- 2008: Part Three/One -



(26th May - 17th June, 2008)

This article is a little delayed from the original date intended for its insertion on the site, but better late than never :-)!

I left Canada on the 26th of May and arrived in Frankfurt the following day, then after staying a night with a friend there, jumped on the ICE (Inter City Express) train and headed to Munich. I had a couple of days to spare before the actual BondCon event and having been told about the Deutsches Museum, spent two of them literally running through the place (it's a huge museum), trying to see as much as I could. Being the technology freak I am, the place fascinated me, as can be seen from the images below :-).

If you're ever in Munich with spare time on your hands, a visit to the Deutsches Museum is definitely worth it.

Above, my good friends Juergen and Cordula of Captured Taboos, when we met the first time face to face for a great pizza dinner and a few excellent beers (of course!).

The patio at the hotel in Unterfoering and the Subway station about 100 metres away. The whole German mass transit system is incredibly good, clean and efficient. Makes the Vancouver version look like an ox cart system in the Third World.

And then ... I was off to the Museum ...

Other than my love of steam locomotives and the technology of that era, the next one is aircraft and this place has some equipment that is just not seen in North America.

And then there were the model ships ... wow! I wanted every one of them, but don't have the room. I'll have to go back and drool over those models again. Damn, but they're well done!

- BONDCON-V: Munich, Germany -

This is one event I'd heard about for many years and always wanted to attend, so, this year was it. The event was held in a former railroad locomotive repair shop, and the place was immaculately clean and well organized for the show. Lots of room to move around and plenty of vendors to take your money. A great event, for me, in all respects.

I'll take this opportunity to thank the guys who took pix while I was doing my silly shit: Juergen, John and Richard, you have my deepest appreciation for doing them and then giving me copies, as well as assisting me to get all my gear on and organized.

With the set-up of the Captured Taboos booth completed, I wandered around and came across one of my favourite manufacturers ... AXSMAR and to keep me interested, I found that their sales lady was definitely on deck (and unable to get away). Needless to say, I bought one of those nose clips.

Below right, there was Juergen's invention, the AMD machine, which he allowed me to modify slightly for the show, by adding in the dual bubbler columns and an e-stim capability, using and ErosTek ET-312 (the very best e-stim machine you can buy, in my view, and not all that expensive either).

My very good friend Pupett travelled down from Duisburg to attend the show and it was really great to see her again. and then, Juergen was kind enough to let her try on the spectacular head cage he'd created for Cordula. Naturally once she was all locked in, I couldn't resist the addition of a leash and in seconds she'd been attached to some nearby ironmongery, because ... what else are friends for :-)?

It was time for me to do some S&M (Stand & Model) for the thundering herd and so I got into my gear, then prepared for the first demo of Juergen's AMD machine. He's a gear-head like me; inventing some really neat stuff that is totally unique, and so we get along really well in all respects.

Every time I got on the machine quite a crowd gathered to watch it in action. With the way Juergen has it engineered, you MUST exercise/walk to get any breathing air (the big, yellow, front cylinder), but I'd bastardized it a little, in that the cylinder pumped the air through the bubbler columns, and only then into the mask. In addition, I also added my e-stim machine to encourage greater effort, and it was a lot of hard work ... something I try to avoid, where possible.

Being the old fart I am, my durations on the AMD were somewhat limited, but the operations certainly attracted large crowds.

After the sessions, I wanted two things ... the first was a cold beer and the second was a cigarette, but along the way I ran into more friends and got a few fondles in, both giving and receiving :-).

Cordula got outfitted in her Pleasure Suit (another wonderful creation by Juergen) and we went for some walkabouts, apparently to the amusement of the other attendees.

I got to try out a 'Bondage BBQ Pit' at one of the displays and it was impressive. Beautifully made and finished, as most German made products are.

There was a ton of beautiful women at BondCon and I managed to meet quite a few of them. Did I have fun? You bet your ass I did :-)! Cordula and I both made a costume change and away we went again.

Being the adventurous soul she is, when I showed Cordula my Twin Set helmet from Rubber's Finest and offered to let her try it on, she leapt at the chance and I fully enjoyed lacing her into it :-).

The weather was surprisingly hot for that weekend and so the time being fully enclosed in our rubber gear was fairly limited and necessitated, as you can guess, the frequent injection of excellent German beer.

The next day we did some pix outside and here below you can see some examples of what we got up to.

I suppose by now, it is pretty obvious that I really like Cordula and Juergen for their wonderfully kinky approach to an event like BondCon and here's another example why. Despite the heat and bright sun, Cordula was game to do an out of doors session in full rubber and the Twin Set helmet (a very oppressive and claustrophobia inducing device). She has my greatest respect.

I was fortunate, again, to meet another friend from a couple of years before ... Pierced Speedy :-). This is a lady I'd love to get to know better, and see how she copes with her assorted, always worn, adornments and chastity belt. She's a fun person for sure.

And so, there you have Part One of my first trip to Germany in 2008. More imagery to come in Part Two so stay tuned !