- 2007: Part-7 -


- Edmonton Presentation: 20th-28th June, 2007 -

I was invited to do a presentation to the Edmonton 'O' Society, and so rather than fly there, I decided to drive and although a fairly long trip by road, it was most enjoyable with a stop along the way to see friends in Kelowna.

The next day, I was off through the Rockies to Calgary to pick up my good friend Steffy the Rubber Doll. The scenery when driving through or flying over the Rockies, is truly spectacular.

The trip between Calgary and Edmonton was a pretty boring one, but once established in Edmonton at Sir Canada's and MJ's home (truly wonderful hosts), I got my things organised, then a day later, did my Presentation. Moonfyre was my demonstrator/victim and made an absolutely stunning Horse Woman.

Not only is she a physically beautiful lady, but she is a treasure to be around, highly-talented and happily bent in so many wonderful ways

The day after the presentation, there was an impromptu party at Sir Canada's and MJ's home and things got interesting when Steffy brought out the newest rubber mask and Moonfyre tried it on.

Another lovely lady, Karen, decided to try on some of the interesting masks that MJ makes and things got a little silly as the afternoon went on.

The trip back to Calgary was as equally as boring as the trip up to Edmonton, other than a rain storm as we arrived, then the day after, I headed back towards Vancouver, but this time down south, through the Crow's Nest Pass. The pix below are from the Frank Slide area, then it was on to Cranbrook for the night.

The next morning we drove up Kootenay lake and took the ferry across, then headed for Kelowna again.

And so, that was it for the trip and I headed back home, having had a great time, and quite content to not be doing any more major trips until October.