- 2007: Part 10 -


- Sagacity Presentation Weekend: 8th-13th Nov., 2007 -

SAGACITY, the Victoria, BC kink club invited me over to do a presentation for their Birthday Party and I was happy to accept. It was an opportunity to see all of my friends, and should you be traveling to Victoria, and want to make contact with the local kink community, THIS is the place to go. I stayed at my good friend Rubbert's home, and Steffy The Rubber Doll, flew in from Calgary, AB to join the merry crew.

Things started off at the house with some costuming fun and both Felicity (my demonstration model/victim) and Steffy got right into the spirit of things.

After we'd messed around for a while we moved outside to take advantage of the nice day and Rubbert's large yard and garden.

Even though she didn't get to see much of the scenery, Felicity enjoyed the excursion, mostly, and at times somewhat reluctantly, it seemed.

... and then it was back inside for more costume changes and experimentation with the wide selection of rubber straight jackets Rubbert has collected.

It was time to head downstairs and check out the newest toy Rubbert had purchased from MAXCITA, a very well- made vacuum bed. It wasn't long before Steffy was sealed inside and Felicity began checking the set-up.

On Saturday, it was my turn on deck for a presentation on Horse Women and the follow-on version, The Creature.

Felicity is a truly delightful lady to work with and is very definitely a happy explorer of all sorts of kinky situations.

The above pix give some idea just how thoroughly controlling my particular version of the Horse Woman harness is, but even still, there are other and more stringent control options that weren't added.

The second part of the presentation began with Felicity getting put into The Creature, a long and detailed process, but one which adds to all the fun soon to follow, and this is the case too when a real session happens: half the fun is the preparation/getting there.

Even though not fully capable, The Creature still managed to give her a thrill or two when the controls were adjusted.

Sunday was a day of recovery, but not without its interesting aspects and more play with Rubbert's huge collection was soon under way. Archimedes the cat didn't seem at all fazed by the weird goings on.

And so, that was the trip to Victoria; the last of my travel for 2007, other than a quick hop to see Gord at the end of the month. A happy time for us all.