- 2009: Part One -


25 February - 15 March, 2009

Back around the end of January, 2009, I got itchy feet again and so jumped into the old van and headed south again, destination Phoenix, with stops along the way there and back. After an overnight stay in Medford, OR, I got over the Siskyou Pass (4,310' at the summit) before the crappy weather to the north caught up with me. As soon as I did, I was back in Summer and it was a wonderful change as I made the six hour drive down the I-5 and into San Francisco.

San Francisco is always a happy place for me to go, for I have many friends there and so a small party was in order, together with some new acquaintances from the internet. Being the ...ahem ... social butterfly I am, I always enjoy meeting folks.

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a few laughs with mark and a lovely lady by the name of Mistress Minax. She took advantage of me (horrors!) by demonstrating her technique with the nose device I'd purchased at BondCon last year. Ouch!

After a brief stay in SFO, it was off down the I-5 again, accompanied by Martin of Martin's Rigid Cuff and seven hours later I dropped him at his home, then continued down the road to meet with old friends I'd not seen for 12 years :-). They had some local kink friends there and another party was soon under way.

Southern California at the beginning of March is like being in Vancouver in the middle of June and it was great to just laze around outside, and not have to brush off the snow or rain.

My friend David is very definitely into rubber enclosure and so we hauled out some of the goodies packed in the trunks of it I'd brought along and messed around for a while in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Not too much in the way of kinkery happened in the Phoenix sector of the trip, or on the way back through LA and so there's no pix. I was soon back in San Francisco and happily showing off the contents of the four cases of toys that accompanied me.

It was a distinct pleasure to meet the beautiful, intelligent and extremely classy lady, Mistress Liliane Hunt. She is a Lady with a lively curiosity and that is always an attractant for me, so I blathered on at some length about the various toys I hauled out, and am sure I must have soon bored her to tears :-).

One of my most interesting devices was the Twin Set Helmet from RUBBER'S FINEST and upon seeing a speculative gleam in the Mistress Liliane's eye, I offered a quick try-out to her, and happily for me and to the delight of the others she tried it on.

It was a great stay in San Francisco, although I had to extend for a day to get a badly leaking gas tank repaired, but then I was off up the coast to meet new friends in Eureka, CA ... the good folks who own and operate MEDICAL TOYS. Sebastian is an avid aviation person, as I have been in past careers and still am in many ways and graciously offered to take me up in his beautiful C-120 for some local VFR of the Eureka area.

OK! It was time for a photo-shoot and Sebastian arranged to make it happen in his huge warehouse cum dungeon, and with Mark of SERIOUS BONDAGE cell and bondage chair being available already ... I was set to go!

It was a lot of fun doing the shoot, but soon enough it was time to get back on the road and head north for home, and Winter again.