-2008: Part Two/One -


- San Francisco - Part One: 5th - 10th Feb., 2008 -

- A visit to Joshua & e -

After the Phoenix portion of the trip, I flew to San Francisco and stayed with Mark (www.seriousbondage.com). As always, we had a good visit and I also had a chance to get to meet both Joshua & e of BDSM 24/7. What a great couple they are, and most hospitable to a visiting kink. I was warmly received and made to feel right at home and the ensuing nine hours passed in a flash, filled with much laughter as we got to know each other on a face to face basis

E is a very creative lady in many areas ... she's a marvelous seamstress, as can be seen below in the costume she created herself, and then there was a super dinner whose flavours were gourmet quality. Wow! It was a great visit and I look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

- MR-S 'Interview' -

The next day Mark, Dale and I went to the Mr-S store to do an interview with Tchukon and Paige, then we took a tour of the store and work shops. It's a very impressive business and if you are ever in SFO, the Mr-S store is very definitely a 'must see'.

When we'd finished downstairs, we went up to the studio, then at last into a private area ... the Play Room with all sorts of evil tools and devices. The most fascinating for me though (and I know you're not surprised in the slightest) was the Isolation Chamber. Man, would I love to play for an extended period in that!

As things went, I got to spend a little time in the device and it was something else to know that it was locked with me fastened inescapably inside, and no one could hear any noise at all from me, no matter how hard I yelled.

- Stormy Leather Art Show -

Later that day we headed off to Stormy Leather to attend the Women Of Colour Art Show. The promotion had said, 'wear your best kink gear' and so I went in the stuff you see below. It seemed to get a reaction :-).

A couple of folks wanted their picture taken with me and being the ham (or, large pork roast, in some cases) I am, I was happy to oblige. Apparently, my appearance and gear were pretty off the wall, even for the San Francisco kinks at the show.

- The Deck Oubliette -

A couple of months ago, Mark mentioned that he'd created an oubliette under his back deck, and had it all fitted out for assorted scenes. Naturally, I wanted to experience what it was like, and so after some running around to assorted hardware stores, we got set up for the photo-shoot.

I'd not brought my usual half ton of gear and we used the rubber suit and mask system again.

The preparations took a while to complete, but soon all was in readiness and it was a nice day to be incarcerated in a small, concrete cell with all sorts of nasty things planned.

After I'd once more dressed in my rubber enclosure suit and helmet, then slipped into the rubber over-harness, breast cups, Milker Tube, boots, and ankle cuffs; I needed assistance to get finished off. This involved the fitting of the inflatable mitts, then the wrist cuffs and their separator bar.

Once my hands were secured, then came the inflatable gag, and although it was at first an easy thing to get used to, that soon changed when it was blown up. The neck corset is very limiting and then, even with the gag only partially inflated ... well, it's a trial to be sure.

The gag wasn't the end of it though. Next came the blindfold that mounts to the helmet and very soon I was enclosed in a completely black world.

The next addition to be made was the air mask, over the top of everything else, and it was fitted then tightened. Jesus! what a feeling of encasement that generated!

There was a problem with wearing all of the stuff together though ... the neck corset, gag and mask combination was too much to allow relatively free breathing, and so the gag was removed.

It took a couple of minutes to get back in the groove, then the air mask was fastened once again and the bubbler bottle connected. Every breath I took required a conscious effort all the while generating a lot of noise, and it took me a while to get used to the restricted air supply.

The oubliette waited, together with all of the other equipment standing by. I was led over to it, then the mask was momentarily removed for the last time, and I slowly slid down into the dank, small, concrete cell.

The mask's harness straps were tightened one last time, then the air supply hoses were arranged so that the bubbler bottle would function as it should. Once more my breath was automatically controlled, like it or not.

In short moments, my wrists and ankles had been chained to the heavy restraint rings embedded in the walls of the oubliette and the bottle had been positioned.

Fastened as I was, there was absolutely NO way to escape the cell and of course, I could not get my hands anywhere near myself, thanks to the wall chains, the separator bar and the inflated mitts. All I could do was look out through the misted face plate of the air mask and wait ...

The deck cover with its extremely heavy, cast iron, street drain grate thudded into place with a bang and I knew then that I had been locked in. Only the fading light from above filtered through the bars above.

What do you do once you've been locked down? I could move only a very little, in any direction, and it was cold and lonely, but there I stayed for what seemed like hours and hours. In fact, it was only a few minutes, but then the breast cups and Milker Tube suddenly sucked themselves onto my body with a fierceness that is hard to describe.

Although I attempted to get used to the strong suckling, it soon became a minor irritant only, when the Erostek machine activated it's automatic discipline sequences. The deck was bare and quiet from the outside, but in the hidden cell, I jerked frantically against my restraints, howling for it all to stop inside my tight mask.

It didn't!

I spent an eon in the oubliette, a total prisoner suffering inescapable, intense discipline, while, in the outer world only a few hundred feet away, people went about their daily routine, unaware.