- 2008: Part Five -


- 5th to 14th November, 2008 -

It was a damned long set of flights from Vancouver to Frankfurt, then another two and a half hours on the train to get to Pupett's place. Needless to say, I desperately wanted a shower to get rid of the 'airplane grunge' that happens with any flight. As always, Pupett was most welcoming and I soon got to meet her guy, Michael.

The next day we headed off to see Rubber's Finest so that I could pick up my new Twin Set Helmet. This is an incredible thing to wear and it certainly looks really strange. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun play with the helmet, provided I can get out of it :-). Otherwise, it's going to be a bloody intense time.

As well as the Twin Set, Rubber's Finest sells other, thinner helmets that come with a variety of implements: assorted blow-up gags and a blind fold that all mount securely.

The next day I was off to see Latowski to get my new chastity belt and after we'd finalized all of the details, Mona locked me into it and I returned to Pupett's place, enjoying the feeling of hidden security.

On the 8th, I was off to Munich on the ICE and enjoyed the trip down the Rhine, seeing all the shipping and zooming along smoothly at 235 km/hr.

Cordula and Juergen met me at the Pasing Station and soon we were back at their place and catching up with all the news, then it was time to pack our goodies for a party at the Kitty Cat club (sorry no pix :-( ) and we were off. It was a long but most enjoyable night and we finally got back to their place at about 03:45 on the 9th.

After our recovery day, Stefan asked if I was interested in doing a little local VFR (visual Flight Rules, or Very Frigging Risky) flying and so we headed off to Landshut. Below are the flight plan documents.

Getting the Cessna 172 out of the hangar was pretty straight forward, then it was over to the fuelling area to top off the tanks.

As can be seen, the weather was outstanding and the scenery beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing Munich from the air and was surprised at how small an area it occupies.

The Alps seemed close enough to reach out and touch as we returned to Landshut, but then we were soon back on the ground and on the way back to Munich.

The next day, Jurgen and I headed off to Bavaria Film for a tour and this is where the movie 'Das Boot' was filmed. The main model can be seen below.

Here's a couple of the sets and a smaller model, then we went inside the main submarine set for a quick walk through. It's hard to believe that 60 men lived aboard these boats for months on end.

A quick inspection of the engine room (left) and then off to the torpedo room. Below, I attempt to look like I know what I'm doing and get a chance to stare through the periscope.

On the 12th, it was back on the train for my return to Frankfurt for a day, before hopping back on the plane for the long trip back to Vancouver.

It was a great trip and I did enjoy watching the expressions on the Customs Officer's faces when I declared the chastity belt.

Needless to say, I was damned happy to be home and back in my own bed.