- 2008: Part One -


- Phoenix: 30th Jan. to 5th Feb., 2008 -

On the 30th of January, I flew from Vancouver to LA, then connected to the short flight to Phoenix. The first evening in town was a quiet one, but over the course of the next days, I got right into the spirit of things with my happily bent friends.

My slave awaited me, fully fastened into a restraint ensemble I'd specified she be wearing when I arrived, and soon after at the house, I was unpacked, had a smoke and a beer, then went into the room where she was sitting quietly: bound, gagged, blind-folded and leashed. Within minutes I'd collared her with the AXSMAR, 5mm thick, 5 cm high, stainless steel collar that she would wear 24/7 for the next 4 days.

Once that had been done, I freed her of most of the other restraints and we enjoyed a quiet evening getting re-acquainted. As upon each of the nights to follow, she slept fully chained to her bed.

The first set-up I required of my temporary 'slave girl' was a pretty strong form of bondage, using a new device called a "Sleeping Iron". Once fully fastened into it she had no way of escaping the predicament, and it could easily be made much worse.

To ensure security, the top and bottom rings of the 'Iron' were chained to the corners of the bed and she was tethered by her waist leash as well.

That wasn't the end of her time of rest though. I soon added a beautifully-made and supremely effective discipline hood made by SINVENTION

I employed 'variations on a theme' for the different modes of restraint that I required her to submit to, but none were escapable in any way. Security of one's property, even though only a temporary situation, is paramount.

The old expression, 'silence is golden' rings true with me, as you'd expect, and so she was kept gagged quite a bit of the time and when in bed, also blindfolded to remove any visual distractions.

Over the next couple of days, I used a few other things and one of the notable ones was the use of a double- layered, thick rubber helmet and mask arrangement from STUDIO GUM.

It was time for her to get a little fresh air, but encased in the helmet, masked, blindfolded and gagged, she at first didn't get to see too much of the yard. I decided to be kind and arranged a stool to sit on, but she, as always, remained securely double-leashed.

The mask worked quite well, but she was still a little more feisty than I wanted and so it was time to use a little breath control of the type enforced by the Bubbler Bottle, as well as to add elbow cuffs to her restraint ensemble

This type of set-up is a pretty strong one to be endured for very long and about an hour later, I removed her helmet, but not her normal restraints, and permitted her a small recovery time before proceeding to the next bondage situation.

Once back inside, she was again placed on a short leash and I changed the bondage arrangements so that as can be seen above, her hands were cuffed comfortably but securely to the front of her collar. I then added a JG-L harness gag (inflatable) and a JG-L Blinder and left her for a few moments to get accustomed to being unable to move more than a few inches from the wall.

In our communication leading up to my visit, my slave girl had insisted that I was to disregard any of her protests (within reason) if I decided to enact a stronger bondage or discipline. A few moments later I began to inflate her gag and watched while she strained against her leash and bonds, making only small mewling sounds of distress, then dancing in chained misery while it continued to swell.

Again, that type of discipline is a short term thing and a half hour later she was freed of the gag and blind fold, the shortly thereafter allowed to perform nightly ablutions before being chained to her bed again for her nightly rest.


On the 2nd of February, I drove about 100 miles north of Phoenix to the small community of Clarkesville, to embark on an afternoon trip aboard the Verde Canyon Scenic tour train. It was a most pleasant afternoon and the train moved slowly along the tracks on the way to Perkinsville.

As can be seen, Perkinsville consists of one house and a couple of barns and that's all that is left of the original community. The double ended A unit engines (originally from Alaska Railways), slid past on the siding, then hooked up again and we all headed back to Clarkesville along the same tracks.

I had a hankering for some British-style fish and chips and so headed off to the only authentic place in Phoenix to have them available, a place called The George and Dragon. Passing through the parking lot I saw a bunch of souped-up cars and just had to take pix of them, even though not really a car nut. They were beautifully done machines.


I had things to do the next day and so with a cage on hand and all of the restraints available, my slave soon resided inside, almost but not quite immobilized. A few hours later she was again escorted, leashed, to her bed and fastened for the night.

The next day it was again time to employ the by now deeply-hated Sleeping Iron, and further security measures were enacted by joining its bottom end ring to a floor ring with a short chain leash. Her attempted moans were soon silenced by a less severe gag than I'd used before, but it did the job quite well.

As you've no doubt gathered by this point, I don't do things by halves, and so her always-worn ankle cuffs were joined with a spreader bar and she was left that way for a couple of hours to contemplate her fate.

The combination of the Sleeping Iron and the spreader bar proved quite strenuous and so after removing the SI, she was left as you see below while I was busy with other things; packing for the next leg of my trip, to San Francisco.

And so, there you have a sampling of pix taken while I visited my (albeit temporary) slave girl in Phoenix. After her time of bondage ended, we went out for a final dinner and discussed the events of the days just ended. We agreed that it had been a worthwhile endeavour, and perhaps is to be repeated in the future.

For me, it was great visit, but there were more adventures to come in San Francisco :-)!