- 2008: Part Four -


August to October, 2008

- Vancouver Island Party -

My good friend, technical assistant, photographer and safety guy, RUBBERT, threw a party at his beautiful home over on The Island to celebrate a mortgage burning, his birthday and some of the other good things in his life, and very kindly invited me to attend. Of course, I was happy to and here below are some pix of the fun things that happened.

Mistress Marlene attended as well and with the willing assistance of Star Spirit Angel, provided some delightful eye candy and antics.

Steffy the Rubber Doll flew in from Calgary to enjoy the fun and provided quite a sight as well.

It was a great way to enjoy the afternoon, as can be seen.

Angel is a stunning, spiritual, tall lady that truly enjoys herself and Rubbert was a happy recipient.

The entire group got together to buy a gift for Rubbert and this time it was an electric hoist for his new isolation chamber/dungeon. With that name, I HAD to wrap the box in neoprene rubber and make a locking red ribbon of leather for it, as well as a custom rubber card. It was a lot of fun :-).

Angle wasn't a shy violet and happily posed for me when I asked.

- Another Trip -

A few years back I promised my wife that we'd go whale watching, and so with GeeTwo and Maxi being here, off we went. This area of the BC coast and the Puget Sound area are home to a number of pods of Orca (Killer) whales and we got to see a couple of them.

- Fun & More Travel -

GeeTwo and Maxi had a look into the Whine Cellar and soon got interested in the various bits of gear there, and, never having worn a gas mask, soon got stuck into one.

A few days later it was off to The Island again, and this time, to go and see a place called Cathedral Grove - a stand of old growth trees that is quite humbling to walk through. They're old, and monstrous.

- Party For GeeTwo and Maxi -

I have a lot of close kink friends locally and of course with GeeTwo and Maxi here for a visit, a party just HAD to be thrown for them ... and so it happened.

The weather was wonderful and we had a lot of fun as various folks showed up. Annie (The Nasty Nurse shown in other sections of the web site) was as crazy as ever, and immediately upon her arrival, got bunged into one of Rubbert's numerous straight jackets.

I couldn't just let Annie run around loose! A leash was soon produced and I led her off to the back yard for a little exercise and a lot of laughs.

Rubbert was by no means finished with the wild ass lady and with her being leashed, soon appeared with a harness gag and was soon applying it with distinct delight.

Annie wanted a smoke before everything go locked in place, then Rubbert happily fitted her with the mouth filler and we left her to stew for a few minutes while we returned to the deck for a beer and to greet new arrivals,

Another good friend, Felicity, came down dressed for the weather and so we had to free Annie, but with conditions :-). She had to wear some special nose jewellery and leash and seemed to find it interesting, to say the least.

Felicity, being the wonderfully effusive person she is, soon found herself wearing a blow-up rubber helmet, then another friend was fitted with yet another of Rubbert's wonderful array of straight jackets as the evening moved along.

It was a great party with a lot of fun, wonderful food and a happy bunch of kinksters.

- A Little Horse Woman Training -

GeeTwo and Maxi wanted to do a little Horse Woman training in the back yard, and with the weather co-operating, away we went for the first of a couple of sessions.

- Trip To Whistler/Black Comb & Squamish -

We'd found out the there was a new zip trek excursion at Whistler and so made arrangements to borrow my sister's cabin there, then the next day, go and try it out. What an experience :-). It's a little scary at first, but being very safe, soon turned out to be a lot of fun.

GeeTwo and I both played silly bugger, going down four of the five zip lines upside down and backwards. Quite a rush when you're two hundred feet above a bunch of rocks and water!

On the return trip to Vancouver, we stopped off at the Squamish to attend the first Steam Expo there and as luck would have it, we managed to get our names down for a ride in the cab of the engine. A brief one to be sure, but the last time I'd had THAT experience was when I was 6 years old.

The Royal Hudson is a beautifully restored and now once more fully functional steam engine ... these pieces of engineering art being one of my loves. It's just raw, visible power to see these things move and if you're in the cab when they do, you discover that they're living machines and you can feel this with all of your senses.

And so our turn came and I climbed aboard. If my smile of happiness had been any bigger, there's no doubt at all that the top of my head would have fallen off.

For those folks (me included) not familiar with the controls of a steam locomotive, there's a bewildering array of iron age technology ... big levers, valves and gauges. They all do neat things and when used their effects can be felt immediately.

Of course I just HAD to blow the whistle :-).

A ride in the cab of an operating steam locomotive, even the short and slow speed one I got to take is an experience of shake, rattle, roar and roll. I can only imagine (and want to be there!) what it must be like to be in the cab when the engine is doing 80 miles an hour ... a speed at which it used to operate at with fair regularity.

- More Play for Maxi in the Whine Cellar -

Maxi had been promised/threatened with a ride in TC at some point and one day, we decided it was time. Being the courageous lady she is, I soon had her dressed in it and away we went to explore a different reality.

We'd been doing a fair amount of vanilla tourism stuff and so the lawn maintenance had been kind of ignored. GeeTwo and I figured that with a willing Horse Moan on hand, why not kill two birds with one stone. The results of those deep thoughts resulted in another session out in the back yard ... one that was enjoyed by us all.

That pretty much puts paid to this page and it was indeed a most enjoyable summer.