- 2007: Part 9 -


- Central Canada: 30th Oct. - 6th Nov., 2007 -

This set of trip pix is a pretty small one, as I spent far too much time driving from one place to another (2,000 km in 6 days), but it'll give some idea of the fun and the places I visited.

The first stop along the way was to pay a call to the good folks at SINVENTION. The quality of their equipment is outstanding with some of the finest workmanship I've seen ... and I've see a LOT in my time. I cannot recommend SINVENTION highly enough and urge you to purchase equipment from them if you're looking for the kind of gear they sell.


From there it was down the road to Ottawa to see some old friends and drop Rubbert off at MAXCITA's den of iniquity, then, for me, a quick hop to Montreal, to visit STEELWERKS EXTREME for a chin wag. While there I arranged to have more work done on the stainless steel chastity cage they've made for me: basically arranging to have it integrated to a steel crotch plate being made for my AXSMAR belt.


After Montreal, it was back to Ottawa to see how Rubbert was doing with MAXCITA and I found them all enjoying themselves in the happiest way a kink can imagine. Max had Rubbert all ensconced and then took him to the Isolation Cell and we left for a beer after the door had been quite thoroughly locked.

After Rubbert was sufficiently fried, it was time for some reclined torment and teasing and he was soon fastened to his bed and Max got out one of his evil machines.

And so, that's about all she wrote for the November frolics in Central Canada. It was a good trip to meet both new friends and old and I look forward to more party times with them all soon.