- 2009: Part Three -


- Frolics & Visiting Friends - Part Two

And so the Summer of 2009 moved along with more great parties over at Rubbert's home on Vancouver Island.  On one occasion I got to demonstrate my lack of prowess with rope bondage and it was fun, but I MUCH prefer steel restraints, locks and chains.

Grimly_Feendish and his lady, thisgirlsub, arrived in the third week of August and of course I had to show them the local sights.  Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland is a wonderful place to spend any kind of time, at any time of the year, but in particular, I seldom leave the place during the Summer months (early May to early October).

Being the people we are, Grimly, me and thisgirlsub soon got into the more fun aspects and she quickly found herself becoming familiar with the Whine Cellar and some of the equipment it contains.  However, the Great Outdoors beckoned and so she next was placed out in the yard, but quite securely fastened to the fence, while we enjoyed our drinks on the back deck.

A rubber suit is a wonderful thing to experience and see, and thisgirlsub was soon in hers and fitted into a harness, complete with electrifiable dildo and an Inhibitor Bar.  Note that the tip of the IB is leashed to a floor ring so that she couldn't run off :-).

And then things got more interesting for us all :-).  Below is a description in her own words ...

"... With hindsight there was absolutely nothing to be worked up about, because its really a combination of kinks this girl is used to … just all put together … at once … to assault the body and the senses. Bondage, latex vacuum, electrics, suspension, breath play – there is nothing scary about combining all of that now is there??

Well anyway, this girl got herself pretty worked up about it, and really over nothing, since as it was other stuff happened that day instead actually of The Creature and it ended up being a very fun afternoon.

The problem, kind of, was this girl put a lot of pressure on herself by thinking too much about what other people expected of her, people who read here, other kinksters, JG, and Grimly especially.  Because she had it at the back of her mind that people would expect her to be amazing at this thing, since its comprised of elements of things she’s used to and does on a regular basis, she put way too much pressure on herself.

The easiest way to explain how she ended up feeling that morning is to equate it to a pre-exam sort of feeling.  That sort of sickly feeling you get when you know its that moment where you are going to make a mess of things, or excel and fly. The fact that this girl never had any actual problems with exams should have made her realise she wouldn't have any problems with The Creature either, but, sometimes irrationality sets in.

It was just one of those mornings. Where, confronted with that ultimate fantasy this girl got really confused and muddled up. Some wiser person might say that she should have been careful what she wished for because those wishes certainly ended up coming true!

It’s perhaps not that unusual to end up being nervous before play for some people, though for this girl that whole feeling was kind of weird.  It's been a long time since she felt apprehensive about playing, because she normally plays in her own environment with her own dom with equipment and with toys that have familiarity.  So, being in an alien environment was something else.  Not that JG’s an alien – although, if he is , Grimly is most likely from the same planet – they have so much in common!

So, she got the jitters quite a bit, and the more jittery she got, the more confused she got ... to the point where she began to wonder, just for a bit, whether she wanted it. Any BDSM. Being confronted suddenly by the fact that something she had wanted for a long time was actually going to happen, she got quite scared of it and started thinking vanilla thoughts.  Like ...’WHAT the fuck am I doing here??’ .. and .... ‘Why do I want to have this done to me?’ ... at least that was the gist of it.  This girl feels a bit daft trying to explain it now, because it all sounds so dumb and irrational but that is how nervous and anxious of it she actually got – and all self-inflicted.

When Grimly and JG returned, this girl didn’t mention any of that to them at the time (though she did talk to Grimly later), because she didn’t want to freak them out, or cause any sort of disappointment, or ruin things, so she just kept quiet.  Perhaps not the best thing to do, but then, as she relaxed into it, everything turned out fine and as it worked out, this girl did end up going through with it and doing lots more stuff besides.  For that, she is extremely grateful for being able to experience.

However, sometimes that's the thing with BDSM, it can be a bit edgy, a bit on the dark side, cause a bit of fear and an adrenaline rush … and that’s all part and parcel of it.  Ultimately, this girl knew that it was what she wanted – she just needed to be gently reminded of that by two exceptionally kinky gentleman who gave her a fantastic experience to remember!  This girl has absolutely no regrets about anything that happened, it was amazing. The only regrets she had were that she had a couple of moments of being a confused idiot!

But then, don’t we all have those?

One of my relatives back in the UK got me a real Bobby's helmet and I just HAD to have Grimly try it on for size ...

About a week later, we decided it was time for thisgirlsub to try another ride in TC, this time strapped down on the Plank Bed.  Once more, I'll have her describe it in her own words...

One of the issues about being into weird technical mad bondage stuff is how long it takes to set up.  Although, saying that, sometimes the preparation is part of the fun.  It certainly was when JG & Grimly were assembling this girl into “The Creature”!

It started off relatively simply with lots of latex – the cat suit, and then an open faced hood (to later combine with a gas mask) and latex mitts – and kinky boots of course!

Getting into the latex was actually a bit different this time compared to what it is normally since JG introduced this girl & Grimly to a really good type of oil that made the rubber very shiny and wasn’t too sticky on the skin ... better than getting talc everywhere!

Then, came the bondage, hand cuffs, boot cuffs, and of course the harness.  The harness is designed in such a way that it makes Grimly’s version of bondage overkill look simplistic!  So many straps and buckles, all tightened to the nth degree partly for aesthetics and partly for safety.  In addition, the idea is that it holds in any ‘in flight entertainment’ devices.  In this girl’s case that was a vaginal electrode, a vibrator (that in the end refused to stay in the right place!) and breast cups that have both electric and vacuum applications.  In the case of the male version (which you can get an idea of from the picture in the previous post) there is a suction tube for the penis with a urethral electrode … having seen it in use … this girl is glad she is female!  Having seen The Creature and a lot of other devices in the Whine Cellar Grimly got a great many inspirations so she’s perhaps not that fortunate, or is she?

It was actually quite strange having someone else put her in bondage, especially bondage so intricate, because aside from when she tried on a few things belonging to Captivekink at BBB, and also during a friendly visit in the spring, no one other than Grimly had put her in any bondage stuff.  That is at least since her ex – and with him it was just really cuffs and collars and pretty simplistic bondage … nothing on such a demented scale as this.  It was OK though.  This girl felt very comfortable with JG and he explained what everything was and so on.  It was good too because it meant she could watch Grimly’s reactions more than she can normally.

Grimly had first seen the harness (or a similar one) about 10 years ago, so to watch him seeing her being strapped into something that had been an inspiration for such a long time, was amazing.  He looked so happy and had this sort of look of boyish devilment, but then he does that a lot when his sadistic mind is being stimulated!

For this girl, it’s hard really to explain it.  Probably the easiest metaphor is to equate it to how you feel when you are being strapped into a ride at a fairground.  A ride that looks bloody scary and you aren’t really sure you want to go on because you think you might end up petrified or sick, but your friends have talked you into going on it and you don’t want to look chicken.  Then, there’s that last moment, when the guy operating the ride pulls down the safety bar and that’s it.  No going back …. it’s going to happen now and there’s no stopping it ...

Another wonderful day at the end of the Summer and thisgirlsub was permitted some time to enjoy the sun and warmth ... all while suitably restrained, of course.

It was off to Vancouver Island for another party at Rubbert's place and all the usual kinkery showed up to meet Grimly and his lady.  Of course a little local sight seeing was all part of the deal, then came the party.  Steffy The Rubber Doll had driven over from Calgary and acted as the greeter.  The inimitable Angel and Lady Di arrived and it was off to the races.

Grimly, Mistress Marlene, me and Angel sat at the bar for introductions all around, then thisgirlsub joined in.

As is usually the case after the meet and greet, we settled in to watch the various play that was happening in the living room and what a sight it was.  Angel was her usual incredible, feisty self, and below, Grimly had dressed his lady in appropriate attire for the evening.

All in all, it was a great party with a lot of laughter and the occasional scream, with excellent food and wonderful hosts.

There were some other frolics back in the Whine Cellar and that time, thisgirlsub was the one in control, albeit only briefly.

It was time for another party on the deck and so the Lower Mainland group of kinks gathered again, ready for anything.

Grimly quite enjoyed strapping his lady into Rubbert's straight jacket, then gagging her and if the smile on his face isn't the perfect example of what is known as 'a shit eating grin' ... then I don't know what is.

We had one last blast with thisgirlsub and it was a much more interesting time for her, now that Grimly knew what happened when he twirled the dials (carefully), and despite the relaxed suspension arrangement, I can assure you that evil things were happening.

Below, Grimly reassumes his shit eating grin and uses the head set and boom mic that so kindly integrated into TC's main gas masks.


The pix below will finish off the year, when I was invited over to The Island in early December to attend another great party at Rubbert's home.  All the usual folks turned up and we all enjoyed ourselves, as can be seen in the pix below.

And so ended the kinkery for 2009 :-).  Hope you've enjoyed the pix.