- 2008: Part Two/Two -


- San Francisco - Part Two: 9th Feb., 2008 -


I know, I know :-). The real thing will come soon enough, but I DO like enclosed spaces and feeling enclosed as well. Then, there's the aspect of helplessness, vulnerability and having to endure intense sensations at the whim of who ever has control of the dials; all the while isolated from the outside world.

On this visit to SFO, I got another chance to try out the scene and so got dressed in my rubber gear and TC Lite (the rubber over-harness), then sat to have the next rubber equipment fitted.

In the studio area, the coffin lay opened and waiting for me to be placed inside it, and I couldn't help but see the Erostek machine. A moment later the bubbler column was positioned and I knew that this was going to be an interesting experiment indeed.

Not only would I be fully masked, but too, other restraints awaited ... these being some very heavy cuffs from MARTIN'S RIGIDCUFFS.

The initial preparations took about an hour to complete, then I was assisted into the coffin and lay back to await further developments; all the while feeling the pressure of the rims of the breast cups and the deep, compressing confinement of the, as yet unconnected, Milker Tube.

It was time to become fully insulated from the outer world by being put into the air mask. Although I am by now totally familiar with the sensations of wearing it, it STILL gives me a little shiver of terror when it's fitted then strapped tightly to my head and face, making an air-tight seal.

Once it was fastened, my air supply hose was connected to the fitting at the end of the coffin behind my head, then the exterior hose was joined to the one from the column and I immediately felt a restriction to my ability to breathe freely.

Then, it was time for the massive cuffs. These were soon clasped around my wrists in a very tight fit. Those damned things are heavy and to even lift them took effort, but then, the chain was led down to my ankle cuffs and fastened, ensuring that I'd be unable to reach any of the stimulation/discipline equipment I wore ... useless anyway, thanks to the inflated mitts already locked on by the cuffs.

Once fastened, all I could do was lay there and await the next stages to be completed ...

The first to be connected were the breast cup's e-stim cables, then came the Milker Tube's e-stim connection.

I felt the Milker Tube move a little when its vacuum hoses were connected and tightened, but could do nothing other than worry about how strong the suction would become and how much stimulation I could stand when the e-stim was turned on ... then up.

With the 'Tube hooked up, it was time for the vacuum hoses to the breast cups and these too were soon screwed on then tightened fully. A 'System's Check' was in order once everything had been connected and I couldn't help but struggle against the restraints, while above and behind my head, the bubbler column frothed wildly with my every in-drawn, gasping breath.

It was time for the coffin's lid to be fitted and although not a tight fit, it was damned dark. Once satisfied that it was fully closed, Ed began adjusting the e-stim to higher and higher levels while inside the coffin I writhed from the effects of wild, unstoppable e-stim pulses flowing though all of the most sensitive areas of my body.

My muffled howls and pleading for things to stop apparently seemed to be listened to, but I was mistaken. What had happened was that the programmed pulses had only backed off momentarily and soon again began to climb to intolerable levels. Oh Damn!

All I could feel in my crotch and through my nipples and breasts was the pulsing and vacuum. BBBUUUUZZZZ-ZZZIIPPP-zap-zap-zap-SSUCKK-SSUCKK-bbuuzzz-bbbbuuuzzz-SUCK-SUCK-SUCK-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP! BBBUUUUZZZZ-ZZZIIPPP-zap-zap-zap-SSUCKK-SSUCKK-bbuuzzz-bbbbuuuzzz-SUCK-SUCK-SUCK-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP! BBBUUUUZZZZ-ZZZIIPPP-zap-zap-zap-SSUCKK-SSUCKK-bbuuzzz-bbbbuuuzzz-SUCK-SUCK-SUCK-ZZAAPP-ZZAAPP! .... It went on and on and on until I thought I'd go out of my mind, but then ... the shocks grew stronger and I forgot about everything else in the world ....

The Erostek was adjusted and although it gives a read-out of the strength, my reactions were better gauged by the violence of the water in the bubbler bottle, for, as I took each deep breath to be able to scream, the water went crazy.

At last, things died away for a few moments and the lid was taken off to check on me. The short respite didn't last long though. After the hoses and cables had been re-arranged to hang out the sides, the lid went back on and it began all over again.

It finally came to an end and the coffin lid was removed to reveal my still gas mask-encased face. I was REALLY glad when the mask was removed, but even so, I still wore the full helmet and could feel the sweat covering my face inside it.

This time was as strong a session as any and needless to say I was more than a little fried by the time all was said and done. I just lay there and recovered my breath, then headed off to the shower, followed by a cigarette and a beer. It had been a good session.