- 2007: Part 3 -


- San Francisco Shoots (2): 23rd. February -

The 23rd was another day of setting up, and this time it was to be Mark and I only to do the shoot. I wanted to play again in his incredible Bondage Chair, for it had been quite a while since I'd last had a ride in it. Unfortunately, it was only to be for pix, but perhaps next time we can arrange for an evil lady to twiddle the knobs and maybe even a little public play at the Folsom Street fair may be possible.

Mark's chair not only looks evil and forbidding ... much like those used in execution chambers (its appeal, I suppose) but it is totally effective at restraining it's occupant. One of the interesting features he's designed into it is that it can also be used for self-bondage. Hhhmmmm.


The time came and I got dressed once more in all my rubber gear, then walked into the room and got settled into the chair. It takes a little while to get all the straps arranged and tightened, but soon I was held immovably. My hands were rendered totally useless by the inflatable mitts from BlackStyle, in addition to being securely fastened to the chair's arms.


While Mark made the final adjustments to the lighting, I couldn't help but stare at the ET-312 on the stand beside me, and on the other side, at the breath-restricting 'bubbler' bottle I'd tried the day before. This session was going to get pretty intense, even if only for pix, but that's what I wanted :-).


The hoses and wires were once more attached to my equipment and even though I tried to shudder, the wide and tight straps of the chair held me immobile. It WAS going to happen. For a few moments, I just sat and thought about what it was going to be like to feel the electricity pulsing through me, yet be unable to move or escape its ravages.





The bubbler bottle waited, ready to make me work for every breath, but soon my attention was diverted from it when the mask was fitted over my helmeted head and face then its straps were pulled firmly to seal it onto my face.



The tightness of the straps holding me in the chair already slightly restricted my ability to breathe freely, but when the hose from the bubbler bottle was connected, I immediately had to struggle to inhale fully. With every breath I heard the continuous sounds of my life-giving air, drawn up though the water, and it was scary to think that just a finger on the intake hose for the bottle could stop it entirely.




The noises from the bottle were annoying, but again, there was nothing I could do to make them go away, other than to stop breathing. All I could do was turn my head against the restriction of the steel collar and stare at the air bubbling though the water, watching the bottle bounce on its suspending springs.



The hoses attached to the mask dragged downward, adding even more to the bound and controlled sensations, but then, suddenly, the others fastened to my chest and crotch began to surge and twitch! The vacuum had been turned on and my breasts got sucked into their cups, thus completing an electrical circuit when their rims pressed firmly against my chest. In my crotch, the tube also sucked itself tightly against my lower belly and I couldn't resist the strong vacuum that sucked me out into it; completing a second electrical circuit.



With my nipples, breasts and maleness now prepared, I waited for what was to come, and it did! At first it was only a mild, throbbing, tingling that made me shudder against the implacable network of straps holding me helpless in the chair. It wasn't long before the e-stim programme automatically moved the shocks to higher and higher levels, also changing both their frequency and pattern making me gasp for breath then yelp from the sensations of their continual transfixion of my now highly-sensitised flesh.



My hips and lower body attempted to buck and writhe to escape the unending waves of electronic stimulation, but the straps were far too tight to permit any movement and there was nothing I could do to escape . My panting breaths made the water bottle bounce and bubble furiously when I tried desperately to get enough air to breath, never mind yell louder than I already was.


All I could do was writhe against the chair's straps while the pulses went on and on and on; the vacuum sucking relentlessly .


It wasn't a prolonged session, but was certainly enough to keep me satisfied ... for the moment.

Now, if that was of interest, here's a short video clip of what it looked and sounded like :-). Move your curser onto the screen below: next, to the control box in the lower left area, THEN click the 'PLAY' icon.


Am I totally nuts to want to experience this sort of thing?

In some ways, yes, but in many others a very definite 'no'. Where else on Earth am I going to find all of these sensations and experiences unless I go out and create them for myself? It would be impossible without the wonderful acceptance, tolerance and willingness of my friends to help me take my adventures into the 'undiscovered country' within my own mind. I'm most grateful to them all.

I'm blessed with a wealth of good friends who are willing to assist me, and for that fact alone I'm happy to be alive and with the good health necessary to continue my adventures. Do I care what the rest of humanity may think of my idiocy ... not a damned bit. I go my own way and enjoy life as I find it. Others can sit in their rockers, at 85 years of age and say "I wish to hell I'd had the guts to try that."

Not for me! I'm gonna be the one to piss them all off by saying, "Been there! Done that! Had a whale of a time and have the T-shirt to prove it!"