- 2009: Part Two -


- Frolics & Visiting Friends - Part One

- Fun With Frederica -

Early in 2009, Dr Black and Frederica contacted me and we discovered that we had a lot of mutual acquaintances here in the Pacific Northwest.  With them living two hours drive away, it was great to arrange a a get-together here at Chez Leathers.  Frederica soon changed into some of her favourite fetish stuff and we began to experiment with my own gear.

First came the rubber neck corset, then I added in some older style, really heavy manacles and a collar, then the hobble chain and the ball connected to it.

As visitors to this site have recognized, gas masks and rubber enclosure are a long-time favourite of mine and so an exploration of some of the masks I have on hand was called for ... then came the harnessing of the lady for more fun.  It was a great time and we've continued to expand our friendship since their visit.


- Angel's Training -

Angel ... what a delightful lady to play with!  We've known each other for a couple of years and I've always dreamed about getting her into The Creature, for she is a statuesque, mature and beautiful woman with a fiery soul that has always intrigued me.  The time finally came in July and what a wonderful couple of days it was.

Being a woman experienced with handling horses, we decided it was time that she experienced life from the other ends of the reins.  She was soon harnessed, bridled and bitted, then it was time for a little dressage in the back yard.  No matter how she fought the reins that controlled her, their demand could not be ignored.

After her initial harness training, I took her for a brief drive around town, chained down in the back of the van, helmeted, gagged and blindfolded.  She later told me that it was probably one of the scariest (but exciting) things she's ever done, but there was far more to come.

I'd soon fitted her with my AXSMAR nose clamp as her primary means of control, then she was again taken out to the back yard for some walkies.  That clamp is a VERY effective means of controlling any rebellious woman and the leash chain ensured that she did what I required of her.  Soon after, it being a sunny, hot day, I fastened her leash to a fence post and gave her a small cool down spray.  The sight of her bound and leashed, stomping her feet and wailing when the water turned cold, was quite entrancing, needless to say.

Now that she had been subdued somewhat, and was fully aware of how nasty that clamp could be if she fought it, it was time to get her into the full rubber suit ... the beginning stages of her Creature experience.  Much as she hated it, and wanted me to remove the clamp, it stayed on, with the leash chain always ready for use.

An integral part of the female version of The Creature is the electrifiable dildo.  I also normally combine this with an Inhibitor Bar, sometimes ankle-length, but this time I only used a mid-thigh length 'Bar; freeing her hands briefly so that it could be fitted.

With the dildo/Inhibitor Bar securely mounted, I connected a leash to the end of the ' Bar so that now she was doubly-controlled.  A tug on either leash would get her instant attention, but more importantly, her obedience.

It took a few minutes to fit her with the other parts of The Creature harness, but she soon also wore the additional important parts of the control and discipline system ... the vacuum/electrical, milker breast cups.  To demonstrate the effectiveness of her leashes, I again took her outside and used them freely to show her exactly how vulnerable she was to their command.

After a half hour of training, I took her to the Whine Cellar and got serious about completing her continuing immersion in The Creature ... a full rubber enclosure from which she would be unable to escape unless I allowed it.

Angel was not permitted much in the way of mobility, especially when her Inhibitor Bar was connected by a short leash to a 14 kg lead ball.  If she attempted to walk away, it tugged quite disturbingly on the IB and thus the dildo and so she remained standing in place while I finished locking on the helmeted gas mask, then connected the suspension chains to her harness.

Soon after, she swung freely at the end of the suspending chain, fully-encased and utterly helpless to avoid what was coming in short moments.

When the vacuum was applied to her milker cups, Angel gave a small scream, but it was nicely stifled by the gas mask.  The next thing was the application of increasing e-stim to her nipples and breasts and she writhed and kicked in mid-air, twisting frantically to try and escape what was being done to her body, but that wasn't the end ... it was only the beginning.

Next, with a now-constant vacuum suckling her breasts and strong e-stim pulsing through the tender, captive flesh of her breasts and nipples, it was time to apply some strong e-stim via the dildo.  Angle shrieked inside the cloyingly tight gas mask and writhed in a frenzy of sensation, gasping for air against the restriction that the ventilator supplied.

I watched, stunned, for she was a phenomenal sight of subdued, controlled and vulnerable femininity, howling frantically inside her locked-on mask; dancing crazily while she was automatically, mercilessly shocked and suckled by the uncaring machinery.

A session like the one described above is a most tiring event and so cannot last for an extended period.  Soon enough, I could tell that she was exhausted and so she was let down , then allowed to collapse to the floor.  It was not the end though.  Angel remained locked fully into her enclosure suit, the gas mask and The Creature. 

When she'd been laid down, I chained her to the floor while she continued to writhe and struggle ineffectually, but she was, of course and as intended, totally controllable.  She could only surge fruitlessly against the restriction of the harness while I fastened her again.

After re-attaching the lead ball to her Inhibitor Bar, this time on a shorter chain, I returned to the Control panel and activated the e-stim and vacuum pump once more at still intense levels. 

For a moment, she lay still, then she began to buck and struggle maniacally against her chains, with increasing desperation when the stimulation levels started to climb to higher values.  I stood back and watched, while from within the gas mask, I heard her begin to wail and beg for it to stop, but that was NOT going to happen.

And so she was left to suffer the automatic torments meted out by the machines; abandoned, chained to the floor and her breathing regulated by the ventilator while she tried to fight its constant control.  Only faint screams came from within her mask while she suffered the constant, unavoidable suckling at her breasts and the buzzing, needling pulses from the dildo and nipple electrodes.

Needless to say, she wasn't left there for a long period, but when it was all done and she was partially freed, she looked wrung out.  It was a fun session for us both.


- Parties & Shoots With Cordula -

My very good friend RUBBERT, on Vancouver Island is a most generous person with his time, skills and the use of his beautiful property, and over the course of the Summer of 2009, sponsored many parties there.  I enjoyed bringing Cordula and Juergen over to meet him and his lovely lady.  In case you're not familiar with those names, they are the driving forces behind CAPTURED-TABOO'S.

They had brought along their signature piece, the mesh head cage/collar and happily showed it off to the crowd.  It's an incredible device and is guaranteed secure, fitting very snugly.

Cordula is a beautiful, smart and very interesting lady with a wonderfully kinky side that can be seen in the pix above and below.  Rubbert's garden is the perfect place to shoot, with a lot of privacy and some excellent back drops.

We did a little local sight seeing on a local, short-haul ferry, then the next day, continued with our shooting in the garden.

I very much enjoy the full enclosure of the suit and a helmeted gas mask, and this time used the TC-Lite (rubber) harness complete with the bubbler bottle, breath regulation system, all in combination with the AXSMAR cuffs and collar.

Back at home, Cordula wanted to try out the other equipment I've created and bought over the years and it was a pleasure to show her some of the gear ... and better yet, to dress her in it.  She's an adventurous soul and was soon fitted out in a variety of different versions.

We started off with the harness and then suspension, but that wasn't quite enough.  Soon, she was locked into the mesh head cage once more and suspended fully.

Earlier in the Summer, I'd purchased a couple of inexpensive motorcycle helmets then modified them, and Cordula soon had one locked over top of her already locked on head cage.

There was a lot more to experiment with.  First we tried out the TOP-TO-BOTTOM helmet and pony tail, then I added-in a different gas mask.  Cordula made an incredible sight, with the harness contrasting wonderfully against her red rubber cat suit.

Staying in the shade, when outside, was a definite requirement, but she was game for a photo-shoot and so off we went.

After messing about on the back lawn for a bit, we returned to the Whine Cellar and Cordula was soon securely chained to both a floor and ceiling ring; this time now fitted with the posture collar and strap head ensemble.

She waited patiently (no choice there!) while Juergen and I readied the Bondage Plank Bed.  Obviously, she wasn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future.  Once laying down, the strap network soon had her immobilized.

And so a restful end came.  A little e-stim and breath regulation seemed to work well and so we left her to contemplate the events of the day just past.