-).


I drove down to Phoenix, with an overnight stop in LA to see Martin of MARTIN'S RIGID CUFFS, then it was onwards to Phoenix where I was privileged to give a couple of presentations to the good folks at APEX.


I arrived at the studio in LA after a mind numbing crawl along the I-5 parking lot and found that mark and Dalton were in the midst of a shoot for his own SERIOUS IMAGES and SERIOUS MALE BONDAGE sites.  I watched for a little while, then Mark asked if I could add anything to the scene and so out came the Bubbler Columns and I hooked them into the breath control system and gas mask.


I've known of Ashley Renee for a long time and have always admired her work, beauty and authenticity from afar and so when she contacted me early in the year and suggested that we do some shoots with her in my gear, I was greatly honoured.  Ashley turned out to be a petite and lovely lady: bright, funny, lots of camera smarts and an all around nice person ... definitely NOT the Prima Donna that one might have expected for a model of her stature in the kink photography scene.

The shoots commenced with me demonstrating the effectiveness of the newly (JG-L) re-designed AXSMAR nose/nipple/clit/labia clamps. Believe me they are VERY strong medicine and ANY woman fitted with these devices becomes instantly controllable and obedient.

Next we tried the Sabrina Style head cage/posture collar combination, and after it was locked on, I began adding the optional extras: the blinder panel and the gag.

We moved next to the TOP TO BOTTOM helmet and neck corset, then combined it with a breast/nipple stretcher 'tree' that I created many years ago.  It's MOST effective.

Our time that day was pretty compressed and so I next hauled out the basic 'Creature' harness and began fitting it to Ashley with great pleasure.  This particular harness is a down-sized one designed to fit smaller ladies and it went on her just as I had hoped it would.

The metal bra and rubber neck corset were next on the agenda and Ashley was game to try it all, then be bound to a bench for further 'experimentation by yours truly.


Venus, much to my delight (and I think, hers) came to the studio a little later and I took great delight in fitting her, again, with the AXSMAR clamps, then experimenting with different combinations.  She is a delightful, beautiful and highly intelligent lady that accepts her kink and her femininity, and glories in it in a way that I have seldom seen elsewhere.

I decided that I wanted Venus to be 'a slave girl in waiting' for her Master ... chained and leashed on his bed and unable to escape what was surely coming.  She agreed without fear and was soon fully secured and awaiting her dire fate.


Venus and Dalton decided that a little more bondage was in order, as part of a shoot for SERIOUS IMAGES and with all of the SINVENTION restraints and HUMANE RESTRAINT equipment already on hand, she was soon helmeted and securely bound to the table

It was time to re-apply the AXSMAR clamps once more.  Venus was helpless, strapped down and properly gagged, so there were no problems fitting and tightening them thoroughly.

... and to finish her off properly, the clamp leashes were joined into a single umbilical and tension was applied to it, then she was left to contemplate her situation with no escape from the constant drag of the clamps.